Canal 10 (Uruguay)

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Channel 10 (Uruguay)
Logo saeta-2.jpg
CountryFlag of Uruguay.svg  Uruguay
Slogan El canal Uruguayo
(The Uruguayan channel)
Somos la televisión que queremos
(We are the television we want)
HeadquartersLorenzo Carnelli 1234
Montevideo, Uruguay
Language(s) Spanish
Launched7 December 1956 (1956-12-07)

Channel 10 (legally known as SAETA TV Canal 10) is a Uruguayan free-to-air television channel based in Montevideo, founded in 1956 by Raul Fontaina as the first TV broadcaster in the country and the fourth in Latin America. SAETA ("Arrow") is a backronym for "Anonymous Society of Television Broadcasting and Appendants" (Sociedad Anónima Emisora de Televisión y Anexos).




Original programming
Acquired programming


Original programming
Acquired programming


Channel 10's transmitting antenna, measuring 187 meters in height, is called the Saeta tower. It was built and inaugurated some time after the channel moved to its current address. It stems from the idea and subsequent efforts of Milton Fontaina. Today it is the highest structure in Montevideo, and can be seen from many parts of the city. Over the past 5 years, Channel 12, of Uruguay, rent a portion of the antenna to transmit their programming.

In 1972, the channel adopted a new logo depicting the number 10 surrounded by a CRT shape, with the number 1 depicting an arrow, and the number 0 identical to the American network CBS Eye logo. A blue background was used with the advent of color television. In 1992, the central sphere of the 0 became colorized. In 2002, the arrow 1 was removed, and the Uruguayan flag was adopted as background. The logo was last modified in 2006, with the chromed contour removed and the background chanced back to blue.


In the year 2006 the channel signed a contract with film companies: Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Paramount and Dreamworks, to transmit the most recent releases of these film companies. These releases are already being cast in "Film Festival", a program that airs Monday at 9:00 pm. A person specializing in film on Channel 10 is Jackie Rodriguez Stratta, for many years in Saeta.


It was the first channel to create a talent competition, in 1996, by virtue of its 40 years. Then Channel 4 did the same in 2004, and in 2006, celebrating its 50 years of new Channel 10 conducted a contest called CONTA, which was to create: series, novels, cartoons, etc., all of this for CONTA and Channel 10 . In 2007 premiered the first prize in the national fiction series: "Flat 8". The 5-Setiembre/2007 premiered another production CONTA called History Clinic. Cooking competition MasterChef was aired from 2017 to 2019, and Got Talent Uruguay debuted in 2020.

Sports Events

Channel 10 broadcasts live matches of FIFA tournaments and qualifiers in simulcast with Tenfield (vía VTV).

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Laura Martínez is a Uruguayan presenter, actress, dancer and television personality. She began dancing as a child, appearing at an early age at the Teatro Colón. In 1982, she was invited by Uruguay's Teledoce to take part in a sketch. Ever since, she has featured in television programmes and is now a well-known presenter, personality and performer. She has appeared in Laura en un Maravilloso Mundo, a children's television program where she sings and dances with five girls. Previously married to Cacho de la Cruz, with whom she has a son, Santi. She married Marcelo Bianchi, and accountant, 5 January 2013.

Freddy Nieuchowicz Abramovich, also known as Orlando Petinatti, is a Uruguayan radio personality, businessman, and television presenter. He is renowned for hosting the radio program Malos Pensamientos, which has been broadcast since 1991 and the program with the largest audience on radio in Uruguay.

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María Inés Obaldía Miraballes is a Uruguayan television presenter, educator, producer, journalist and politician, serving as Director of Culture of the Municipality of Montevideo since 27 November 2020.

María de los Ángeles Vera Montecoral, known professionally as Pelusa Vera, is a Uruguayan actress, considered "one of the most prominent figures of theater and television in Uruguay." She began her career as a model, but then went to the theater and from there to television. She also ventured into radio. She was part of the cast of both Uruguayan and Argentine humor shows, such as Alta comedia, Teatro como en el teatro, Decalegrón, Jaujarana, Hiperhumor, and Zapping.

Got Talent Uruguay is a Uruguayan reality television series, and part of the global Got Talent franchise created by Simon Cowell. Presented by Natalia Oreiro, it is produced by Fremantle along Syco Entertainment, and broadcast on Channel 10. The show debuted on June 22, 2020, being, its first episode, the most watched program of the day, reaching 17.7 rating points. It airs every Monday at 9 p.m.