Chaharikar District

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Beside the Golbahar River
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Location in Afghanistan
Coordinates: 34°56′52″N69°18′42″E / 34.9477°N 69.3116°E / 34.9477; 69.3116 Coordinates: 34°56′52″N69°18′42″E / 34.9477°N 69.3116°E / 34.9477; 69.3116
Country Afghanistan
Province Parwan Province
Capital Charikar
Time zone UTC+4:30
Control Flag of Afghanistan.svg Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Charikar District in the Parwan Province map Parvan districts.png
Charikar District in the Parwan Province map

Charikar District (ولسوالی چارکار) is a district of Parwan Province, Afghanistan. The capital city of Charikar District is Charikar. The population in 2019 was estimated to be 198,306. [1]

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Bagram Town in Parwan Province, Afghanistan

Bagram is a town and seat in Bagram District in Parwan Province of Afghanistan, about 60 kilometers north of the capital Kabul. It is the site of an ancient city located at the junction of the Ghorband and Panjshir Valley, near today's city of Charikar, Afghanistan. The location of this historical town made it a key passage from Ancient India along the Silk Road, leading westwards through the mountains towards Bamiyan, and north over the Kushan Pass to the Baghlan Valley and past the Kushan archeological site at Surkh Kotal, to the commercial centre of Balkh and the rest of northern Afghanistan.

Parwan Province Province of Afghanistan

Parwān, also spelled Parvān, is one of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan. It has a population of about 751,000. The province is multi-ethnic and mostly a rural society. The province is divided into ten districts. The town of Charikar serves as the provincial capital. The province is located north of Kabul Province and south of Baghlan Province, west of Panjshir Province and Kapisa Province, and east of Wardak Province and Bamyan Province.

Maidan Wardak Province Province of Afghanistan

Maidan Wardak Province, also called Maidan Wardag or Wardak, is one of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan, located in the central region of Afghanistan. It is divided into eight districts and has a population of approximately 671,817. The capital of the province is Maidan Shar, while the most populous district in the province is Saydabad District.

Panjshir Province Province of Afghanistan

Panjshir is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan, located in the northeastern part of the country containing the Panjshir Valley. The province is divided into seven districts and contains 512 villages. As of 2021, the population of Panjshir province was about 173,000. Bazarak serves as the provincial capital.

Salang Pass

The Salang Pass is currently the primary mountain pass connecting northern Afghanistan with Parwan Province, with onward connections to Kabul Province, southern Afghanistan, and to the Pakistani province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Located on the border of Parwan Province and Baghlan Province, it is just to the East of the Kushan Pass, and both of them were of great importance in early times as they provided the most direct connections between the Kabul region with northern Afghanistan or Tokharistan. The Salang River originates nearby and flows south.

Panjshir Valley Natural formation in Afghanistan

The Panjshir Valley is a valley in north-central Afghanistan, 150 kilometres (93 mi) north of Kabul, near the Hindu Kush mountain range. It is divided by the Panjshir River. The valley is home to more than 100,000 people, including Afghanistan's largest concentration of ethnic Tajiks. In April 2004, it became the heart of the new Panjshir Province, having previously been part of Parwan Province.

Charikar City in Parwan Province, Afghanistan

Charikar is the main town of the Koh Daman Valley and the capital of Parwan Province in northern Afghanistan. It has a population of around 171,200, which is majority Tajik populated.

Parwan University

Parwan University is located in Charikar, capital of Parwan province, central Afghanistan. It was established in 2006. Parwan university has faculties of Economics, Agriculture and Education.

Shinwar District

Shinwar is a district in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan. It is on the main highway from Jalalabad to the Torkham border crossing. Its population, which is 100% Pashtun, was estimated at 40,147 in 2002, of whom 16,000 were children under 12. The district is within the heartland of the Shinwari tribe of Pashtuns. The district centre is the village of Shinwar.

Puli Hisar District District in Baghlan Province, Afghanistan

Puli Hisar or Pul-e-Hesar is a district in Baghlan Province, Afghanistan.

Dawlat Shah District is located approximately 74 km from Mehterlam, the provincial centre of Laghman Province in Afghanistan. It is a mountainous district and borders Nuristan Province to the North and North-East, Alingar District to the East, Alishing District to the South and Kapisa and Parwan provinces to the West. The population is 36,950 (2019) - 50% Tajik, 40% Pashai and 10% Pashtun. It has 60 villages. The district center is the village of Dawlat Shah, located on 34.9528°N 70.07°E at 1583 m altitude in the Hindukush mountains in the valley of the Alishing river. On 20 May 2021 it was captured by Taliban.

Jabal Saraj District District in Parwan Province, Afghanistan

Jabal Sarāj or Jabal al-Sirāj is a district of Parwan Province located north of the capital Kabul, Afghanistan. Located near Charikar, Gulbahar and the Salang Pass, it is surrounded by the high peaks of mountains. During summer, people from Kabul and other provinces come to Jabal Saraj for vacation. The capital is the town of Jabal Saraj.

Panjshir River River in northeast Afghanistan

The Panjshir River flows through the Panjshir Valley in northeastern Afghanistan, 150 kilometres (93 mi) north of Kabul. Its main tributary is the Ghorband River which flows from the Parwan Province and joins the Panjshir River 10 km east of Charikar in Bagram District. The Panjshir River takes its source near the Anjuman Pass and flows southward through the Hindu Kush and joins the Kabul River at the town of Surobi. A dam was built on the Panjshir River near Surobi in the 1950s to supply water from the Panjshir River to the Kabul River. There is just one permanent bridge on the Panjshir River that provides access to the Bagram Airport. On 12 July 2018, there was a flood in Panjshir Valley in which ten people were killed.

Ghorband River

The Ghorband River is a river of Afghanistan, flowing through Parwan Province. It is a tributary of the Panjshir River, then a sub-tributary of the Indus River, then the Kabul River.

Abdul Basir Salangi Afghan politician

Abdul Basir Salangi or Abdul Baseer Salangi, born on 8 August 1962 in Parwan, is the ethnic Tajik current Governor of Farah province in Afghanistan, and was a commander in the Afghan Civil War, aligned with Jamiat-e Islami and Ahmad Shah Massoud. Additionally, he was chief of Kabul after the fall of the Taliban until he was replaced by General Baba Jan after being indicted in the Shinpur scandal.

Ghorband District District in Parwan Province, Afghanistan

Ghorband District, also known as Syagird District after its main town, is a district of Parwan Province, Afghanistan. Ghorband is located in the southern foothills of Hindu Kush and forms the western boundary of the ancient valley of Koh Daman. It is located 50 km from Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. The capital lies at the town of Siah Gerd. It is the largest district of the province, covering an area of 899 square kilometres with a population of 74,123 as of 2003. The Ghorband River flows through the district. It contains 58 Community Development Councils and 109 villages.

Salang District District in Parwan Province, Afghanistan

Salang District is a district of Parwan Province, Afghanistan. It is located to the southern end of the Salang Tunnel. The estimated population in 2019 was 28,856.

Shinwari District District in Parwan Province, Afghanistan

Shinwari District is a district of Parwan Province, Afghanistan. The district is within the heartland of the Shinwari tribe of Pashtuns. The estimated population in 2019 was 45,699.

Salang mountains

Salang mountains are found in Parwan Province and Baghlan Province in northeastern Afghanistan.

2020 Afghanistan flood floods in Afghanistan

A series of flash floods occurred in Afghanistan in June 2020. They were caused by torrential rain in Charikar, Parwan Province. The flood killed at least 190 people and injured 250 others, and destroyed hundreds of houses. The Ministry of Disaster Management has also reported some casualties and destruction of infrastructure in the provinces of Kapisa, Maidan Wardak, Nangarhar, Panjshir, and Paktia.


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