Carmen (1926 film)

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Raquel Meller en Carmen.png
Raquel Meller as Carmen
Directed by Jacques Feyder
Written byJacques Feyder
Prosper Mérimée (novel)
Produced by Alexandre Kamenka
Cinematography Maurice Desfassiaux
Paul Parguel
Edited by Henriette Caire
Jacques Feyder
Music by Ernesto Halffter
Distributed byLes Films Armor
Release date
November 5, 1926
Running time
165 minutes
French intertitles

The 1926 film Carmen is a French silent drama based on Prosper Mérimée's 1845 novel Carmen , directed by Jacques Feyder and starring Raquel Meller, Fred Louis Lerch and Gaston Modot. [1] The film's art direction was by Lazare Meerson. Luis Buñuel, later famous as a director, had a small role.



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