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Bursa Province

Bursa ili
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Location of Bursa Province in Turkey
Country Turkey
Region East Marmara
Subregion Bursa
   Electoral district Bursa
  Total11,043 km2 (4,264 sq mi)
 (2018) [1]
  Density270/km2 (700/sq mi)
Area code(s) 0224
Vehicle registration 16

Bursa Province (Turkish : Bursa ili) is a province in Turkey along the Sea of Marmara coast in northwestern Anatolia. It borders Balıkesir to the west, Kütahya to the south, Bilecik and Sakarya to the east, Kocaeli to the northeast and Yalova to the north. The province has an area of 11,043 km2 and a population of 2,994,521 as of 2018. [1] Its traffic code is 16.


The vast majority of the Bursa Province districts (and the city of Bursa) are located within the Marmara Region, but the districts of Büyükorhan, Harmancık, Keles and Orhaneli are located within the Aegean Region.

The city of Bursa was the capital of the Ottoman State between 1326 and 1365, until the Ottoman conquest of Edirne, then known as Adrianople, which became the new Ottoman capital between 1365 and 1453, when Constantinople became the final Ottoman capital.



Historical population
YearPop.±% p.a.
source: [2] [3]

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Bursa City in Bursa province in western Turkey

Bursa is a city in northwestern Turkey and the administrative center of Bursa Province. The fourth-most populous city in Turkey and second-most populous in the Marmara Region, Bursa is one of the industrial centers of the country. Most of Turkey's automotive production takes place in Bursa.

Bithynia Region in Anatolia

Bithynia was an ancient region, kingdom and Roman province in the northwest of Asia Minor, adjoining the Sea of Marmara, the Bosporus, and the Black Sea. It bordered Mysia to the southwest, Paphlagonia to the northeast along the Pontic coast, and Phrygia to the southeast towards the interior of Asia Minor.

Yalova Province Province of Turkey

Yalova Province is a province in northwestern Turkey, on the eastern coast of the Sea of Marmara. Its adjacent provinces are Bursa to the south and Kocaeli to the east. The population of the Yalova Province was 203,741 in 2010. Prior to 1930, the area around Yalova constituted a district of Kocaeli Province; from 1930 to 1995, it was made part of Istanbul Province; in 1995, the area was separated and made into the current Yalova Province.

Sakarya Province Province of Turkey

Sakarya is a province in Turkey, located on the coast of Black Sea. The Sakarya River creates a webbing of estuaries in the province. Sakarya is located in the Marmara Region. Its adjacent provinces are Kocaeli to the west, Bilecik to the south, Bolu to the southeast, and Düzce to the east.

Kütahya Province Province of Turkey

Kütahya Province is a province in the Aegean region of Turkey. It is 11,875 km2 in size, and the population is 571,554 (2014). In 1990, Kütahya had a population of 578,000.

Osmangazi Place in Bursa, Turkey

Osmangazi is one of the central metropolitan districts of the city of Bursa in Bursa Province, as well as the fourth largest overall municipality in Turkey. The municipality has a population of approximately 778,843 as of 2012. On its own, it would be the 8th largest city in Turkey.

Yalova Municipality in Turkey

Yalova is a city located in northwestern Turkey, near the eastern coast of the Sea of Marmara. Yalova has a city population of 100,863, while the population of Yalova Province is 118,998 as of 2011. Currently there is a controversy around the municipal election results in Yalova especially after the Supreme Election Board invalidated the 2014 Municipal Election results on April 24, 2014 after a few recounts that changed results.

Mudanya Place in Bursa, Turkey

Mudanya, is a town and district of Bursa Province in the Marmara region of Turkey. It is located on the Gulf of Gemlik, part of the southern coast of the Sea of Marmara. As of 1911, it was connected with Bursa by the Mudanya–Bursa railway and a carriage road, and with Istanbul by steamers. Mudanya has only an open anchorage usable in calm weather. The town produces olive oil and there is a pier used by local fishing and cargo boats.

Büyükorhan Place in Bursa, Turkey

Büyükorhan is a town and district of Bursa Province in the Marmara region of Turkey.

Harmancık Place in Bursa, Turkey

Harmancık is a town and district of Bursa Province in the Marmara region of Turkey.

Orhangazi Place in Bursa, Turkey

Orhangazi is a rural district of Bursa Province in Turkey. The region Orhangazi was established in was conquered by Orhan I of the Ottoman dynasty in 1326. Orhangazi is named after Orhan I who was the second sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

This page is a list of places of interest in Bursa Province, Turkey.

İznik Place in Bursa, Turkey

İznik is a town and an administrative district in the Province of Bursa, Turkey. It was historically known as Nicaea, from which its modern name also derives. The town lies in a fertile basin at the eastern end of Lake İznik, bounded by ranges of hills to the north and south. The town is only 90 kilometres southeast of Istanbul but by road it is 200 km around the Gulf of İzmit. It is 80 km by road from Bursa.

Yenişehir, Bursa Place in Bursa, Turkey

Yenişehir is a district of Bursa province. It is 52 km far from the east of Bursa and Bursa city center. Bursa's international airport is within the borders of Yenişehir. For this reason, the Airport is called 'Yenişehir Airport'.

Yeniköy, Bursa Town in Bursa Province, Turkey

Yeniköy is a town in Orhangazi district of Bursa Province, Turkey. It is situated to the north of Lake İznik at 40°32′N29°21′E. The distance to Orhangazi is 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) and to Bursa is 50 kilometres (31 mi). The population of Yeniköy was 3345 as of 2012. In 1963 Yeniköy was declared a seat of township. Table olive is the most important crop of the town.

Yalova Peninsula massacres

The Yalova Peninsula massacres were a series of massacres and ethnic cleansings during 1920–1921, the majority of which occurred during March – May 1921. They were committed by local Greek and Armenian gangs and the invading Hellenic Army against the Turkish Muslim population of the Yalova Peninsula. There were 27 villages burned and in Armutlu. According to journalist Arnold J. Toynbee c. 300 Muslims were killed during April–July 1921. In an Ottoman inquiry of 177 survivors in Constantinople, the number of victims reported was very low (35), which is in line with Toynbee's descriptions that villagers fled after one to two murders. Moreover, approximately 1,500 out of 7,000 Muslims remained in the region after the events or 6,000 had left Yalova where 16 villages had been burned. On the other hand, Ottoman and Turkish documents on massacres claim that at least 9,100 Muslim Turks were killed.

İznik Ultramarathon

İznik Ultramarathon, shortly İznik Ultra, is an international trail running ultramarathon event that takes place at İznik town of Bursa Province in northwestern Turkey. It was established in 2012 with the first race held on April 14-15. Lasting two days, the race is Turkey's longest single stage athletic event.

Gedelek is a small village in the Marmara Region of Turkey and Orhangazi district of Bursa Province. It is known for its pickles, especially for its hot chilli peppers.


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Coordinates: 40°09′00″N29°01′15″E / 40.15000°N 29.02083°E / 40.15000; 29.02083