Bolgoda Lake

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Bolgoda Lake
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Bolgoda Lake
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Bolgoda Lake
Location of Bolgoda Lake
Coordinates 6°46′16″N79°54′27″E / 6.77111°N 79.90750°E / 6.77111; 79.90750 Coordinates: 6°46′16″N79°54′27″E / 6.77111°N 79.90750°E / 6.77111; 79.90750
Native name
  • බොල්ගොඩ වැව  (Sinhala)
  • போல்கோடா ஏரி  (Tamil)
Basin  countriesFlag of Sri Lanka.svg  Sri Lanka
Surface area374 square kilometres (144 sq mi) [1]
Islands 13 [2]
Settlements Panadura

Bolgoda Lake or Bolgoda River (Sinhala : බොල්ගොඩ වැව, Tamil : போல்கோடா ஏரி) is a freshwater lake in the Western Province of Sri Lanka, straddling the border between Colombo District and Kalutara District. It consists of two main bodies of water, a Northern portion and a Southern portion, connected by a waterway called Bolgoda River. The lake drains into the sea at the estuary in Panadura. [3]


Bolgoda Lake is part of Bolgoda Environmental Protection Area, [4] gazetted in December 2009 and consisting of 5 subdivisions:

  1. Bolgoda Ganga
  2. Bolgoda North Lake
  3. Bolgoda South Lake
  4. Panadura Ganga
  5. Weras Ganga

Lake environment

Illegal constructions near the lake are a major emerging issue, with the Sri Lankan government claiming that 90% of constructions have not obtained the required environmental approval. [5] Pollution and irregular disposal of garbage are some other concerns facing the lake and its surroundings. [2] The Sri Lanka Navy and the Police are involved in efforts to protect the wetlands. [6]

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Brigadier Percy Douglas "Douggie" Ramayanayake was a senior Sri Lanka Army officer who was the founder of the Sri Lanka Engineers. He had served as the Commander, Task Force Anti Illicit Immigration.


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