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Interstate 29 Business
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At least five business routes of Interstate 29 are known to exist. These business routes provide access from Interstate 29 to adjacent communities.



Saint Joseph loop

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Interstate 29 Business
Location Saint Joseph, Missouri

Interstate 29 Business is a Business Loop of Interstate 29 in Saint Joseph, Missouri. It begins at a diamond interchange with Exit 44 (U.S. Route 169 in Missouri), and heads northwest, overlapping that route. After a bridge over a former Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad line (now Burlington Northern and Santa Fe) BL-29 has an intersection with Pear Street, where it turns straight west. Pear Street ends at the intersections of Easton Road and Garfield Avenue, and BL-29 moves northwest onto Garfield Avenue, along the northeast side of the same CB&Q line it crossed over when it overlapped US 169. One block away from intersection with 11th Street across the tracks from the LifeLine Foods factory, northbound BL-29 moves onto 10th Street, while southbound BL-29 runs along 9th Street. Both streets have partial interchanges with US 36. Southbound 9th Street has on-ramps to US 36, while northbound 10th Street has off-ramps from US 36. Through the more formerly industrious downtown St. Joseph, between Mitchell Avenue and Penn Street, both 9th and 10th streets run on the sides of the Pony Express National Museum. [1] The one-way pair ends at Frederick Avenue between Francis and Jules Streets, and BL-29 moves onto Frederick Avenue as it runs northeast. The road turns east at Highly Street near North 25th Street at the Dr. Jacob Geiger House-Maud Wyeth Painter House. Along the way, it passes the Molina Golf Course and runs between the Northwest Missouri Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center and the Glore Psychiatric Museum. US 169 is encountered a second time and BL-29 overlaps Missouri State Route 6, then passes by the East Hills Shopping Mall before finally ends at Exit 47 on I-29, another diamond interchange.

South Dakota

North Sioux City spur

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Interstate 29 Business
Location North Sioux City, South Dakota

Interstate 29 Business is an existing but unsigned Business Spur of Interstate 29 in North Sioux City, South Dakota. It runs from a diamond interchange at Exit 2, east along River Road to Military Road (former U.S. 77 and SD 105).

Elk Point loop

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Interstate 29 Business
Location Elk Point, South Dakota

Interstate 29 Business is a Business Loop of Interstate 29 in Elk Point, South Dakota. It runs for 2.679 miles between Exits 15 and 18 along a former segment of U.S. Route 77.

Sioux Falls spur

Downtown Spur 29.svg

Interstate 29 Downtown Spur
Location Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Interstate 29 Downtown (a.k.a. Interstate 29 Dwtn.) is a locally maintained Business Spur of Interstate 29 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It runs east from a SPUI interchange at Exit 79 and is overlapped by South Dakota Highway 42 on 12th Street as it crosses a bridge over the Big Sioux River. This section runs through the Emerson section of Sioux Falls and after the intersection with South Grange Avenue, it enters the Folsom's Addition neighborhood, where it curves to the northeast and becomes a one-way pair east of Menlo Avenue. From that point, eastbound I-29 Dwtn./SD 42 run on 11th Street, while westbound the two routes run on 10th Street. I-29 Dwtn. finally terminates at South Dakota Highway 115 (North Minnesota Avenue) on the border between Folsom's Addition and Downtown Sioux Falls. Both routes encounter I-229 Dwtn., which turns from its overlap with SD 115 onto SD 42.

Brookings spur

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Interstate 29 Business
Location Brookings, South Dakota

Interstate 29 Business is a Business Spur of Interstate 29 in Brookings, South Dakota. It runs west from a diamond interchange at Exit 132 and is overlapped by U.S. Route 14 on 6th Street.

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Interstate 15 Business is a Business loop of Interstate 15 in Great Falls, Montana, USA. The route links I-15, which bypasses downtown Great Falls to the west, to the center of Great Falls. As its Business Loop designation implies, I-15 Business terminates at I-15 at each end. The southernmost 0.83 miles (1.34 km) of the route from the interchange with I-15 to Fox Farm Road is designated, but not signed, as Interstate 315. It is the second shortest interstate in the country; only the unsigned Interstate 878 is shorter.

Interstate 229 (I-229) in South Dakota runs just more than ten miles (16 km) mostly within the city limits of Sioux Falls, the largest city in the state. It runs from a trumpet interchange Interstate 29 in the southern extremities of Sioux Falls to Interstate 90 just north of Sioux Falls. In between, the interstate travels through parts of southern and eastern Sioux Falls.

South Dakota Highway 115

South Dakota Highway 115 is a 40-mile (64 km) state highway in Lincoln and Minnehaha countess in South Dakota, United States, that was created from the routing of US 77, "Old 77", when its alignment was moved west to become Interstate 29 around 1980 and SD 15's route from US 18 to Sioux Falls. SD 115 routes from its intersection with US 18 about 13 miles (21 km) south of Sioux Falls to Interstate 29 three miles west of Dell Rapids. It is about 40.5 miles (65.2 km) in length.

Nine business routes of Interstate 44 exist, all of them within the state of Missouri.

Interstate 29 (I-29) is a north–south Interstate Highway in the midwestern United States. In the state of South Dakota, I-29 traverses on the eastern side of the state from the Iowa border near Sioux City to the North Dakota border near New Effington. On its route, I-29 passes through western portions of Sioux Falls, the state's largest city. It travels 252.5 miles (406.4 km) in the state, the longest stretch of any of the four states through which it passes. Interstate 229, the highway's lone auxiliary route in South Dakota, serves as a bypass around southern and eastern Sioux Falls.

There are currently eight business routes of Interstate 94 (I-94) in the US state of Michigan. These business routes connect I-94 to the downtown business districts of neighboring cities. Seven of the eight routes are business loops which bear the Business Loop I-94 designation while one is a business spur that bears the Business Spur I-94. These loops are former routings of I-94's two predecessors in Michigan: US Highway 12 (US 12) or US 25. The westernmost BL I-94 runs through the twin cities of Benton Harbor and St. Joseph along the former routing of US 12 and US 31/US 33 that now includes a section of the Lake Michigan Circle Tour in the state. The loops in Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Marshall, Albion, and Jackson were also formerly segments of US 12 which were later designated as separate version of Business US Highway 12 through their respective cities before becoming BL I-94s in 1960. The BL I-94 in Kalamazoo was converted into BS I-94 in 2019. The route of the business loop through Ann Arbor was previously US 12 and then later M-14 before receiving its current moniker. The BL I-94 through Port Huron was previously US 25 and then Business US Highway 25.

There have been nine business routes for Interstate 75 in the US state of Michigan. Numbered either Business Loop Interstate 75 or Business Spur Interstate 75 depending if they are a full business loop or a business spur, these highways are former routings of I-75's predecessor highways in the state. They were designated as I-75 was completed through the various areas of Michigan. The business loop in Pontiac runs through that city's downtown along a section of Woodward Avenue and a segment of roadway formerly used by M-24. The former Saginaw business loop was once a part of US Highway 23 (US 23), as was most of the original Bay City business loop. The roadways that make up the business loops in West Branch and Roscommon were previously part of M-76, I-75's predecessor through that part of the state. In Northern Michigan, the Grayling and Gaylord BL I-75s were part of US 27, and the two business routes in St. Ignace and Sault Ste. Marie in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan were part of US 2. A tenth business route, a loop through Indian River has been proposed. Each of the business loops connects to I-75 on both ends and runs through their respective cities' downtown areas. The two business spurs only connect to I-75 on one end and run into the appropriate downtown.

There are fourteen business routes of Interstate 35: nine are in Texas, two are in Iowa, and three are in Minnesota.

Twenty-four business routes of Interstate 15 exist. Former routes also exist.

Business routes of Interstate 80 exist in four states; California, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming.

Business routes of Interstate 5 exist in both California and Washington. There are no business routes in Oregon as that state does not assign for any of its highways. However, Oregon Route 99 essentially acts as a business route for most of Oregon, along with Oregon Route 99W and Oregon Route 99E

There are 13 active business routes of Interstate 70 in Colorado. I-70 spans Colorado in an east-west fashion, holding many business loops and spurs along the way varying from lengths of 0.22 mi (0.35 km) to 27.47 mi (44.21 km), with a total of 55.51 miles. Four other business routes also used to exist within the state.

Interstate 90 Business may refer to several business routes of the Interstate Highway System that connects Interstate 90 with the central business district of various cities bypassed by I-90. Each business route can be either a business loop or a business spur, depending on whether both ends connect to I-90. The business route in each community is considered a unique route. In many cases, these routes are a former section of a U.S. Route.

Several special routes of U.S. Route 20 exist. In order from west to east they are as follows.

There are 19 business routes of Interstate 94 (I-94) in the United States. These business routes connect the downtown business districts of cities to the freeway along Interstate 94.

Business routes of Interstate 75 exist in three states. Georgia has three existing Interstate 75 (I-75) business routes, and one other that was deleted. Ohio has three business routes for I-75. Nine other I-75 business routes also exist, or have existed, in Michigan, and a 10th has been proposed.

Interstate business routes are roads connecting a central or commercial district of a city or town with an Interstate bypass. These roads typically follow along local streets often along a former U.S. route or state highway that had been replaced by an Interstate. Interstate business route reassurance markers are signed as either loops or spurs using a green shield shaped and numbered like the shield of the parent Interstate highway.

South Dakota Highway 100 is the designation of a future state highway that will be built south and east of Interstate 229 (I-229) as a second southeastern bypass of Sioux Falls. The highway will run from exit 73 on I-29 east and north to exit 402 on I-90. This highway is currently named Veterans Parkway on its route from Interstate 90 to 57th Street in Sioux Falls.

Dozens of business routes of Interstate 84 (I-84) exist. The existing and former business routes are located along the western and eastern segments of I-84.

Business routes of Interstate 70 exist in three states, though historically they have existed in five. Utah and Missouri each have three existing Interstate 70 (I-70) business routes. Business routes in Kansas have either been proposed and rejected or decommissioned. 13 other I-70 business routes also exist in Colorado, and four others have also existed in the past, leading to a grand total of 17 within the Centennial State.