Cascade Lake (microarchitecture)

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Cascade Lake
General information
LaunchedApril 2, 2019;2 years ago (April 2, 2019)
Product code80695
L1 cache 64 KiB per core (32 instructions + 32 data)
L2 cache1 MiB per core
L3 cacheUp to 38.5 MiB (1.375 MiB/core
Architecture and classification
Min. feature size 14 nm (Tri-Gate) transistors
Architecture x86-64
Instructions x86-64
Physical specifications
  • 4-56
GPU(s) None
Products, models, variants
Brand name(s)
PredecessorDesktop: Skylake-X
Server: Skylake-SP
(2nd Optimization)
Successor1S & 2S Systems

4S & 8S Systems

Cascade Lake is an Intel codename for a 14 nanometer server, workstation and enthusiast processor microarchitecture, launched in April 2019. [1] [2] In Intel's Process-Architecture-Optimization model, Cascade Lake is an optimization of Skylake. [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] Intel states that this will be their first microarchitecture to support 3D XPoint-based memory modules. [8] It also features Deep Learning Boost instructions and mitigations for Meltdown and Spectre. [2] [9] Intel officially launched new Xeon Scalable SKUs on February 24, 2020. [10]



List of Cascade Lake processors


Cascade Lake-X (Enthusiast)

NamesSpec numberCores




Turbo Boost 2.0Turbo


SocketOptane memory




Part number(s)Price
Single coreAll cores
Core i9-10900X SRGV7 (L1)10 (20)3.7 GHz4.5 GHz4.3 GHz4.7 GHz4 × DDR4-2933

up to 256 GiB

LGA2066 Yes1 MiB

per core

19.2548165W25th November 2019 [12] CD8069504382100


Core i9-10920X SRGSJ (L1)12 (24)3.5 GHz4.6 GHz4.8 GHzCD8069504382000


Core i9-10940X SRGSH (L1)14 (28)3.3 GHz4.1 GHzCD8069504381900


Core i9-10980XE SRGSG (L1)18 (36)3.0 GHz3.8 GHz24.75CD8069504381800



Cascade Lake-AP (Advanced Performance)

Cascade Lake-AP is branded as Xeon Platinum 9200 series and all SKUs are soldered to the motherboard. These CPUs will not work with Optane Memory.

Xeon Platinum 9200 Series

Model numbersSpec numberCores (threads)FrequencyTurbo BoostL2 CacheL3 CacheTDPSocketI/O BusMemoryRelease datePart number(s)Release Price
Xeon Platinum 9282 56 (112)2.60 GHz3.80 GHz56 x 1 MB77 MB400WBGA59034 UPI12 x DDR4-2933April 2, 2019
Xeon Platinum 9242 48 (96)2.30 GHz3.80 GHz48 x 1 MB71.5 MB350W
Xeon Platinum 9222 [13] 32 (64)2.30 GHz3.70 GHz32 x 1 MB71.5 MB250W
Xeon Platinum 9221 [13] 32 (64)2.30 GHz3.70 GHz32 x 1 MB71.5 MB250W

Cascade Lake-SP (Scalable)

Xeon Platinum series

Model numbersSpec numberCores (threads)FrequencyTurbo BoostL2 CacheL3 CacheTDPSocketI/O BusMemoryOptane memory supportedRelease datePart number(s)Release Price
Xeon Platinum 8280MSRF9Q (B1)28 (56)2.70 GHz4.00 GHz28 x 1 MB39 MB205WLGA36473 UPI6 x DDR4-2933YesApril 2, 2019CD8069504228101$13,012
Xeon Platinum 8280LSRF9R (B1)CD8069504228201$17,906
Xeon Platinum 8280SRF9P (B1)CD8069504228001$10,009
Xeon Platinum 8276MSRF98 (B1)2.20 GHz4.00 GHz39 MB165WCD8069504195401$11,722
Xeon Platinum 8276LSRF97 (B1)CD8069504195301$16,616
Xeon Platinum 8276SRF99 (B1)CD8069504195501$8,719
Xeon Platinum 8270SRF96 (B1)26 (52)2.70 GHz4.00 GHz26 x 1 MB36 MB205WCD8069504195201$7,405
Xeon Platinum 8268SRF95 (B1)24 (48)2.90 GHz3.90 GHz24 x 1 MBCD8069504195101$6,302
Xeon Platinum 8260YSRF9F (B1)2.40 GHz3.90 GHz165WCD8069504200902$5,320
Xeon Platinum 8260MSRF9J (B1)CD8069504201201$7,705
Xeon Platinum 8260LSRF9G (B1)CD8069504201001$12,599
Xeon Platinum 8260SRF9H (B1)CD8069504201101$4,702
Xeon Platinum 8256SRF94 (B1)4 (8)3.80 GHz3.90 GHz4 x 1 MB17 MB105WCD8069504194701


Xeon Platinum 8253SRF93 (B1)16 (32)2.20 GHz3.00 GHz16 x 1 MB22 MB125WCD8069504194601$3,115

Xeon Gold 6200 series

Bolded denotes new SKUs released February 24, 2020. [14]

Model numbersSpec numberCores (threads)FrequencyTurbo BoostL2 CacheL3 CacheTDPSocketI/O BusMemoryOptane Memory supportedRelease datePart number(s)Release price
Xeon Gold 6262VSRFQ4 (B1)24 (48)1.90 GHz3.60 GHz24 x 1 MB33 MB135WLGA36473 UPI6 x DDR4-2400YesQ2, 2019CD8069504285004$2,900
Xeon Gold 62622 UPI
Xeon Gold 6258RSRGZF (B1)28 (56)2.70 GHz4.00 GHz39 MB205W2 UPI6 x DDR4-2933February 24, 2020CD8069504449301$3,950
Xeon Gold 6256SRGTQ (B1)12 (24)3.60 GHz4.50 GHz33 MB205W3 UPIFebruary 24, 2020CD8069504425301$3,900
Xeon Gold 6254SRF92 (B1)18 (36)3.10 GHz4.00 GHz18 x 1 MB25 MB200WApril 2, 2019CD8069504194501$3,803
Xeon Gold 6252NSRFPQ (B1)24 (48)2.30 GHz3.60 GHz24 x 1 MB36 MB150WQ2, 2019CD8069504283503$3,984
Xeon Gold 6252SRF91 (B1)2.10 GHz3.70 GHz24 x 1 MBApril 2, 2019CD8069504194401


Xeon Gold 6250LSRH5D (B1)8 (16)3.90 GHz4.50 GHz36 MB185WFebruary 24, 2020CD8069504497400$6,404
Xeon Gold 6250SRGTR (B1)8 (16)February 24, 2020CD8069504425402$3,400
Xeon Gold 6248RSRGZG (B1)24 (48)3.00 GHz4.00 GHz36 MB205W2 UPIFebruary 24, 2020CD8069504449401$2,700
Xeon Gold 6248SRF90 (B1)20 (40)2.50 GHz2.90 GHz20 x 1 MB28 MB150W3 UPIApril 2, 2019CD8069504194301


Xeon Gold 6246RSRGZL (B1)16 (32)3.40 GHz4.10 GHz36 MB205W2 UPIFebruary 24, 2020CD8069504449801$3,286
Xeon Gold 6246SRFPJ (B1)12 (24)3.30 GHz4.20 GHz12 x 1 MB25 MB165W3 UPIQ2, 2019CD8069504282905$3,286
Xeon Gold 6244SRF8Z (B1)8 (16)3.60 GHz4.40 GHz8 x 1 MB25 MB150WApril 2, 2019CD8069504194202$2,925
Xeon Gold 6242RSRGZJ (B1)20 (40)3.10 GHz4.10 GHz36 MB205W2 UPIFebruary 24, 2020CD8069504449601$2,529
Xeon Gold 6242SRF8Y (B1)16 (32)2.80 GHz3.90 GHz16 x 1 MB22 MB150W3 UPIApril 2, 2019CD8069504194101


Xeon Gold 6240YSRF9D (B1)18 (36)2.60 GHz3.90 GHz18 x 1 MB25 MB150WCD8069504200501$2,726
Xeon Gold 6240RSRGZ8 (B1)24 (48)2.40 GHz4.00 GHz36 MB165W2 UPIFebruary 24, 2020CD8069504448600


Xeon Gold 6240MSRFPZ (B1)18 (36)2.60 GHz3.90 GHz18 x 1 MB25 MB150W3 UPIQ2, 2019CD8069504284403$5,448
Xeon Gold 6240LSRFQ0 (B1)CD8069504284503$10,342
Xeon Gold 6240SRF8W (B1)April 2, 2019CD8069504194001


Xeon Gold 6238RSRGZ9 (B1)28 (56)2.20 GHz4.00 GHz39 MB165W2 UPIFebruary 24, 2020CD8069504448701


Xeon Gold 6238TSRF9C (B1)22 (44)1.90 GHz3.70 GHz22 x 1 MB30 MB125W3 UPIApril 2, 2019CD8069504200401$2,742
Xeon Gold 6238MSRFQ1 (B1)2.10 GHz3.70 GHz140WQ2, 2019CD8069504284604$5,615
Xeon Gold 6238LSRFQ2 (B1)CD8069504284704$10,510
Xeon Gold 6238SRFPL (B1)CD8069504283104


Xeon Gold 6234SRFPN (B1)8 (16)3.30 GHz4.00 GHz8 x 1 MB25 MB130WCD8069504283304


Xeon Gold 6230TSRFPS (B1)20 (40)2.10 GHz3.90 GHz20 x 1 MB28 MB125WCD8069504283704$1,988
Xeon Gold 6230RSRGZA (B1)26 (52)2.10 GHz4.00 GHz36 MB150W2 UPIFebruary 24, 2020CD8069504448800


Xeon Gold 6230NSRFPR (B1)20 (40)2.30 GHz3.90 GHz20 x 1 MB28 MB125W3 UPIQ2, 2019CD8069504202700$2,046
Xeon Gold 6230SRF81 (B1)2.10 GHzApril 2, 2019CD8069504193701


Xeon Gold 6226RSRGZC (B1)16 (32)2.90 GHz3.90 GHz22 MB150W2 UPIFebruary 24, 2020CD8069504449000


Xeon Gold 6226SRFPP (B1)12 (24)2.70 GHz3.70 GHz12 x 1 MB19 MB125W3 UPIQ2, 2019CD8069504283404$1,776
Xeon Gold 6222VSRFQ5 (B1)20 (40)1.80 GHz3.60 GHz20 x 1 MB28 MB115W6 x DDR4-2400CD8069504285204$1,600
Xeon Gold 62222 UPIQ2, 2019
Xeon Gold 6208USRGZD (B1)16 (32)2.90 GHz3.90 GHz22 MB150WN/A6 x DDR4-2933February 24, 2020CD8069504449101$989

Xeon Gold 5200 Series

Bolded denotes new SKUs released February 24, 2020. [14]

Model numbersSpec numberCores (threads)FrequencyTurbo BoostL2 CacheL3 CacheTDPSocketI/O BusMemoryOptane Memory supportedRelease datePart number(s)Release price
Xeon Gold 5222SRF8V (B1)4 (8)3.80 GHz3.90 GHz4 x 1 MB17 MB105WLGA36472 UPI6 x DDR4-2933YesApril 2, 2019CD8069504193501$1,221
Xeon Gold 5220TSRFPK (B1)18 (36)1.90 GHz3.90 GHz18 x 1 MB25 MB105W6 x DDR4-2666Q2, 2019CD8069504283006$1,727
Xeon Gold 5220RSRGZP (B1)24 (48)2.20 GHz4.00 GHz36 MB150WFebruary 24, 2020CD8069504451301


Xeon Gold 5220SSRFPT (B1)18 (36)2.70 GHz3.90 GHz18 x 1 MB25 MB125WQ2, 2019CD8069504283804$2,000
Xeon Gold 5220SRFBJ (L1)2.20 GHz125WApril 2, 2019CD8069504214601


Xeon Gold 5218TSRFPM (B1)16 (32)2.10 GHz3.80 GHz16 x 1 MB22 MB105WQ2, 2019CD8069504283204$1,349
Xeon Gold 5218RSRGZ7 (B1)20 (40)2.10 GHz4.00 GHz28 MB125WFebruary 24, 2020CD8069504446300


Xeon Gold 5218NSRFD9 (L1)16 (32)2.30 GHz3.70 GHz16 x 1 MB22 MB105WApril 2, 2019CD8069504289900$1,375
Xeon Gold 5218BSRFDJ (L1)3.90 GHz125WCD8069504295701$1,273
Xeon Gold 5218SRF8T (B1)3.90 GHz125WCD8069504193301


Xeon Gold 5217SRFBF (L1)8 (16)3.00 GHz3.70 GHz8 x 1 MB11 MB115WCD8069504214302$1,522
Xeon Gold 5215MSRFBD (L1)10 (20)2.50 GHz3.40 GHz10 x 1 MB14 MB85WCD8069504214102$4,224
Xeon Gold 5215LSRFBE (L1)14 MBCD8069504214202$9,119
Xeon Gold 5215SRFBC (L1)13.75 MBCD8069504214002$1,221

Xeon Silver series

Bolded denotes new SKUs released February 24, 2020. [14]

Model numbersSpec numberCores (threads)FrequencyTurbo BoostL2 CacheL3 CacheTDPSocketI/O BusMemoryOptane Memory supportedRelease datePart number(s)Release price
Xeon Silver 4216SRFBB (L1)16 (32)2.10 GHz3.20 GHz16 x 1 MB22 MB100WLGA36472 UPI6 x DDR4-2400NoApril 2, 2019CD8069504213901


Xeon Silver 4215RSRGZE (B1)8 (16)3.20 GHz4.00 GHz11 MB130WYesFebruary 24, 2020CD8069504449200$794
Xeon Silver 4215SRFBA (L1)2.50 GHz3.50 GHz8 x 1 MB85WApril 2, 2019CD8069504212701$794
Xeon Silver 4214YSRFDG (L1)12 (24)2.20 GHz3.20 GHz12 x 1 MB17 MB85WNoCD8069504294401$768
Xeon Silver 4214RSRG1W (L1)2.40 GHz3.50 GHz100WFebruary 24, 2020CD8069504343701


Xeon Silver 4214SRFB9 (L1)2.20 GHz3.20 GHz12 x 1 MB85WApril 2, 2019CD8069504212601


Xeon Silver 4210TSRGYH (R1)10 (20)2.30 GHz3.20 GHz14 MB95WFebruary 24, 2020CD8069504444900$555
Xeon Silver 4210RSRG24 (R1)2.40 GHz100WCD8069504344500


Xeon Silver 4210SRFBL (R1)2.20 GHz10 x 1 MB85WApril 2, 2019CD8069503956302


Xeon Silver 4209TSRFBQ (R1)8 (16)2.20 GHz3.20 GHz8 x 1 MB11 MB70WCD8069503956900$501
Xeon Silver 4208SRFBM (R1)8 (16)2.10 GHz3.20 GHz8 x 1 MB11 MB85WCD8069503956401



Xeon Bronze series

Bolded denotes new SKUs released February 24, 2020. [14]

Model numbersSpec numberCores (threads)FrequencyTurbo BoostL2 CacheL3 CacheTDPSocketI/O BusMemoryOptane Memory supportedRelease datePart number(s)Release price
Xeon Bronze 3206RSRG25 (R1)8 (8)1.90 GHzN/A11 MB85WLGA36472 UPI6 x DDR4-2133NoFebruary 24, 2020CD8069504344600


Xeon Bronze 3204SRFBP (R1)6 (6)6 x 1 MB8.25 MBApril 2, 2019CD8069503956700



Cascade Lake-W (Workstation)

Xeon W-2200 series

Model numbersSpec numberCores


Frequency Turbo Boost Turbo Boost Max 3.0L2 CacheL3

cache (MiB)

I/O BusMemoryTDPSocketRelease


Part number(s)Price


Xeon W-2223 SRGSX (L1)4 (8)3.6 GHz3.9 GHzN/A8.25N/A4 x DDR4-2666120 W LGA2066 Q4'19CD8069504394701


Xeon W-2225 SRH03 (L1)4.1 GHz4.6 GHz4 x DDR4-2933105 WCD8069504394102$444
Xeon W-2235 SRGVA (L1)6 (12)3.8 GHz130 WCD8069504439102


Xeon W-2245 SRH02 (L1)8 (16)3.9 GHz4.5 GHz4.7 GHz16.5155 WCD8069504393801$667
Xeon W-2255 SRGV8 (L1)10 (20)3.7 GHz19.25165 WCD8069504393600$778
Xeon W-2265 SRGSQ (L1)12 (24)3.5 GHz4.6 GHz4.8 GHzCD8069504393400$944
Xeon W-2275 SRGSP (L1)14 (28)3.3 GHzCD8069504393300$1112
Xeon W-2295 SRGSL (L1)18 (36)3.0 GHz24.75CD8069504393000$1333

Xeon W-3200 series

Model numbersSpec numberCores (threads)FrequencyTurbo BoostTurbo Boost Max 3.0L3 Cache, MiBTDPSocketMemoryRelease datePart number(s)Release price
Xeon W-3223SRFFG (B1)8 (16)3.50 GHz4.00 GHz4.20 GHz16.5160WLGA36476 x DDR4-2666Q2 2019CD8069504248402$749
Xeon W-3225SRFFB (B1)3.70 GHz4.30 GHz4.40 GHzCD8069504152705$1,199
Xeon W-3235SRFFC (B1)12 (24)3.30 GHz4.40 GHz4.50 GHz19.25180W6 x DDR4-2933CD8069504152802$1,398
Xeon W-3245SRFFD (B1)16 (32)3.20 GHz4.40 GHz4.60 GHz22205WCD8069504152900$1,999
Xeon W-3245MSRFFH (B1)CD8069504248501$5,002
Xeon W-3265SRFFE (B1)24 (48)2.70 GHz4.40 GHz4.60 GHz33CD8069504153002$3,349
Xeon W-3265MSRFFJ (B1)CD8069504248601$6,353
Xeon W-3275SRFFF (B1)28 (56)2.50 GHz4.40 GHz4.60 GHz38.5CD8069504153101$4,449
Xeon W-3275MSRFFK (B1)CD8069504248702$7,453

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