Chamber of Deputies of Chile

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Chamber of Deputies

Cámara de Diputadas y Diputados
56th National Congress
Camara de Diputadas y Diputados de Chile.png
Raúl Soto, PPD
since 11 March 2022
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Political groups
Government (67)
  • Apruebo Dignidad (37)
    •   PCCh (12)
    •   CS (10)
    •   RD (7)
    •   Commons (6)
    •   FREVS (2)
  • Democratic Socialism (30) [1]

Opposition (68)

Others (20)

Length of term
4 years
Open list proportional representation through the D'Hondt method with no threshold in multi-seat constituencies
Last election
21 November 2021
Meeting place
Ministro Prokurica en la Camara de Diputados (50664794556).jpg
Chamber of Deputies
National Congress of Chile

Coordinates: 33°02′52″S71°36′21″W / 33.04778°S 71.60583°W / -33.04778; -71.60583


The Chamber of Deputies (Spanish: Cámara de Diputadas y Diputados) [lower-alpha 1] is the lower house of Chile's bicameral Congress. Its organisation and its powers and duties are defined in articles 42 to 59 of Chile's current constitution.


Deputies must: be aged at least 21; not be disqualified from voting; have finished secondary school or its equivalent; and have lived in the corresponding electoral district for at least two years prior to the election.

Electoral system

Since 2017, Chile's congress has been elected through open list proportional representation under the D'Hondt method.

Before 2017, a unique binomial system was used. These system rewards coalition slates. Each coalition could run two candidates for each electoral district's two Chamber seats. Typically, the two largest coalitions in a district divided the seats, one each, among themselves. Only if the leading coalition ticket out-polls the second-place coalition by a margin of more than two-to-one did the winning coalition gain both seats. with seats allocated using the simple quotient. The Chamber of Deputies meets in Chile's National Congress located in the port city of Valparaíso, some 120 km west of the capital, Santiago. The Congress building in Valparaíso replaced the old National Congress, located in downtown Santiago, in 1990

President of the Chamber

On 11 March 2022, it was agreed that the Presidency of the Chilean Chamber of Deputies would rotate between Raúl Soto (PPD), Karol Cariola (PC), Miguel Ángel Calisto (DC), Yovana Ahumada (PDG), the Broad Front (FA) and Vlado Mirosevic (PL). [2] Likewise, the first and second vice-presidencies were assigned to people who are members of the PR, FA, PS, PC, DC and PPD. [2]

Political composition (2022-2026)

Current party representation in the Chamber of Deputies
Parliamentary Group [lower-alpha 2] [lower-alpha 3] LeaderSeats [lower-alpha 4] Seat SharePolitical positionIdeology
Chile Vamos 5334.19%
  National Renewal Francisco Chahuán 2516.13% Centre-right to Right-wing Conservatism
  Independent Democratic Union Javier Macaya 2314.84% Right-wing Social conservatism, Gremialism, Nationalism
  Political Evolution Andrés Molina 42.58% Centre-right Classical liberalism
  Democratic Independent Regionalist Party Rodrigo Caramori10.58% Centre-right Regionalism
Apruebo Dignidad 3723.87%
  Communist Party of Chile Guillermo Teillier 127.74% Left-wing to far-left Communism
  Social Convergence Alondra Arellano106.45% Left-wing Libertarian socialism, Autonomism
  Democratic Revolution Margarita Portuguez74.52% Centre-left to Left-wing Social democracy, Democratic Socialism
  Commons Jorge Ramírez63.87% Left-wing Socialism of the 21st century, Autonomism
  Social Green Regionalist Federation Jaime Mulet 21.29% Centre-left to Left-wing Regionalism, Green politics
Democratic Socialism 3019.35%
  Socialist Party of Chile Álvaro Elizalde 138.39% Centre-left Social democracy
  Party for Democracy Natalia Piergentili95.81% Centre-left Social democracy, Third Way
  Radical Party of Chile Carlos Maldonado 42.58% Centre to Centre-left Radicalism, Third Way
  Liberal Party Patricio Morales42.58% Centre-left Social liberalism
Christian Social Front 159.68%
  Republican Party José Antonio Kast 149.03% Far-right National conservatism
  Christian Conservative Party Antaris Varela 10.65% Far-right National conservatism, Social conservatism, Christian right
  Christian Democratic Party Yasna Provoste 85.16% Centre to Centre-left Christian democracy, Third Way
  Party of the People Franco Parisi 74.52% Centre-right to Right-wing Right-wing populism
  Humanist Party Octavio González31.94% Left-wing Universal humanism, Libertarian socialism
  Green Ecologist Party Félix González Gatica21.29% Centre-left to Left-wing Green politics




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  1. In Spanish, the Chamber's name includes both 'Diputadas' (female Deputies) and 'Diputados' (male Deputies), which in English is just translated to the gender-neutral 'Deputies'.
  2. Party name and leaders current as of 15 March 2022
  3. Parliamentary groups does not necessarily represent membership in political parties, but the internal organisation of the congress
  4. Seat numbers current as of 15 March 2022

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