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Brigitte Fossey
Brigitte Fossey Cesars.jpg
Fossey in 1998
Brigitte Florence Fossey

(1946-06-15) 15 June 1946 (age 76)
Years active1952–present
(m. 1966;died 1980)
ChildrenMarie Adam

Brigitte Florence Fossey (French pronunciation:  [bʁiʒit flɔʁɑ̃s fɔsɛ] ; born 15 June 1946) is a French actress.


Early years

The daughter of a schoolteacher, Fossey was five years old when she was cast by director René Clément to star in his film, Forbidden Games . [1] Fossey played the role of an innocent child orphaned by World War II. The film won numerous awards worldwide, including the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, and Fossey was hired by American actor/director Gene Kelly for his 1957 film, The Happy Road . When Fossey was ten years old her parents took her out of the film business so she could receive proper schooling. [1] While completing her education, Fossey studied piano and dance and then went on to work in Geneva, Switzerland as an interpreter/translator. [1]


In 1967, at age twenty, after studying acting at Yves Furet "Studio d'Entrainement de l'Acteur" in Paris, Fossey was offered the female lead by director Jean-Gabriel Albicocco for his film Le Grand Meaulnes. As an adult Fossey acted both on stage and in film, working with French directors such as François Truffaut and Bertrand Blier. Fluent in English, Fossey has appeared in several Hollywood motion pictures, including a 1979 role as the wife of Paul Newman in the Robert Altman-directed film, Quintet . In 1982, she was a member of the jury at the 32nd Berlin International Film Festival. [2] During the 1990s, she began performing in television productions.

Personal life

Brigitte Fossey has a daughter from her marriage to director Jean-François Adam, whom she met while making his 1970 film M comme Mathieu  [ fr ].[ citation needed ]

Awards and recognition

Selected filmography

1952 Forbidden Games Paulette Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film
1953 The Steel Rope Marcella
1956 The Happy Road Jeanine
1968 Adieu l'ami Dominique 'Waterloo' Austerlitz
1970 Raphael, or The Debauched One Bernardine
1973 Going Places the woman in the train
1975 Calmos Suzanne Dufour
1976 The Good and the Bad Dominique Blanchot
1976 The Man Who Loved Women Geneviève Bigey
1977 Les Enfants du placard Juliette
1977 Le pays bleu  [ fr ]Louise Morand
1978 Die gläserne Zelle Lisa BraunNominated - Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film
1979 Mais où et donc Ornicar Anne
Quintet Vivia
1980 La Boum Françoise Beretton
Chanel Solitaire Adrienne
1982 La Boum 2 Françoise Beretton
1982 Enigma Karen Reinhardt
1983 For Those I Loved Dina Gray
1988 Cinema Paradiso (extended Italian version only)Elena Mendola (as adult)Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film
1989 3615 code Père Noël Julie de Frémont
1990 The Last Butterfly Vera
1991 Les enfants du naufrageur Hélène
1992 The Long Conversation with the Bird  [ pl ]Elisabeth Halbritter
2016 Joséphine, ange gardien Gabrielle ChamantTV series (1 episode)
2017 Don't Tell Her

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