Clarion (company)

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Clarion Co., Ltd.
Type Subsidiary
Industry Automotive
Consumer electronics
FoundedDecember 18, 1940
Headquarters Saitama, Saitama, Japan
Key people
Tatsuhiko Izumi (Representative Director, Chairman and CEO) Hidetoshi Kawamoto (Representative Director, President and COO)
Products Car audio and automotive navigation systems
Number of employees
10,037 (Consolidated)
Parent Faurecia

Clarion Co., Ltd. (クラリオン株式会社, Kurarion Kabushiki-gaisha) is a Japanese manufacturer of car audio, automotive navigation systems, AutoPCs, visual equipment, bus equipment, and communication equipment. It is since 2019 fully owned by Faurecia Clarion Electronics.


A Clarion sound system in the trunk/boot of a car. Clarion sound system.jpg
A Clarion sound system in the trunk/boot of a car.

Up until the end of 2005, products in Japan were marketed under the brand name AddZest, while outside Japan the same product typically carried the Clarion name brand. This was changed in 2006, and the brand "Clarion" along with a redesigned logo are now used worldwide. It is known for its close relationship with Nissan, which uses Clarion products almost exclusively in its vehicles. Nissan once owned a 6.25% share in Clarion, although that was reduced in 2002. [1]

Clarion has an OEM relationship with many automotive companies, providing car headunits and components to them for their production vehicles. Clients include Saab Automobile, Suzuki, Ford, Volkswagen, Proton, Toyota, Subaru, and Peugeot. [2]

A contest is held annually to select the Clarion Girl, who is chosen to represent Clarion's car audio equipment in television and print advertising campaigns during the following year. The contest was started in 1975, and is now co-sponsored by Fuji TV.


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