Carlo De Mejo

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Carlo De Mejo
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Born(1945-01-17)17 January 1945
Rome, Italy
Died18 December 2015(2015-12-18) (aged 70)
Rome, Italy
Years active1968–2013
Parent(s)Oscar De Mejo, Alida Valli

Carlo De Mejo (17 January 1945 – 18 December 2015) was an Italian actor. [1]


Life and career

Born in Rome, De Mejo was the eldest son of jazz composer Oscar De Mejo and actress Alida Valli. [2] After a few minor roles, he had his breakout with the role of a male prostitute in Pier Paolo Pasolini's Teorema . [2] In 1970 he played Claude in Giuseppe Patroni Griffi and Victor Spinetti's Italian adaptation of the stage musical Hair . [2] In the following years, he became very active as a character actor in genre films, especially Lucio Fulci's cult horror films. [2] [3]

Selected filmography

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