Cheetara (ThunderCats)

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ThunderCats character
First appearance"Exodus"
( ThunderCats )
September 9, 1985
Created by Tobin Wolf
Voiced by Lynne Lipton (1985 series)
Emmanuelle Chriqui (2011 series)
Grey DeLisle (young Cheetara in 2011 version)
Erica Lindbeck ( ThunderCats Roar )
In-universe information

Cheetara is a fictional character from the fictional ThunderCats franchise. [1]


1985 series

Cheetara is the sole adult female member of the Thundercats. Cheetara is based on the cheetah. Her powers are superspeed and psychic powers. She is also a skilled fighter with the baton/bo staff weapon. [2]

2011 series

In the 2011 rebooted version of ThunderCats, Emmanuelle Chriqui voiced Cheetara. [3] [4] Cheetara's powers are similar to her 1980's counterpart but given an expanded background with her being part of a secret clergy. [5] [6]

Thundercats Roar

Cheetara in the 2020 version of ThunderCats is portrayed as the bravest and the most competent fighter of the Thundercats. [7]


Cheetara has had a mostly positive reception from critics. Comic Book Resources ranked the character among 11th Best thing about ThunderCats. [8] io9 ranked Cheetara 2nd best thing about ThunderCats. [9] The character is so popular the Hollywood actress Milla Jovovich is interested in portraying Cheetara in any potential live action adaptation of ThunderCats . [10] Comic Book Resources consider Cheetara the 10th most valuable Thundercats toy. [11]

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Tygra is a fictional character from the ThunderCats franchise. The character is portrayed by Peter Newman in the 1985 ThunderCats TV series and Matthew Mercer in the 2011 ThunderCats TV series. In the first TV series, Tygra is known as the ThunderCat architect and scientist. In the second one, the writers modified some of the characters and Tygra became the adoptive brother of Lion-O. The character also appeared in several comic book series and many various figures based on the character were produced by various manufacturers.


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