Channel A (TV series)

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Channel A
Genre J-ENT/Music/Variety show/Broadcast syndication
Created by Avex and East/Television Kanagawa
Developed by Avex and East
Directed byKatsuaki Watanabe
Gurei Okudaira
Presented by Avex and East, Television Kanagawa
Starring Ryo Fukawa (MC)
Mika Mifune (MC)
All Avex Group domestic artists
Narrated byJunichi Mogi
Marika Matsumoto
Ichirō Nagai
Yumiko Kobayashi (also voiced the official character A-chan (aチャン)
Country of originJapan
Original languageJapanese
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes573
ProducersDaisuke Sakuma
Yuji Onishi
Production locations Tokyo, Japan
EditorsKei Ishimoto
Seki Hajime
Sen Sugiyama
Running time10:00 - 10:54 pm (every Thursday)
Original network Television Kanagawa (see Stations)
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Original releaseOctober 1, 1998 (Season 1) 
September 24, 2009 (Season 3)
Preceded byLIVE Y (1998)
Mutoma Japan (2004)
みんなが出るテレビ~ヨコハマ開放区~ (2007)
Followed byみんなが出るテレビ~ヨコハマ開放区~ (2004)
Saku Saku (2007)
Love or Bread (2009)
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Channel A is a Japanese musical variety show produced by Avex and East and Television Kanagawa.



Channel A (チャンネル エー) (stylized as channel a) started on October 1, 1998 at 10:00 pm as a 54-minute show. Hosted by Ryo Fukawa and Mika Mifune, it promised a change on Japanese TV programming through segments and documentaries about music, artists, songs and everything about music and entertainment.

The program lasted for three seasons:

Its last episode (573rd) was on September 24, 2009.

Special episode

A special episode for Channel A's 10th anniversary, "The First and Last Big Omnibus Special!~10 Years Between Ratings and Thanks~" (最初で最後の大総集編スペシャル!〰10年間ありがとうございました〰) was shown last September 3, 2009.


Because it is produced by Avex Group, Channel A is always interspersed with television commercials (TVCM) from the company.



This is a list of stations where Channel A was telecast.

Kanagawa tvk JAITS
Hokkaidō HTB ANN
Aomori ABA ANN
Miyagi KHB ANN
Yamagata TV-U JNN
Fukushima KFB ANN
Saitama TV Saitama JAITS
Tokyo Tokyo MX JAITS
Niigata UX ANN
Nagano SBC JNN
Shizuoka SBS JNN
Ishikawa HAB ANN
Aichi (Nagoya) Metele ANN
Tottori/Shimane NKT NNN,NNS
Okayama/Kagawa OHK FNN, FNS
Hiroshima RCC JNN
Yamaguchi yab ANN
Ehime eat ANN
Fukuoka TVQ TXN
Nagasaki NBC JNN
Kumamoto KAB ANN
Kagoshima KTS FNN,FNS
Okinawa RBC JNN

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