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Chang Shan-chwen
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Known forMedical researcher and academic administrator
Scientific career
Institutions National Taiwan University and Hospital
Central Epidemic Command Center
Website Chang's Faculty Page at National Taiwan University.

Chang Shan-chwen (Chinese :張上淳) is a Taiwanese medical researcher and academic administrator. He convenes the advisory specialist panel of the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC), which is associated with the Centers for Disease Control in Taiwan. [1] Chang Shan-chwen is vice president of National Taiwan University and professor of medicine in the university's medical college. [2]


Academic background

Chang has previously held posts including chief of the Division of Infection, Immunology and Rheumatology within the Department of Internal Medicine at National Taiwan University Hospital; and dean of the National Taiwan University College of Medicine.[ citation needed ]

COVID-19 pandemic in Taiwan

Chang regularly attended press conferences to provide updates about the coronavirus in Taiwan. [3] He says that of the current confirmed cases in Taiwan, the symptoms are mainly fever, respiratory symptoms, and loss of olfactory taste. [4]

He noted that the two groups most susceptible to coronavirus are students and members of tour groups. [5] He has also said there has been an increasing numbers of confirmed COVID-19 infected patients with diarrhoea. [6] He has noted that the CECC decided to expand screening to patients with pneumonia – hoping to detect those infected with COVID-19 more quickly and before they infect others. [7] In March 2020, Chang helped to investigate one particularly mysterious domestic case of COVID-19. [8]

Chang responded to questions about links between smoking and susceptibility to symptoms of the coronavirus, saying it is too early to draw conclusions. [9] He has also pointed out that his colleagues have been communicating with The World Health Organization (WHO), which is taking a great interest in how Taiwan is dealing so effectively with the coronavirus. [10]

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