Brasse Brännström

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Brasse Brännström
Brasse Brannstrom Lisebergsappladen 2013 2.jpg
Brännström in April 2013.
Lars Erik Brännström

(1945-02-27)27 February 1945
Died29 August 2014(2014-08-29) (aged 69)
Stockholm, Sweden
Resting place Skogskyrkogården
Stockholm, Sweden
Years active19722014
Spouse(s)Git Erixon
(m. 19952002)
Partner(s) Lill Lindfors (1974–1984)

Brasse Brännström (real name Lars Erik Brännström; 27 February 1945 – 29 August 2014) was a Swedish actor and comedian.

Actor Person who acts in a dramatic or comic production and works in film, television, theatre, or radio

An actor is a person who portrays a character in a performance. The actor performs "in the flesh" in the traditional medium of the theatre or in modern media such as film, radio, and television. The analogous Greek term is ὑποκριτής (hupokritḗs), literally "one who answers". The actor's interpretation of their role—the art of acting—pertains to the role played, whether based on a real person or fictional character. Interpretation occurs even when the actor is "playing themselves", as in some forms of experimental performance art.

Comedian person who seeks to entertain an audience, primarily by making them laugh

A comedian or comic is a person who seeks to entertain an audience by making them laugh. This might be through jokes or amusing situations, or acting foolish or employing prop comedy. A comedian who addresses an audience directly is called a stand-up comedian.


Brännström attended Adolf Fredrik's Music School in Stockholm. [1] In 1970, he gained fame alongside Magnus Härenstam and Lasse Hallström, when they made their first television program Oj är det redan fredag. During the 1980s, Brännström managed Maximteatern in Stockholm with Magnus Härenstam, Lill Lindfors, and Aller Johansson in a company called Limabrall. He is also known for hosting the children's TV-program Fem myror är fler än fyra elefanter (with Magnus Härenstam & Eva Remaeus), which was popular and has been re-broadcast numerous times.

Adolf Fredriks Music School Municipal junior high school (swedish: school

Adolf Fredrik's Music School is a general municipal junior high school in Stockholm, Sweden with a focus on choral music, and highly competitive admission based on audition in singing and musical ability. The school has two campuses and three youth choirs of high international standard. Many professional musicians are alumni.

Magnus Härenstam Swedish actor

Johan Herbert Magnus Härenstam was a Swedish television host, actor and comedian. Härenstam hosted the Swedish version of the game-show Jeopardy! for 14 years before being replaced by Adam Alsing. Härenstam is also known for hosting the children's TV-program Fem myror är fler än fyra elefanter, which was very popular and has been re-broadcast numerous times since it first aired. Härenstam participated in the music video for ABBA's hit song "When I Kissed the Teacher" where he played the teacher who got kissed by Agnetha Fältskog. Well known in Sweden for several decades, he was almost equally popular in Norway, having starred in the 1990s sitcom Fredrikssons fabrikk, playing the Swedish boss of a Norwegian textile workshop.

Lasse Hallström Swedish film director and screenwriter

Lars Sven "Lasse" Hallström is a Swedish film director. He first became known for directing almost all music videos by pop group ABBA, and subsequently became a feature film director. He was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director for My Life as a Dog (1985) and later for The Cider House Rules (1999). His other celebrated directorial works include What's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993) and Chocolat (2000).

Selected filmography

<i>Kenny Begins</i> 2009 film by Carl Åstrand

Kenny Begins is a 2009 Swedish comedy science fiction film directed by Carl Åstrand and Mats Lindberg. Johan Rheborg stars as Kenny Starfighter, an aspiring galaxy hero who crash lands on Earth. The film is made as a standalone prequel to the 1997 television series Kenny Starfighter. It holds the record for most special effects in a Swedish film, displacing the previous recordholder, Frostbite.

<i>Swedenhielms</i> 1935 film

Swedenhielms is a 1935 Swedish comedy-drama film directed by Gustaf Molander. The film is based on the play by Hjalmar Bergman from 1923 and starrs Gösta Ekman, Karin Swanström, and Tutta Rolf.

Dieselråttor & sjömansmöss was the Sveriges Television's Christmas calendar in 2002.

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Maximteatern, called "Maxim" in English or The Maxim Theatre, has been a popular private theatre at Karlaplan in central Stockholm, Sweden since the 1960s.

Svante Thuresson Swedish jazz and schlager singer

Svante Thuresson is a Swedish jazz musician. He started his career as a drummer before joining the band Gals and Pals in 1963. Svante won the national selection and represented Sweden in the Eurovision song contest in 1966 with "Nygammal vals" and came in second place; he performed with Lill Lindfors.

Mimmi Linnéa Marianne Sandén is a Swedish singer and actress who came to fame by becoming 1st runner up in the television show Talang 2007 (Sweden's Got Talent).

<i>A Guy and a Gal</i> 1975 film by Lasse Hallström

A Guy and a Gal is a 1975 Swedish film directed by Lasse Hallström.

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Happy We is a Swedish 1983 film directed by Lasse Hallström.

Fem myror är fler än fyra elefanter or Fem myror was a 1973–75 Swedish TV-series for children, hosted by Magnus Härenstam, Brasse Brännström and Eva Remaeus. The TV-series included songs and sketches with education about letters, numbers, positions, etc. Fem myror är fler än fyra elefanter was broadcast first on 19 November 1973 on TV2 by Sveriges Television and it was also broadcast as Sveriges Television's Christmas calendar27 November –24 December 1977. Fem myror is available for purchase on VHS and DVD and there are also PC games. The animated segments were later exported to the American television series Sesame Street

Björnes magasin was a Swedish children's TV program broadcast by SVT 31 August 1987–2004. It was produced and created by Kerstin Hedberg and Anita Bäckström.

Kalles klätterträd is a Swedish animated television series from 1975 by Olof Landström and Peter Cohen, produced by Poj film production. The musical theme song is performed by Jojje Wadenius and narration done by Toivo Pawlo. The program was recorded in a total of twelve sections of about 8 minutes, and the first broadcast on Sveriges Television on 25 December 1975. The program is one of the best known Swedish children's programs of the 1970s, partly because of the theme song. It aired on Nickelodeon in the early to mid 1980s as part of Pinwheel.

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Våra bästa år is a 2007 Thorleifs double compilation album. Seven of the songs were new back then. Outside Sweden, special versions of the album were released in Denmark, Finland and Norway. On the album charts, it peaked at 24th position in Denmark, and 7th position in Sweden.

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Johan Börjesson was a Swedish prelate, poet, and dramatist, associated with the Swedish phosphorist and romanticist movements. He was holder of chair 3 of the Swedish Academy.

Anna-Lotta Larsson Swedish actress

Ingeborg Ann-Charlotte (Anna-Lotta) Larsson, is a Swedish singer and actress. She educated to be a voice coach at Framås folkhögskola and then was accepted into the Operahögskolan in Gothenburg. She is also an actress, known for her roles in the film Värmlänningarna in 1980 and the series Nya tider. She also presented the show Har du hört den förut? which was broadcast on SVT.


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