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3+12 years. [3] Kappan also made strong speeches against Diwan Sir CP's idea of independent Travancore, instead of being part of the Indian Union. [2]

Cherian died in 1982.

Political career

Initially, Kappan's public activity was limited to the communal and social spheres. But he soon gained wide public attention as he spearheaded the agitation against Sir CP's education policies. [2] Subsequently, he became active in the State Congress movement. [2] He was arrested and imprisoned several times after gaining the Diwan's displeasure. [2]

Cherian was a member of Travancore State Legislature from 1948 to 1951. [1] From 1951 to 1954 he was M.L.A. in Travancore-Cochin Legislative Assembly. [1] Cherian represented Ramapuram constituencyas a Congress Parliamentary Party candidate in the Travancore-Cochin Legislative Assembly. [1] He represented Muvattupuzha constituency in third Lok Sabha. [1] He was the first chairman of the Pala Nagarasabha. [4] He held several other positions including District Congress Committee President, President of Dist. Coperative Bank, Kottayam, executive committee member of State Cooperative Bank, presidentof Pepper Marketing Cooperative Society, Pala, president of Meenachil Taluka Library Union and Vice president of Catholica Congress. [1] [5]

The Kappan family is the main political rival of K. M. Mani's family in Pala. [6] Mani and the Kappan family were not opposed at first. Mani started his practice as a lawyer as a junior to Cherian. [6] But when Cherian Kappan testified against Mani in an election case, the two fell out. [6] The Kappan family and Mani became politically opposed. Mani's first opponent from the Kappan family was Cherian's son George C. Kappan, who fought against him in Kerala Legislative Assembly election in 1991. [6] Cherian's another son Mani C. Kappan fought against K. M. Mani in 2006, 2011 and 2016 Legislative Assembly elections, but lost in all. [7] Mani C. Kappan defeated Kerala Congress (M) leader and K. M. Mani's son Jose K. Mani in the 2021 Kerala Assembly elections. [8]


Cherian J. Kappan Memorial Municipal Stadium in Pala is named after him. [9] The stadium was given the name when the industrial training center in the municipality named after Cherian was closed. [9]

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Democratic Congress Kerala, is a political party in Kerala, India, formed after the split in Nationalist Congress Party in Kerala. It is led by Mani C. Kappan.


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