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Bolo Yeung
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Bolo Yeung in 2010
BornYeung Sze
(1946-07-03) July 3, 1946 (age 77)
Guangzhou, Guangdong, Republic of China
Native name楊斯
Other namesYang Si
Yang Sze
Years active1970–present
OccupationActor, martial artist, bodybuilder

Yeung Sze (simplified Chinese :杨斯; traditional Chinese :楊斯; pinyin :Yáng Sī; Jyutping :Yeung4 Si1; born July 3, 1946 [1] ), better known as Bolo Yeung, is a Hong Kong former competitive bodybuilder, martial artist, and martial arts film actor. Primarily cast as the villain in the movies he stars in, Sze is globally known for his performances as Bolo in Enter the Dragon (1973), starring Bruce Lee, and as Chong Li in Bloodsport (1988), starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, as well as other numerous appearances and a long career in Hong Kong martial arts films.



Yeung began his martial arts training at the age of 10 in Canton, where he trained under several kung fu masters. Growing up, he took an interest in bodybuilding, and later became Mr. Hong Kong bodybuilding champion. He held the title for ten years. Because of his muscular physique, he was chosen for several bad guy roles in films produced by Shaw Brothers Studios, such as The Heroic Ones , The Deadly Duo , Angry Guest and others. He left Shaw Brothers in 1971.[ citation needed ]

Yeung met Bruce Lee while the two were filming a Winston cigarettes commercial. [2] A friendship emerged and Lee invited him to star in Enter the Dragon , after which he became known as "Bolo", the name of the character he portrayed. The two became close friends during the filming of Enter the Dragon, in which Lee and Yeung worked very closely on technique training. Yeung once stated in an interview, many years after Lee's death, "There will never be another Bruce Lee; I am privileged to have had the honour of calling him my friend."[ citation needed ]

During the 1970s and 1980s, Yeung starred in numerous martial arts films, but his breakout film was Bloodsport . Shot on a 1.5 million USD budget, it became a box office hit in the spring of 1988. Jean-Claude Van Damme had the leading role as Frank Dux, while Yeung played the role of Chong Li. A strong friendship formed between the two actors on the set of Bloodsport, and Van Damme invited Yeung to appear in his subsequent film Double Impact .[ citation needed ]

Canadian action film actor, director and producer Jalal Merhi met Yeung in Hong Kong while shooting his first film Fearless Tiger , then again on the set of Double Impact. Merhi was impressed with Yeung's personality and ability, and decided to create a part specifically for him. [3] Later Merhi worked with Yeung on more films such as Tiger Claws , TC 2000 and Tiger Claws 2.

In 2007, Yeung made an appearance in Blizhniy Boy: The Ultimate Fighter. Merhi directed the first 60 minutes of the film that was shot in Toronto. Due to other commitments, he could not complete the remaining part of the film in Russia. Producer Erken Ialgashev directed the remainder of the film.[ citation needed ]


2017 Diamond Cartel (a.k.a. The Whole World at Our Feet) [4] Bula
2007 Blizhniy Boy: The Ultimate FighterErik's Trainer
1997 Tiger Claws IIChong
1996 Fists of Legends 2 Iron BodyguardsMongolian fighter
1995 Shootfighter 2Shingo
1994 Fearless Tiger Master on mountain
1993 TC 2000 Master Sumai
1992 The Magnificent DuoBolo
1992 Tiger Claws Chong
1992 Ironheart 'Ice'
1992 Shootfighter: Fight to the DeathShingo
1992 Mega Force from HighlandThe Wu Tang Swordsman
1991 Double Impact Moon
1991 Breathing Fire 'Thunder'Credited as Bolo Young
1989 BloodfightChang Lee, The Vietnamese Cobra
1988 Bloodsport Chong Li
1988 One Husband Too ManyDung Ken, Muscleman
1987 Killer's NocturnePit fighter
1987 To Err is Humane (a.k.a. To Err is Human)Unknown
1986 Legacy of Rage Thug
1986 Lucky Stars Go Places (a.k.a. Luckiest Stars)Movie Patron
1986 Millionaires Express (a.k.a. Shanghai Express)Millionaire ChanUncredited, cameo
1985 Seven AngelsBar Customer In Green Shirt
1985 Bruce Lee's Dragons Fight BackUnknown
1985 My Lucky Stars Millionaire Chan
1985 Working Class (a.k.a. Hit Work Emperor)Giant Kickboxer
1985 Lucky Diamond (a.k.a. Wish You Good Luck)Unknown
1984 Silent RomanceUnknown
1983 Just for FunUnknown
1983 The Boxers Omen (a.k.a. Mo)Mr. Bu Bo, The Thai Boxer
1982 The Supergang'Big King'
1982 The Ninja Strikes Back (a.k.a. Bruce Le Fights/Strikes Back or Eye of the Dragon)Unknown
1981 All the Wrong Clues (for the Right Solution)Unknown
1980 Way of the Dragon 2 (a.k.a. Bruce Le's Greatest Revenge)UnknownCredited as Yang Sze
1980 The 36 Deadly StylesCheung's Brother
1980 Bruce, the King of Kung Fu (a.k.a. The Young Bruce Lee)Unknown
1980 Fearless Master (a.k.a. Fearless Hyena 3)UnknownCredited as Yang Sze
1980 Challenge of the Tiger (a.k.a. Dragon Bruce Le or Gymkata Killer)UnknownCredited as Yang Sze
1980 Invincible (a.k.a. Fighting Dragon)Unknown
1980 Treasure of Bruce Lee (a.k.a. King Boxer 2)Unknown
1979 Bruce the SuperheroPeter Sze, The BullkillerCredited as Yang Sze
1979 Ruthless Revenge (a.k.a. Invincible Kung Fu or The Two Tricky Kids)Unknown
1979 The Dragon, the Hero (a.k.a. Dragon on Fire)Unknown
1979 Enter Three Dragons (a.k.a. Three Avengers)Bolo
1979 The Fists, the Kicks, and the EvilMaster Lung
1979 Snake Deadly ActThe Giant
1979 Writing Kung FuAh YenCredited as Yang Sze
1978 Enter the Game of Death (a.k.a. Cross Hands Martial Arts or The King of Kung Fu)Yang See
1978 Enter Three Dragons Bolo
1978 Bruce Li in New GuineaUnknown
1978 Amsterdam ConnectionLouie 'Big Louie'Credited as Yang Sze
1978 Black Belt Jones 2 (a.k.a. Tattoo Connection)Tan Yu Lu's Henchman
1978 The Image of Bruce Lee (a.k.a. Storming Attacks)Kimura
1977 10 Magnificent KillersLing ChuCredited as Yang Sze
1977 Bolo the Brute (a.k.a. Bolo)Bolo
1977 The Clones of Bruce Lee Martial Arts Trainer
1977 Bruce and Shaolin Kung Fu (a.k.a. Bruce vs Black Dragon)Lam Chi Chu
1977 Soul of Chiba  [ ja ]NepalCredited as Yang Sze
1976 A Queen's Ransom (a.k.a. International Assassin(s))Ram
1975 Hong Kong Superman (a.k.a. Bruce: Hong Kong Master)Unknown
1975 Kung Fu MassacreUnknownCredited as Yang Sze
1975 G-Men '75 UnknownTV series
1975 He Loved Once Too ManyUnknownCredited as Bolo Yang Sze
1975 All Men Are Brothers (a.k.a. Seven Soldiers of Kung Fu) Si Xingfang
1975 The Fighting DragonRed TigerTV series
1974 Super Kung Fu KidTigerCredited as Yang Sze
1973 Chinese HerculesChinese Hercules
1973 ThunderkickUnknown
1973 Kung Fu's HeroUnknownCredited as Yang Sze
1973 Enter the Dragon BoloCredited as Yang Sze
1973 Freedom Strikes A BlowChiang TaiCredited as Yang Sze
1973 Greatest Thai BoxingUnknown
1973 TigerUnknown
1973 Ninja KillerMr. YangCredited as Yang Sze
1972 Man of Iron (a.k.a. Iron Man or Warrior of Steel)Jin Xi Fu
1972 Trilogy of SwordsmanshipUnknown
1972 Young PeopleUnknown
1972 King Boxer (a.k.a. Five Fingers of Death)Pa Tu Er, Mongolian Fighter
1972 The 14 Amazons Western Xia Wrestler
1972 Angry Guest Yang Sze
1971 The RescueChief Cha Te
1971 The Lady ProfessionalBald Killer
1971 The Oath of DeathOfficer Shi
1971 The Deadly Duo The River Dragon of Jin
1970 The Heroic Ones General Meng Juehai
1970 The Wandering Swordsman Unicorn Du Kuo Lung

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<i>Hells Wind Staff</i> 1979 Hong Kong film

Hell's Wind Staff is a 1979 Hong Kong martial arts film directed by Lu Chin-ku, and also written, produced, storied and directed by Tony Wong based in edition of a comic book 龍虎門 made in hong kong, starring Hwang Jang Lee, Meng Yuen-man, Mang Hoi and Kwan Yung-moon.

Jalal Merhi is a Brazilian-born Lebanese-Canadian martial artist and filmmaker. As a competitor, he was a regular on the tournament scene in the late 1970s to mid 1980s. As a film and television producer, he owns the Film One company, and previously owned a studio located at the Donlands Theatre in Toronto.

The touch of death is any martial arts technique reputed to kill using seemingly less than lethal force targeted at specific areas of the body.

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