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Chavakkad beach
Coordinates: 10°32′N76°03′E / 10.53°N 76.05°E / 10.53; 76.05
CountryFlag of India.svg India
State Kerala
District Thrissur
14 m (46 ft)
  Official Malayalam, English
Time zone UTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code+91487
Vehicle registration KL 46
A political rally in Chavakkad Chavakkad.1.jpg
A political rally in Chavakkad

Chavakkad, formerly Chowghat, is a municipality in the Thrissur district of the Indian state of Kerala. Chavakkad is noted for its beach and fishing. [1] It lies on National Highway 66 is located about 75 km (47 mi) north of the city of Kochi, 25 km (16 mi) northwest of Thrissur, and 24 km (15 mi) south of Ponnani.



Chavakkad (Koottungal) is famous for its communal harmony and diversity among people. The famous Manathala Juma Masjid situated in Chavakked. St. Thomas Church which is founded by St. Thomas the Apostle in 52 AD is situated at Palayoor, Chavakkad is believed to be the first church in South Asia. Manathala Vishwanatha temple is another landmark in Chavakkad. Koottungalangadi is famous for trade in the earlier era. The town's anglicized name was Chowghat. It was renamed Chavakkad in the early 1970s, much earlier than other towns and cities in Kerala were renamed.


Catching fish Chavakkad2.jpg
Catching fish

As of 2001 India census, [2] Chavakkad had a population of 38,138. Males constitute 46% of the population and females 54%. Chavakkad has an average literacy rate of 81%, higher than the national average of 59.5%; with male literacy of 83% and female literacy of 79%. 11% of the population is under 6 years of age.


The Chavakkad Panchayath was established in 1918. Later on 1 October 1978, the Panchayat was upgraded to the status of a Municipality with an area of 12.41 km2 and is divided into 27 electoral wards. In 2010, the electoral wards were increased to 29. [3] The municipality has a total population of 37,789 and a density of 3,045 per km2. Chavakkad is a Grade-III Municipality and the headquarters of the Chavakkad Taluk. [4] Chavakkad houses the Judicial First Class Magistrate Court and Munsif Courts. [5] It also has a Sub Jail. [6]


Chavakkad educational district has 93 high schools, three special schools, one Kalamandalam arts school, two schools for the deaf, and a fisheries’ school. Kadappuram Government Higher Secondary School, M.R.R.M.H.S, St Joseph's School, I.D.C IEHS, St Francis ICSE School, Amrita Vidyalayam, Rajah School, MIC English School, National Huda School, Focus IEHS School, Sree Narayana Vidyaniketan Central School, and V.R. Appu Master Memorial Higher Secondary School are some of the prominent schools in and near Chavakkad.



National Highway 66, commonly referred to as NH 66, passes through the Chavakkad town. This busy National Highway runs roughly north–south along the western coast of India, parallel to Western Ghats. It connects Mumbai to Cochin, passing through the states of Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, and Kerala. Another road is State Highway 50 that starts in Chavakkad and ends in Wadakkancherry. The highway is 31.515 km long. [7] Chavakkad has a municipal bus stand with frequent buses to and from Ernakulam, Kozhikode, Ponnani, the district headquarters Thrissur and to other nearby towns. All private and KSRTC buses that ply southward from Guruvayur and other northern towns stop at Chavakkad.


The nearest railway station to Chavakkad is Guruvayur about four kilometers away. Guruvayur railway station lies in the Thrissur–Guruvayur section. Thrissur railway station is the major railhead near to Chavakkad from where you can get all South Indian and North Indian trains.


The nearest airport is the Cochin International Airport at Nedumbassery which is about 80 km away. All international, domestic and chartered flights are available here. Calicut International Airport at Karipur is about 104 km away.


Chavakkad is an important trading center for copra, coir, and fish. The major source of revenue in Chavakkad has repatriated income mainly from the Non-Resident Indians working in the Middle East. The place is called as Mini Gulf. The Rajah Group, owners of famous Kajah Beedi, Rajah Tiles, Rajah Motors has its headquarters in Chavakkad. The company, Kaja Beedi, was started in the year 1948 by Hajee Abdul Khader. Rajah Motors, which produced the first multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) in India, known by the name ‘Tiger’ and ‘Kangaroo’, has its factory and offices in Chavakkad. [8] [9]


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