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Chaumette is a French surname. Notable people with the surname include:

François Chaumette (1923–1996) was a French actor.

Franois Chaumette is an electrical engineer at the Inria Rennes Bretagne Atlantique (IRISA) in Rennes, France. Chaumette was named a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) in 2013 for his contributions to vision-based robot control.

Monique Chaumette is a French actress. She appeared in more than forty films since 1958. She was married to Philippe Noiret from 1962 until his death in 2006.

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Pierre Gaspard Chaumette French politician

Pierre Gaspard Chaumette was a French politician of the Revolutionary period.

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Jean-Nicolas Pache was a French politician who served as Mayor of Paris from 1793 to 1794.

Jean-Baptiste-Joseph Gobel Catholic Constitutional Archbishop of Paris

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The Cult of Reason was France's first established state-sponsored atheistic religion, intended as a replacement for Roman Catholicism during the French Revolution. It also rivaled Robespierre's Cult of the Supreme Being.

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Antoine Simon was a shoemaker at Rue des Cordeliers in Paris and a member of the Club of the Cordeliers, representative of the Paris Commune. He was born in Troyes France to François Simon and Marie-Jeanne Adenet. On 3 July 1793, Simon was designated to watch over Louis XVII at the Temple. On 19 January 1794, Simon was removed from his position and left the Temple in company of his wife. On 28 July 1794, Simon was among the 21 to be sent to the guillotine together with Robespierre at the Place de la Révolution, today's Place de la Concorde, in Paris, in an execution which marked the end of the Terror.

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Thérèse Étienne is a 1958 French-Italian drama film directed by Denys de La Patellière, and starring James Robertson Justice, Françoise Arnoul, and Pierre Vaneck. It was based on a novel by John Knittel. A young French woman marries an elderly businessman, but soon becomes involved with his son.

<i>Masks</i> (1987 film) 1987 film by Claude Chabrol

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Dana Fontaine Miller, known as Rick Miller, is a retired military officer and a businessman from Sugar Land in suburban Houston, Texas, who has been since 2013 a Republican member of the Texas House of Representatives from District 26, based in Fort Bend County. From 2007 to 2011, Miller was the chairman of the Fort Bend County Republican Party.

<i>Le désordre et la nuit</i> 1958 film by Gilles Grangier

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Beatrice is a 1987 French-Italian historical drama film directed by Bertrand Tavernier and starring Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu, Julie Delpy and Nils Tavernier.

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<i>Burning Fuse</i> 1957 French-Italian film directed by Henri Decoin

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