Claude Dauphin (actor)

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Claude Dauphin
Claude Dauphin in A Salute to France.jpg
Dauphin in the 1944 film A Salute to France
Claude Marie Eugène Legrand

(1903-08-19)19 August 1903
Died16 November 1978(1978-11-16) (aged 75)
Paris, France
Years active1930–1978
Spouse(s)Rosine Derean
Maria Mauban
Norma Eberhardt (1955–1978; his death)
L-R: Burgess Meredith, Claude Dauphin & Philip Bourneuf in A Salute to France (1944) A Salute to France (1944) 1.jpg
L-R: Burgess Meredith, Claude Dauphin & Philip Bourneuf in A Salute to France (1944)

Claude Dauphin (19 August 1903 16 November 1978) was a French actor. He appeared in more than 130 films between 1930 and 1978.



He was born in Corbeil-Essonnes, Essonne. His father was Maurice Étienne Legrand, a poet who wrote as Franc-Nohain, [1] and who was the librettist for Maurice Ravel's opera L'heure espagnole . His elder brother was the writer Jean Nohain.

Dauphin's debut on film came in La Vagabonde (1930). [1] He debuted on stage in Chapeau Chinois (1930) in Paris. [2]

Private life

Dauphin married three times: first to Rosine Derean, then to the actress Maria Mauban with whom he had a child, Jean-Claude Dauphin, also an actor. Eventually, in 1955, Dauphin married American actress Norma Eberhardt. [3] The couple divided their time between Paris, Los Angeles, New York City and Ocean Township, New Jersey. [3] [4] They remained together until Dauphin's death in Paris in 1978. [3]

Selected filmography

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