Breaking the Limits

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Breaking the Limits
Breaking the limits.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Polish Najlepszy
Directed by Łukasz Palkowski
Written by
  • Agatha Dominik
  • Maciej Karpiński
Produced by
  • Krzysztof Szpetmański
CinematographyPiotr Sobociński Jr.
Edited byJarosław Barzan
Music by Bartosz Chajdecki
  • Iron Films
  • Polsat
  • Odra-Film
  • Lutetia
  • Cavatina Studio
Distributed by
  • Mówi Serwis
Release date
Running time
104 minutes

Breaking the Limits (Polish : Najlepszy) is a 2017 Polish biographical film directed by Łukasz Palkowski about the life of Jerzy Górski. The film stars Jakub Gierszał as Górski. Film shows how Gorski manage to win the double Iron Man triathlon after years of being drug addict. In this inspirational film we get to know Gorski from the very beginning, at the onset of his addition to drugs. But along with rising action, main character becomes more and more addicted and lose his best friend and soon, a lover. It's during the second half of movie when he decides to change and fight his demons. For his mother, himself, new lover and most important his daughter which was left without mother after his girlfriend died from overdose. However leaving your addiction is much more harder than winning the biggest triathlon...




The film has won a total of six awards at the 42nd Polish Film Festival in Gdynia.

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Łukasz Palkowski Polish film director and screenwriter (born 1976)

Łukasz Palkowski is a Polish film director and screenwriter.