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Christopher Doyle
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Christopher Doyle in 2005
Born (1952-05-02) 2 May 1952 (age 69)
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Nationality Australian
Hong Kongese
Occupation Cinematographer, actor, photographer, and film director
Years active1978–present (photographer); 1983–present (cinematographer)
Awards NYFCC Award of Best Cinematography
2000 In the Mood for Love
2003 Hero
2004 2046
Golden Osella for Best Cinematography
1994 Ashes of Time
Technical Grand Prize (Cannes Film Festival)
2000 In the Mood for Love
Hong Kong Film AwardsBest Cinematography
1986 Soul
1991 Days of Being Wild
1994 Ashes of Time
1995 Fallen Angels
2002 Hero
2004 2046

Golden Bauhinia AwardsBest Cinematography
1995 Fallen Angels
2000 In the Mood for Love
2002 Hero

Golden Horse AwardsBest Cinematography
1994 Ashes of Time
1997 Happy Together
2000 In the Mood for Love
2002 Three

Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 杜可風
Simplified Chinese 杜可风

Christopher Doyle, also known as Dù Kěfēng (Mandarin) or Dou Ho-Fung (Cantonese) [1] (traditional Chinese :杜可風; simplified Chinese :杜可风) (born 2 May 1952) is an Australian-Hong Kong cinematographer. He has worked on over fifty Chinese-language films, being best known for his collaborations with Wong Kar-Wai in Chungking Express , Happy Together, In the Mood for Love and 2046 . Doyle is also known for other films such as Temptress Moon , Hero , Dumplings , and Psycho . He has won awards at the Cannes Film Festival and Venice Film Festival, as well as the AFI Award for cinematography, the Golden Horse award (four times), and the Hong Kong Film Award (six times).


Early life

Doyle was born in Sydney, Australia in 1952. He left his native country on a Norwegian merchant ship at the age of eighteen. Doyle arrived in Taiwan for the first time in the 1970s, while his ship was docked in Keelung Harbor. Doyle met Stan Lai and Ding Nai-chu, whom he would later marry, at Idea House, a restaurant in Taipei. [2]


While living in other countries, he took on several odd jobs, such as an oil driller in India, a cow herder in Israel, and a doctor of Chinese medicine in Thailand. [3] In the late seventies, Doyle took an interest in Chinese culture and received the Chinese name Dù Kěfēng, which translates to "like the wind". [4] After language studies in Taiwan, he started working as a photographer. A couple of years later, he became a cinematographer, working with director Edward Yang in the 1983 film That Day, on the Beach. [5]

Doyle has worked on over 50 Chinese-language films. He is best known for his collaborations with Wong Kar-Wai in Chungking Express , Happy Together , In the Mood for Love and 2046 . He has collaborated with other Chinese filmmakers on projects including Temptress Moon , Hero and Dumplings . He has also made more than 20 films in various other languages, working as director of photography on Gus Van Sant's remake of Psycho , Liberty Heights , Last Life in the Universe , Rabbit-Proof Fence , Paranoid Park , and The Limits of Control , among others.

He also wrote, shot, and directed Warsaw Dark, Away with Words starring Asano Tadanobu, and Hong Kong Trilogy: Preschooled Preoccupied Preposterous , an experimental portrait of three generations of Hong Kong people. [6] He co-directed The White Girl with Jenny Suen.


Among Doyle's 60 awards and 30 nominations are the Technical Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival for In the Mood for Love , [7] as well as the Osella d’Oro for Best Cinematography for Ashes of Time at the Venice International Film Festival. [8]

On 26 May 2017, Doyle was honoured during the 70th Cannes Festival with the “Pierre Angénieux ExcelLens in Cinematography” award, in tribute to his successful and influential career. [9]


As cinematographer

Feature films

1983 That Day, on the Beach Edward Yang
1986SoulKei Shu
Noir et blanc Claire Devers
1987 My Heart Is That Eternal Rose Patrick Tam
1989Her Beautiful Life Lies Tony Au
1991 Days of Being Wild Wong Kar-wai
1992 The Peach Blossom Land Stan Lai
Mary from Beijing (aka "Awakening") Sylvia Chang
1994 Red Rose White Rose Stanley Kwan
Ashes of Time Wong Kar-wai Osella d'Oro for Best Cinematography
The Red Lotus SocietyStan Lai
Chungking Express Wong Kar-wai
1995 The Peony Pavilion Chen Kuo-fu
Fallen Angels Wong Kar-wai
19964 Faces of EveKwok-Leung Gan
Eric Kot
Jan Lamb
Yang ± Yin: Gender in Chinese CinemaStanley Kwan
Temptress Moon Chen Kaige
1997First Love: The Litter on the Breeze Eric Kot
Motel CactusKi-Yong Park
Happy Together Wong Kar-wai
1998 Psycho Gus Van Sant Remake of the 1960 film of the same name
1999 Liberty Heights Barry Levinson
Away with Words Himself
2000 In the Mood for Love Wong Kar-waiGrand Technical Prize at the Cannes Film Festival
New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Cinematographer
National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Cinematography
Nominated- Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best Cinematography
2001 Made Jon Favreau
2002 Hero Zhang Yimou New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Cinematographer
Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best Cinematography
Nominated- National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Cinematography
The Quiet American Phillip Noyce
Rabbit-Proof Fence
2003 Green Tea Zhang Yuan
Last Life in the Universe Pen-Ek Ratanaruang
2004 2046 Wong Kar-wai New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Cinematographer
National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Cinematography
2005 Perhaps Love Peter Chan
The White Countess James Ivory
2006 McDull, the Alumni Samson Chiu
Dumplings Fruit Chan
Invisible Waves Pen-Ek Ratanaruang
Lady in the Water M. Night Shyamalan
2007 Paranoid Park Gus Van Sant
2008 Downloading Nancy Johan Renck
2009 The Limits of Control Jim Jarmusch
Ondine Neil Jordan
2010 Ocean Heaven Xue Xiao-Lu
Passion Play Mitch Glazer
2011 Love for Life Gu Changwei
Tormented Takashi Shimizu
Underwater Love – A Pink Musical Shinji Imaok
2013 Magic Magic Sebastián Silva
American Dreams in China Peter Chan
2014 Ruined Heart! Another Love Story
Between a Criminal and a Whore
2015Fundamentally HappyTan Bee Thiam

Lei Yuan Bin

Port of Call Philip Yung
Enishi: The Bride of IzumoHiroshi Horiuchi
Hong Kong Trilogy:
Preschooled Preoccupied Preposterous
I Am Belfast Mark Cousins
2016 Stockholm, My Love
Endless Poetry Alejandro Jodorowsky
2017 You Mean The World To Me Saw Teong Hin
The White GirlHimself
Jenny Suen
Human Flow Ai Weiwei
2018Love OnlyHimself
Charine Chan
2019The RestAi Weiwei
They Say Nothing Stays the Same Joe Odagiri
Tezuka's Barbara Macoto Tezuka
2020 Love After Love Ann Hui
2021Just 1 DayErica Li

Short films

1979The Boat-Burning FestivalChang Chao-Tang
1996 wkw/tk/1996@7′55″ Wong Kar-wai
2002 Six Days
Goin Home Peter Chan Segment of Three
2004The HandWong Kar-waiSegment of Eros
Dumplings Fruit Chan Segment of Three... Extremes
2006The Madness of the Dance Carol Morley
2007Meeting Helen Emily Woof
2011White SandTsien-Tsien Zhang
2012 Linda Linda
2013A Good StoryMartin-Christopher Bode
2014Allergic to ArtHimself
Jenny Suen
2016WindTiong Guan Saw
2018 Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown episode "Hong Kong" Asia Argento with Frederic Menou
2018To Heaven, to GatherLi-Yue Chang
2019CubaPeter H. Chan
2021Ouverture of Something that Never Ended Alessandro Michele
Gus Van Sant
7 episodes

As director

Feature films

Short films


As actor


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The Pierre Angénieux ExcelLens in Cinematography is an annual award that pays tribute to a prominent international director of photography at the Cannes Film Festival. The award originated in 2013.

Jenny Suen is a Hong Kong screenwriter, film producer, and director. Her first feature film as a director, The White Girl (2017), co-directed with the Australian-Hong Kong cinematographer Christopher Doyle, premiered at the BFI London Film Festival. She also produced Doyle's Hong Kong Trilogy (2015), which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.