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Cecil Wilfred Wilson (10 May 1875 – c.13 August 1937) was an Anglican bishop, the second Bishop of Middleton from 1932 until 1937. [1]

Educated at Norwich School and Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, [2] he was Vicar of St James's, Holloway, [3] then St Mary's, Swansea (where he was also a Canon of Brecon Cathedral) and finally Archdeacon of Bradford. During his last year before ascending to the Episcopate he was also the inaugural Provost of Bradford Cathedral. A prominent Freemason, [4] he had a "sympathetic understanding of the poor". [5]

The bishop was discovered dead at home by his son-in-law on 16 August, after returning the prior Thursday, 12 August, from a lengthy vacation with his family, who had remained behind. [5] Milk delivered that Thursday had been brought into the house but not milk left the next day. He had recently complained of heart problems. [6]

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