Captain Fracasse (1943 film)

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Captain Fracasse
Captain Fracasse (1943 film).jpg
Directed by Abel Gance
Written by Abel Gance
Claude Vermorel
Based on Le capitaine Fracasse by Théophile Gautier
Produced by Josette France
Pierre Gurgo-Salice
Cinematography Nicolas Hayer
Edited by Lucienne Déméocq
Music by Arthur Honegger
Lux Film
Zénith Films
Distributed byLux Film
Release date
19 June 1943
Running time
100 minutes
Language French

Captain Fracasse (French: Le Capitaine Fracasse) is a 1943 French-Italian historical adventure film directed by Abel Gance and starring Fernand Gravey, Assia Noris and Alice Tissot. It is an adaptation of the novel Captain Fracasse by Théophile Gautier. [1] The scenario and dialogue is by Abel Gance and Claude Vermorel and the music composed by Arthur Honegger. Honegger's score for the film (H. 166 in his catalogue of works) consists of around 50 minutes of music for chorus and large orchestra. [2]


On the same subject, there were also a 1929 silent version directed by Alberto Cavalcanti, [3] and a 1961 colour version directed by Pierre Gaspard-Huit [4] both with the same title.



Set in the mid 17th century, the young Baron de Sigognac lives alone, ruined, in his castle. A troupe of travelling players stop in the castle ward and are offered hospitality by Sigognac, who remarks the beauty of the actress Isabelle. He decides to follow the troupe on their journeys.

The old leader of the troupe, Matamore dies and Sigognac replaces him using the pseudonym Capitaine Fracasse. He is enthusiastically received but has a rival for the attentions of Isabelle in the Duc de Vallombreuse. They fight a duel in a cemetery in Poitiers.

Afterwards, Vallombreuse manages to abduct Isabelle and imprison her in his castle. Sigognac-Fracasse comes to the rescue and another duel ensues. Then it is revealed that Isabelle is in fact the rich descendant and the sister of Vallombreuse. Sigognac finally marries her.

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