Charles Brandon, 3rd Duke of Suffolk

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  1. Weir, Alison (1992), The Six Wives of Henry VIII, Grove Press, ISBN   9780802114976, It was obvious by early October that the birth was imminent, and the courtiers were telling each other to 'look daily for a prince'. The King was so certain that his child would be a boy that he gave orders for a Garter Stall to be made ready in St George's Chapel for 'the Prince hoped for in due season'. On 7 October, as the Queen showed no signs of going into labour, the Lady Mary went briefly back to Hunsdon to attend the christening of the child of one of her tenants; when she returned, Jane was still up and about. In Leicestershire, at Bradgate Manor, the King's niece, Frances Brandon, Marchioness of Dorset, gave birth to a baby girl and named her after the Queen; this child grew up to be the ill-fated Lady Jane Grey, who would lose her head before her seventeenth birthday. And in London, the young Duchess of Suffolk bore a healthy son.
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The Duke of Suffolk
Hans Holbein the Younger - Charles Brandon (Royal Collection).JPG
Charles Brandon, portrait miniature by Hans Holbein the Younger, 1541
Duke of Suffolk
In office
14 July 1551 14 July 1551
Peerage of England
Preceded by Duke of Suffolk