Claes Andersson

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Claes Andersson
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Claes Andersson
Born(1937-05-30)30 May 1937
Died24 July 2019(2019-07-24) (aged 82)
Helsinki, Finland
Occupationpsychiatrist, author, poet, jazz musician, politician

Claes-Johan Rudolf Andersson (30 May 1937 – 24 July 2019) was a Swedish-speaking Finnish psychiatrist, author, poet, jazz musician, politician and member of the Finnish Parliament, representing the Left Alliance and the Finnish People's Democratic League. He was a member of the Finnish Parliament from 1987 to 1999 and from 2007 to 2008, and served as the Minister of Culture in the Lipponen I Cabinet. [1]

Claes Andersson presenting himself in the Gothenburg Book Fair in 2012 with (English subtitles)

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