Chi. Udayashankar

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Chi. Udayashankar
Chitnahalli Udayashankar

(1934-02-18)18 February 1934
Died2 July 1993(1993-07-02) (aged 59)
Other namesUdaya Shankar
OccupationLyricist, writer
Children3 including Chi. Guru Dutt
ParentChi Sadashivaiah (father)

Chitnahalli Udayashankar (18 February 1934 – 2 July 1993; born in Chitnahalli) was an Indian lyricist and dialogue writer in the Kannada film industry for over three decades, who penned more than 3000 songs for films and devotional songs. His dialogues, screenplay and lyrics were instrumental in the success of many movies of Rajkumar. Udayashankar received four Karnataka State Film Award for Best Dialogue and two Karnataka State Film Award for Best Screenplay. He was the son of lyricist Chi. Sadashivaiah. His son Chi. Guru Dutt is an actor and director in Kannada and Tamil feature films.



In 1963, Chi Udayshankar wrote dialogues for the first time. This was for the film Santa Tukaram starring Rajkumar. [1] He co-wrote dialogues and lyrics for many Kannada movies. He worked with his father in his early career. He directed the movie Manku Dinne in 1968. He supplied a great deal of dialogues and lyrics for manyRajkumar movies. He worked with Rajkumar from 1963 to 1993 in 92 movies. He also acted in movies like Haalu Jenu , Nee Nanna Gellalare , Halli Rambhe Belli Bombe and Anand .


Chi Udayashakar used to write his lyrics in simple and easily understood words. He was given the title 'Sahithya Rathna' (gem of literature) for his work.


YearFilm titleRemarks
1963Santha ThukaramDialogue
1965Mahasathi AnasuyaDialogue
1965Sathi SavithriLyrics for 2 songs, others penned by R N Jayagopal 3 Chi Sadashivaiah 2
1966Bala Nagamm'Screenplay, Dialogue and Lyrics co-wrote with his father Chi Sadashivaiah
1967Lagna Pathrike'Story, Screenplay, Dialogue and Lyrics
1967Bangarada HoovuDialogue and Lyrics. He co-wrote lyrics with Vijaya Narasimha
1968Bhagyada BagiluDialogue and Lyrics
1968Simha SwapnaDialogue and Lyrics
1968Rowdy RangannaDialogue and Lyrics
1968GandhinagaraDialogue and Lyrics
1968 Bangalore Mail Dialogue and Lyrics
1968Nata SarvabhaumaDialogue and Lyrics
1969Choori ChikkannaDialogue and Lyrics
1969 Operation Jackpot Nalli C.I.D 999 Lyrics
1969UyyaleLyrics for one song. Other 4 penned by R N Jayagopal, Vijaya Narasimha, Geethapriya
1969 Mayor Muthanna Dialogue and Lyrics
1970 Bhale Jodi Dialogue and Lyrics for 3 songs. Other 2 penned by R N Jayagopal
1970 Baalu Belagithu Dialogue and Lyrics for 3 songs. Other 1 penned by Vijaya Narasimha
1970 Mr. Rajkumar Dialogue and Lyrics.
1970CID RajannaDialogue and Lyrics.
1970Devara MakkaluDialogue and Lyrics for 1 song. Other 3 penned by Vijaya Narasimha and Ugranarasimha
1970ParopakariDialogue and Lyrics for 2 songs. Other 3 penned by R N Jayagopal
1971 Kasturi Nivasa Dialogue and Lyrics for 3 songs. Other 3 penned by R N Jayagopal 2 and Vijaya Narasimha 1
1971Bala BandhanaLyrics for 1 song
1971 Kula Gourava Dialogue and Lyrics for 2 songs, Others 4 penned by R N Jayagopal 3 and Vijaya Narasimha 1
1971PrathidhwaniDialogue and Lyrics
1971 Namma Samsara Dialogue and Lyrics for 2 songs. Others 2 written by R N Jayagopal
1971 Thayi Devaru Dialogue and Lyrics
1971 Bhale Bhaskar Dialogues
1971Sri Krishna Rukmini SathyabhamaDialogue and Lyrics co-wrote with Chi Sadashivaiah
1972 Hrudaya Sangama Lyrics for 1 song.
1972 Bhale Huchcha Story, Screenplay, Dialogue and Lyrics for 1 song. Other 3 written by Vijaya Narasimha 2 and Hunsur Krishnamurthy 1
1972 Bangarada Manushya Lyrics for 1 song.
1972 Nyayave Devaru Dialogue and Lyrics
1972Kranthi VeeraDialogue and Lyrics
1972 Nanda Gokula Story, Dialogue and Lyrics for 2 songs
1973 Devaru Kotta Thangi Dialogue and Lyrics for 2 songs.
1973 Bidugade Dialogue and Lyrics
1973 Doorada Betta Dialogue and Lyrics for 1 song.
1973 Gandhada Gudi Dialogue and Lyrics
1973 Bangaarada Panjara Dialogue and Lyrics
1973 Swayamvara Lyrics for 1 song
1973Mooruvare VajragaluScreenplay, Dialogue and Lyrics
1974 Sampathige Saval Screenplay, Dialogue and Lyrics for 3 songs, other 1 penned by R N Jayagopal
1974 Sri Srinivasa Kalyana Screenplay, Dialogue and Lyrics for 8 songs, other 4 penned by Chi Sadashivaiah
1974 Eradu Kanasu Dialogue and Lyrics
1975 Mayura Dialogue and Lyrics
1975 Thrimurthy Dialogue and Lyrics
1975 Daari Tappida Maga Story, Dialogue and Lyrics
1976 Premada Kanike Screenplay, Dialogue and Lyrics for 4 songs. Rest 2 penned by Vijaya Narasimha
1976 Bahaddur Gandu Screenplay, Dialogue and Lyrics
1976 Naa Ninna Mareyalare Dialogue and Lyrics
1976 Raja Nanna Raja Screenplay, Dialogue and Lyrics
1977 Badavara Bandhu Screenplay, Dialogue and Lyrics
1977 Olavu Geluvu Dialogue and Lyrics
1977 Bhagyavantharu Dialogue and Lyrics
1977 Sanaadi Appanna Screenplay, Dialogue and Lyrics
1977 Babruvahana Lyrics for 3 songs
1977 Giri Kanye Dialogues & Lyrics
1978 Shankar Guru Dialogue and Lyrics
1978 Thayige Thakka Maga Dialogue and Lyrics
1978 Operation Diamond Racket Dialogue and Lyrics
1979 Huliya Haalina Mevu Screenplay, Dialogue and Lyrics
1979 Nanobba Kalla Dialogue and Lyrics
1980 Ravi Chandra Dialogue and Lyrics
1980 Vasantha Geetha Dialogue and Lyrics
1980 Narada Vijaya Dialogue and Lyrics
1980 Auto_Raja_(1980_film) Lyrics
1981 Havina Hede Dialogue and Lyrics
1981 Bhagyavantha Dialogue and Lyrics
1981Nee Nanna GellalareDialogue and Lyrics
1981Keralida SimhaDialogue and Lyrics
1982 Hosa Belaku Dialogue and Lyrics for 5 songs. 1 song is from Kuvempu used here.
1982 Haalu Jenu Dialogue and Lyrics
1982 Baadada Hoo Lyrics only
1982 Nanna Devaru Lyrics only
1982 Chalisuva Modagalu Dialogue and Lyrics
1982 Mullina Gulabi Dialogue and Lyrics
1983 Kaviratna Kalidasa Dialogue and Lyrics
1983 Bhakta Prahlada Screenplay, Dialogue and Lyrics
1983 Eradu Nakshatragalu Dialogue and Lyrics
1983 Samayada Gombe Dialogue and Lyrics
1983 Kaamana Billu Screenplay, Dialogue and Lyrics for 4 songs, other 1 from Kuvempu
1983 Shravana Banthu Screenplay co-wrote with Singeetham Srinivasa Rao, Dialogue and Lyrics
1984 Apoorva Sangama Lyrics
1984 Yarivanu Screenplay, Dialogue and Lyrics
1984 Olavu Moodidaga Dialogue and Lyrics
1978 Sneha Sedu Dialogues
1985 Dhruva Thare Screenplay, Dialogue and Lyrics
1985 Ade Kannu Screenplay, Dialogue and Lyrics
1985 Jwalamukhi Screenplay co-wrote with Singeetham Srinivasa Rao, Dialogue and Lyrics
1985 Thayi Thande Dialogues
1986 Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma Screenplay with Singeetham Srinivasa Rao, Dialogue and Lyrics
1986 Anuraga Aralithu Screenplay, Dialogue and Lyrics
1986GuriDialogue and Lyrics
1987 Ondu Muttina Kathe Dialogue and Lyrics
1987 Shruthi Seridaga Screenplay with Singeetham Srinivasa Rao, Dialogue and Lyrics
1987 Karunamayi Lyrics
1988Shiva Mecchida KannappaDialogue and Lyrics
1988 Devatha Manushya Screenplay co-wrote with Singeetham Srinivasa Rao, Dialogue and Lyrics
1989 Parashuram Dialogue and Lyrics for 2 songs. Other 3 songs penned by Hamsalekha 2 and T P Kailasam 1
1989 Nanjundi Kalyana Script
1991 Halli Rambhe Belli Bombe Dialogue, Lyrics and actor
1991 Gandu Sidigundu Dialogue and Lyrics
1992 Jeevana Chaitra Screenplay, Dialogue and Lyrics for 4 songs. Other 2 songs penned by K S Narasimhaswamy 1 and Mugur Mallappa
1992Ksheera SagaraDialogue and Lyrics
1992 Aakasmika Dialogue
1993 Gadibidi Ganda Dialogue
1993 Roopayi Raja Screenplay
1993Jaga Mecchida HudugaScreenplay, dialogues
1993 Apoorva Jodi Story, screenplay and dialogues
1993 Ananda Jyothi Screenplay, dialogues
1993Vasantha PoornimaScreenplay dialogues
1994 Odahuttidavaru Screenplay, Dialogue and Lyrics for 1 song. Rest of each one song penned by Vijaya Narasimha, M N Vyasa Rao, Hamsalekha, Sri Ranga and Geethapriya
1994 Gandhada Gudi Part 2 Dialogues and lyrics


Karnataka State Film Awards

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Bidugade is a 1973 Indian Kannada language drama film directed by Y. R. Swamy and produced by T. P. Venugopal. It starred Rajkumar, Rajesh and Bharathi along with a host of supporting actors. Minugutare Kalpana made a special appearance in the film. M. Ranga Rao scored the music and the story was written and produced by Ramesh Movies. Chi. Udaya Shankar wrote the lyrics and dialogues. The cinematography by Annayya won him the Karnataka State Film Award for Best Cinematographer award.

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