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Chak Wardak

چک وردک
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Chak Wardak
Location in Afghanistan
Coordinates: 34°06′30.80″N68°34′47.19″E / 34.1085556°N 68.5797750°E / 34.1085556; 68.5797750 Coordinates: 34°06′30.80″N68°34′47.19″E / 34.1085556°N 68.5797750°E / 34.1085556; 68.5797750
CountryFlag of Afghanistan.svg  Afghanistan
Province Wardak Province
Time zone + 4.30
Wardak Vase and coins in the British Museum Wardakvase-BM.JPG
Wardak Vase and coins in the British Museum

Chak Wardak (Dari : چک وردک, also known as Chak) is a district in the south of Wardak Province, Afghanistan. Its population was estimated at 83,376 in 2005, the last year for which figures are available. The district centre is the village of Chak Wardak.


The district is within the heartland of the Wardak tribe of Pashtuns. [1]


Outside Chak Wardak there are many ancient Buddhist remains, including a fortified monastery and six stupas, one of which contained a bronze vase with a Kharoshthi inscription that held 61 Kushan coins, which is now in the British Museum's collection. [2]

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Logar River is a river of Afghanistan. It gives the name to the Logar Valley and Logar Province. In Maidan Wardak Province where the river originates, it is called Chak River. The Chaki Wardak Dam is built on the river in Chaki Wardak District, Maidan Wardak Province.

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Khanewal, is a subdivision (tehsil) of Khanewal District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is administratively subdivided into 25 Union Councils, six of which form the tehsil capital Khanewal.

The Mahabbat Khel or Muhabbat Khel or Mohabbat khel or Muhabbat kheyl are Pashtun of Allai. They belonged originally to the Yousufzai tribe, but in Mansehra and Allai the Khel is known as a Swati tribe, because of their invaded from Swat and Afghanistan wardak-kabol.

The Wardak or Wardag live in central and eastern Afghanistan, mainly in Wardak Province. The Wardak people are divided into Mirkhel, Mayar, and Nuri sub-clans. The Wardak live in all of the province's districts, and form the majority of people in the Saydabad, Chak Wardak, Jaghatu, and Day Mirdad (Jilga) districts of central and southern Wardak. They speak the Pashto language and many also speak Dari-Persian Both are the official languages of Afghanistan.

Chaki Wardak Dam Dam in Chaki Wardak District, Wardak Province, Afghanistan

The Chaki Wardak Dam, or simply the Chak Dam, is a dam near the Chak district center in Chaki Wardak District, Wardak Province, Afghanistan. It was originally built by Germans in 1938, making it the oldest major dam in the country. It regulates flow of the Logar River, helping provide irrigation water in Chak Valley.

Wardak Vase

The Wardak Vase is the name of an ancient globular-shaped buddhist copper vase that was found as part of a stupa relic deposit in the early nineteenth century near Chaki Wardak in Wardak Province, Afghanistan. The importance of the vase lies in the long Kharoshthi inscription, which claims that the stupa contained the relics of the Buddha. Since 1880, the vase has been part of the British Museum's Asian collection.

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Chak-i Wardak or simply Chak is a city along the Logar River in Maidan Wardak Province, central Afghanistan. It is the administrative center of Chaki Wardak District. The Chaki Wardak Dam is located nearby.

Chak Guru Village in Punjab, India

Chak Guru is a village in Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar district of Punjab State, India. It is located 9.2 kilometres (5.7 mi) away from Garhshankar, 17.6 kilometres (10.9 mi) from Balachaur, 17 kilometres (11 mi) from district headquarter Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar and 87 kilometres (54 mi) from state capital Chandigarh. The village is administrated by Sarpanch an elected representative of the village.


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