Christiane Minazzoli

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Christiane Minazzoli
Born(1931-07-11)11 July 1931
Died2 November 2014(2014-11-02) (aged 83)
Paris, France
Occupation Actress
Years active1949-2001

Christiane Judith Yvette Minazzoli (11 July 1931 - 2 November 2014) was a French actress. [1] She appeared in more than seventy films from 1949 to 1997.


Selected filmography

1994 Hell
1992 Betty
1991 Madame Bovary
1975 Story of O
1964 Lucky Jo
1969 A Midsummer Night's Dream
1966 The Lost Woman
1965 Passeport diplomatique agent K 8
1964 Hardi Pardaillan!
1963 Your Turn, Darling
1955 Thirteen at the Table
1949 Branquignol

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