Colomi bus crash

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Colomi bus crash
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Date2 March 2021 (2021-03-02)
Location Colomi, Cochabamba, Bolivia
Coordinates 17°10′00″S65°55′00″W / 17.16667°S 65.91667°W / -17.16667; -65.91667 Coordinates: 17°10′00″S65°55′00″W / 17.16667°S 65.91667°W / -17.16667; -65.91667

The Colomi bus crash took place on 2 March 2021, when a bus traveling along Route 7 between the departments of Cochabamba and Santa Cruz, fell into an abyss, [1] the accident caused 21 deaths [2] [3] and 17 injuries. [4] The bus was carrying students from the Universidad Pública de El Alto, which had suffered another tragedy that same day, when a balcony collapsed at the college during a protest.



The accident took place at kilometer 72 of Route 7, the precipice where the tragedy happened was 150 meters. [1] The incident took place at 1 in the morning, [4] [1] in the area of Cañadón [4] in Colomi, near Ivirgarzama. [5] Trans Carrasco was the company that owned the bus. [5]


The Bolivian Air Force was the one that came to rescue the dead and wounded, the Bolivian National Police also came to provide support. [5] The wounded were transferred to health centers in Colomi, Sacaba and Cochabamba. [5] Colonel Helsner Torrico Valdez of the Bolivian police reported that 20 people have died and approximately 13 injured people have to mourn. [1] Among the survivors was Bolivian aviation technician Erwin Tumiri, who in 2016 also survived LaMia Flight 2933. [2] [3] Later the government forces identified that there were 45 passengers, and the number of deaths rose to 21.1 2 and the number of wounded to 17. [4]

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