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Cerulean Tower
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Cerulean Tower
General information
Location Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Coordinates 35°39′23″N139°41′58″E / 35.65647°N 139.69947°E / 35.65647; 139.69947 Coordinates: 35°39′23″N139°41′58″E / 35.65647°N 139.69947°E / 35.65647; 139.69947
Roof184 m (604 ft)
Technical details
Floor count47
Design and construction
Developer Tokyu Construction

The Cerulean Tower (セルリアンタワー, Serurian Tawā) is a skyscraper in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. It was completed in 2001, and was built using empty lots formerly occupied by the headquarters of Tokyu Corporation. It is 184 metres tall and has 41 floors as well as 6 underground floors. The building covers a total ground area of 106,000 m². It was the tallest building in the Shibuya station area until the opening of Shibuya Scramble Square in 2019.


The two main materials used in the building's construction were glass and steel.

The Tower has both office space and a hotel, the Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel.

View over Shibuya from 34F of Cerulean Tower CeruleanTowerTokyuHotelview.jpg
View over Shibuya from 34F of Cerulean Tower

Floor directory

Roof40F (40th floor) Wheelchair symbol.svg 39F (39th floor) Wheelchair symbol.svg 38F (38th floor) Wheelchair symbol.svg
Heliport (emergency use)Tower's Restaurant & BarTower's SalonResidential floor
19F - 37F (19th - 37th floors) Wheelchair symbol.svg 4F - 16F (4th - 16th floors) Wheelchair symbol.svg 3F (3rd floor) Wheelchair symbol.svg 2F (2nd floor)
Guest Rooms (414)OfficesIndoor pool, Fitness, Esthetique, Kid's Room, Teeth Care SalonJapanese and Chinese Restaurant
Italian Restaurant
Jazz Club
LBF (Lobby floor) Wheelchair symbol.svg B1F (Basement floor) Wheelchair symbol.svg B2F (2nd Basement floor) Wheelchair symbol.svg B3F (3rd Basement floor) Wheelchair symbol.svg B4F (4th Basement floor) Wheelchair symbol.svg
Lobby, Coffee Shop, Garden Lounge, ChurchSmall Banquet RoomsBanquet Rooms

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