Breaking News (2004 film)

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Breaking News
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Directed by Johnnie To
Written byChan Hing-kai
Yip Tin-shing
Milkyway Creative Team
Produced byJohnnie To
Cao Biao
Starring Richie Jen
Kelly Chen
Nick Cheung
Eddie Cheung
Simon Yam
Maggie Shiu
Cinematography Cheng Siu-keung
Edited byDavid M. Richardson
Music byBen Cheung
Chung Chi-wing
Distributed byMedia Asia Distribution
Release date
  • 10 June 2004 (2004-06-10)
Running time
90 minutes
CountryHong Kong
Box officeUS$1,028,420 [1]

Breaking News (Chinese :大事件) is a 2004 Hong Kong action film produced and directed by Johnnie To, and starring Richie Jen, Kelly Chen, Nick Cheung, Eddie Cheung, Simon Yam and Maggie Shiu. The film premiered out of competition at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival. [2]



The Hong Kong Police finds itself in a public relations crisis after a disastrous shootout and the scene of a police officer surrendering in apparent fear to the mobsters was captured and telecast by the local media. Inspector Cheung and his crew are assigned to the task of catching these mobsters, led by the intelligent and resourceful Yuen.

In the meantime, Superintendent Rebecca Fong leads an effort on the part of the Hong Kong Police to mislead the media and salvage the reputation of the police team. She sees the chance in a raid on the mobsters hiding out in an apartment, while Inspector Cheung leads his own team to search for the mobsters, with many gunfights breaking out in between.

Yuen hides out in the apartment of Yip, a bumbling taxi driver and single father of two. With the reluctant help of Yip's computer whiz son, he plays an intricate cat and mouse game with the police, releasing suspicious images of the police being defeated to the media. Superintendent Fong thwarts the effort with tricks of her own, including releasing a sumptuous packed lunch to the numerous squads on duty. After PTU officers were defeated in the first raid attempt, SDU operators were called in to flush out Yuen and his fellow mobsters.

Inspector Cheung successfully tracks down Yuen, though he is defeated only after a high-octane chase and gunfight sequence, with Fong held hostage.


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Awards and nominations

Awards and nominations
24th Hong Kong Film Awards Best Film Breaking NewsNominated
Best Director Johnnie To Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Maggie Shiu Nominated
Best Film EditingDavid M. RichardsonNominated
41st Golden Horse Awards Best Feature Film Breaking NewsNominated
Best Director Johnnie ToWon
Best Film EditingDavid M. RichardsonWon
Best Action ChoreographyYuen BunNominated
Best Visual EffectsStephen MaNominated
Best Art Direction Yee Chung-Man Nominated
11th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards Film of MeritBreaking NewsWon
10th Golden Bauhinia Awards Top Ten Chinese-language FilmBreaking NewsWon
7th Changchun Film Festival Best Actress Kelly Chen Nominated
34th Sitges Film Festival Best DirectorJohnnie ToWon


A remake called Goryachie Novosti (international title: Newsmakers ) has been shot in Russia. It is produced by Moscow-based Tandem Pictures and Gothenburg's Illusion Film and helmed by young Swedish director Anders Banke. The Russian/Swedish version of Breaking News was theatrically released in Russia and ex-USSR on 7 May 2009. [5]

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