Clarence Geldart

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Clarence Geldart
Film actor Clarence Geldart (SAYRE 889).jpg
Geldart in Held by the Enemy (1920)
Born(1867-06-09)June 9, 1867
New Brunswick, Canada
DiedMay 13, 1935(1935-05-13) (aged 67)
Other namesCharles H. Geldart
Years active1915–1935
Still of Geldart (left foreground) portraying a casting director organizing an ice-skating routine in The Goat (1918) The Goat (1918) - 1.jpg
Still of Geldart (left foreground) portraying a casting director organizing an ice-skating routine in The Goat (1918)

Clarence Geldart (June 9, 1867 May 13, 1935) was an American film actor. He appeared in 127 films between 1915 and 1936. He was sometimes credited as C.H. Geldart [1] or Charles H. Geldart.


He was born in New Brunswick, Canada, and died in Calabasas, California.

Geldart's Broadway credits include King Henry V (1900) and Beaucaire (1901). [1]

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