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A commune (Spanish : comuna, IPA:  [koˈmuna] ) is the smallest administrative subdivision in Chile. It may contain cities, towns, villages, hamlets as well as rural areas. In highly populated areas, such as Santiago, Valparaíso and Concepción, a conurbation may be broken into several communes. In sparsely populated areas, conversely, a commune may cover a substantial rural area together with several settled areas which could range from hamlets to towns or cities.


The term "commune" is ambiguous in English, but the word is commonly used in translation for "comuna", although with some controversy among translators. A comuna is similar to a "county" in Anglo-American usage and practice, and may be more universally understood as a "municipality".

Each commune or municipality is governed by a directly elected body known as a municipal council (concejo municipal) consisting of a mayor (alcalde) and a group of councillors (concejales), for a period of four years. The communal civil service administration is known as the municipality ( municipalidad ) and is headquartered at the mayor's office (alcaldía). According to Chilean law, a single municipality may administer one or more communes, though currently, the only such case is the municipality of Cabo de Hornos, which administers the communes of Antártica and Cabo de Hornos. [1]

Chile's 346 communes are grouped into 56 provinces (provincia, pl. provincias), which are themselves grouped into 16 regions (región, pl. regiones).

List of communes by region and province

Traditionally, Chilean regions are listed in geographical order starting with the northernmost region, leaving the Santiago Metropolitan Region at the end. The following table lists all Chilean communes, providing a complete list of administrative divisions at all levels. Each commune's municipality website is given along with the area and population from the National Statistics Institute's most recent census conducted in 2002.

Region Province CommuneArea
(km2) [2] [3]
2002 [2] [3]
2014 [4]
Website [5]
North Far North Chile Arica and Parinacota (XV) Arica Camarones 3,9271,220783 link
Arica 4,799185,268231,611 link
Parinacota Putre 5,9031,9772,073 link
General Lagos 2,2441,179614 link
Tarapacá (I) Iquique Iquique 2,835166,204196,437 link
Alto Hospicio 59350,215106,078 link
Tamarugal Pozo Almonte 13,76610,83013,723 link
Pica 8,9346,1786,626 link
Huara 10,4752,5992,923 link
Colchane 4,0161,6491,698 link
Camiña 2,2001,2751,297 link
Antofagasta (II) Antofagasta Taltal 20,40511,10012,937 link
Sierra Gorda 12,8662,3563,040 link
Mejillones 3,8048,41811,090 link
Antofagasta 30,718296,905372,325 link
El Loa San Pedro de Atacama 23,4394,9697,212 link
Ollagüe 2,964318315 link
Calama 15,597138,402173,691 link
Tocopilla Tocopilla 4,03923,98627,378 link
María Elena 12,1977,5305,340 link
Near North Chile Atacama (III) Chañaral Diego de Almagro 18,66418,58915,501 link
Chañaral 5,77213,54313,746 link
Copiapó Tierra Amarilla 11,19112,88816,867 link
Copiapó 16,681129,091168,946 link
Caldera 4,66713,73417,263 link
Huasco Vallenar 7,08448,04052,824 link
Huasco 1,6017,94510,083 link
Freirina 3,5785,6666,823 link
Alto del Carmen 5,9394,8406,194 link
Coquimbo (IV) Choapa Salamanca 3,44524,49427,181 link
Los Vilos 1,86117,45319,980 link
Illapel 2,62930,35532,753 link
Canela 2,1979,3799,914 link
Elqui Vicuña 7,61024,01026,561 link
Paiguano 1,4954,1684,483 link
La Serena 1,893160,148212,621 link
La Higuera 4,1583,7214,568 link
Coquimbo 1,429163,036226,223 link
Andacollo 31010,28811,348 link
Limarí Río Hurtado 2,1174,7714,994 link
Punitaqui 1,3399,53910,748 link
Ovalle 3,83598,089119,014 link
Monte Patria 4,36630,27633,641 link
Combarbalá 1,89613,48315,199 link
Central North Central Chile Valparaíso (V) Isla de Pascua Isla de Pascua 1643,7916,148 link
Los Andes San Esteban 1,36214,40018,201 link
Rinconada 1236,69210,084 link
Los Andes 1,24860,19867,659 link
Calle Larga 32210,39314,108 link
Marga Marga Villa Alemana 9795,623134,999 link
Quilpué 537128,578165,284 link
Limache 29439,21945,061 link
Olmué 23214,10515,897 link
Petorca Zapallar 2885,6596,185 link
Petorca 1,5179,44010,294 link
Papudo 1664,6085,242 link
La Ligua 1,16331,98733,853 link
Cabildo 1,45518,91620,106 link
Quillota Quillota 30275,91692,482 link
Nogales 40521,63323,708 link
La Cruz 7812,85118,647 link
La Calera 6149,50354,878 link
Hijuelas 26716,01417,966 link
San Antonio Santo Domingo 5367,4189,177 link
San Antonio 40587,20596,360 link
El Tabo 997,0289,863 link
El Quisco 519,46712,819 link
Cartagena 34616,87520,035 link
Algarrobo 1768,60110,359 link
San Felipe Santa María 16612,81315,484 link
San Felipe 18664,12673,326 link
Putaendo 1,47414,64916,306 link
Panquehue 1226,5677,301 link
Llaillay 34921,64424,519 link
Catemu 36212,11213,863 link
Valparaíso Viña del Mar 122286,931321,760 link
Valparaíso 402275,982295,075 link
Quintero 14821,17427,213 link
Puchuncaví 30012,95417,403 link
Concón 7632,27347,447 link
Juan Fernández 148633850 link
Casablanca 95321,87428,338 link
Metropolitana (RM) Chacabuco Tiltil 65314,75517,423 link
Lampa 45240,22882,249 link
Colina 97177,815117,573 link
Cordillera San José de Maipo 4,99513,37614,922 link
Puente Alto 88492,915602,203 link
Pirque 44516,56521,595 link
Maipo San Bernardo 155246,762294,019 link
Paine 67850,02865,603 link
Calera de Tango 7318,23524,097 link
Buin 21463,41981,760 link
Melipilla San Pedro 7887,5499,476 link
Melipilla 1,35694,540115,197 link
María Pinto 39510,34312,725 link
Curacaví 69324,29829,288 link
Alhué 8454,4355,631 link
Santiago Vitacura 2881,49988,065 link
Santiago 22200,792344,711 link
San Ramón 794,90699,615 link
San Miguel 1078,872107,797 link
San Joaquín 1097,625104,040 link
Renca 24133,518150,546 link
Recoleta 16148,220167,258 link
Quinta Normal 12104,012114,297 link
Quilicura 58126,518202,151 link
Pudahuel 197195,653230,833 link
Providencia 14120,874145,869 link
Peñalolén 54216,060241,576 link
Pedro Aguirre Cerda 10114,560122,093 link
Ñuñoa 17163,511216,452 link
Maipú 133468,390544,876 link
Macul 13112,535123,506 link
Lo Prado 7104,316112,579 link
Lo Espejo 7112,800119,842 link
Lo Barnechea 1,02474,749101,651 link
Las Condes 99249,893281,623 link
La Reina 2396,762101,459 link
La Pintana 31190,085211,536 link
La Granja 10132,520142,862 link
La Florida 71365,674388,119 link
La Cisterna 1085,11892,289 link
Independencia 765,47981,755 link
Huechuraba 4574,07094,342 link
Estación Central 14130,394144,188 link
El Bosque 14175,594193,185 link
Conchalí 71133,256140,950 link
Cerro Navia 11148,312158,046 link
Cerrillos 2171,90684,437 link
Talagante Talagante 12659,80570,043 link
Peñaflor 6966,61988,139 link
Padre Hurtado 8138,76854,541 link
Isla de Maipo 18925,79834,563 link
El Monte 11826,45934,986 link
O'Higgins (VI) Cachapoal San Vicente 47640,25346,643 link
Requínoa 67322,16130,184 link
Rengo 59250,83060,486 link
Rancagua 260214,344232,639 link
Quinta de Tilcoco 9311,38013,147 link
Pichidegua 32017,75620,111 link
Peumo 15313,94815,981 link
Olivar 4512,33514,823 link
Mostazal 52421,86626,170 link
Malloa 11312,87213,816 link
Machalí 2,58628,62850,141 link
Las Cabras 74920,24223,773 link
Graneros 11325,96133,227 link
Doñihue 7816,91620,127 link
Coltauco 22516,22819,503 link
Coinco 986,3857,160 link
Codegua 28710,79613,952 link
Cardenal Caro Pichilemu 74912,39214,311 link
Paredones 5626,6956,491 link
Navidad 3005,4225,941 link
Marchihue 6606,9047,565 link
Litueche 6195,5266,251 link
La Estrella 4354,2213,283 link
Colchagua Santa Cruz 42032,38737,303 link
San Fernando 2,44163,73273,105 link
Pumanque 4413,4423,471 link
Placilla 1478,0789,213 link
Peralillo 2839,72911,460 link
Palmilla 23711,20013,158 link
Nancagua 11115,63417,029 link
Lolol 5976,1916,961 link
Chimbarongo 49832,31637,172 link
Chépica 50313,85715,980 link
South Central Chile Maule (VII) Cauquenes Pelluhue 3716,4147,553 link
Chanco 5309,4579,173 link
Cauquenes 2,12641,21740,896 link
Curicó Vichuquén 4264,9165,146 link
Teno 61825,59628,397 link
Sagrada Familia 54917,51919,467 link
Romeral 1,59712,70714,983 link
Rauco 3098,5669,970 link
Molina 1,55238,52142,128 link
Licantén 2736,9027,267 link
Hualañé 6299,74110,249 link
Curicó 1,328119,585142,662 link
Linares Yerbas Buenas 26216,13418,160 link
Villa Alegre 19014,72515,369 link
San Javier 1,31337,79341,032 link
Retiro 82718,48719,704 link
Parral 1,63837,82238,809 link
Longaví 1,45428,16129,562 link
Linares 1,45783,24990,845 link
Colbún 2,90017,61919,387 link
Talca Talca 232201,797231,860 link
San Rafael 2647,6749,652 link
San Clemente 4,50437,26141,366 link
Río Claro 43112,69813,513 link
Pencahue 9578,3158,845 link
Pelarco 3327,2667,910 link
Maule 23816,83745,676 link
Empedrado 5654,2254,486 link
Curepto 1,07410,81210,895 link
Constitución 1,34446,08150,631 link
Ñuble (XVI) Diguillín Chillán Viejo 29222,08431,502 link
Chillán 511161,953178,871 link
Bulnes 42520,59521,910 link
El Carmen 66412,84512,942 link
Pemuco 5638,8219,298 link
Pinto 1,1649,87511,242 link
Quillón 42315,14616,769 link
San Ignacio 36416,10616,080 link
Yungay 82416,81418,206 link
Itata Cobquecura 5705,6875,735 link
Coelemu 34216,08216,910 link
Ninhue 4015,7385,847 link
Portezuelo 2825,4705,648 link
Quirihue 58911,42913,303 link
Ránquil 2485,6836,041 link
Treguaco 3135,2965,346 link
Punilla Coihueco 1,77723,58325,763 link
Ñiquén 49311,42111,689 link
San Carlos 87450,08852,923 link
San Fabián 1,5683,6464,030 link
San Nicolás 4919,74111,348 link
Biobío (VIII) Arauco Tirúa 6249,66410,433 link
Los Álamos 59918,63223,252 link
Lebu 56125,03526,509 link
Curanilahue 99431,94334,802 link
Contulmo 9625,8385,624 link
Cañete 76031,27034,129 link
Arauco 95634,87338,163 link
Biobío Yumbel 72720,49821,594 link
Tucapel 91512,77714,300 link
Santa Bárbara 3,38012,94312,985 link
San Rosendo 923,9183,956 link
Quilleco 1,12210,42810,097 link
Quilaco 1,1244,0214,118 link
Negrete 1578,57910,148 link
Nacimiento 93525,97128,305 link
Mulchén 1,92529,00330,479 link
Los Ángeles 1,748166,556193,252 link
Laja 34022,40424,006 link
Cabrero 64025,28228,918 link
Antuco 1,8843,9083,962 link
Alto Biobío 2,1257,0276,179 link
Concepción Tomé 49552,44055,693 link
Talcahuano 146163,626177,567 link
Santa Juana 73112,71313,687 link
San Pedro de la Paz 11380,447126,416 link
Penco 10846,01651,346 link
Lota 13649,08948,098 link
Hualqui 53118,76824,793 link
Hualpén 5486,722106,628 link
Florida 60910,1779,045 link
Coronel 27995,528113,850 link
Concepción 222216,061228,848 link
Chiguayante 7281,30297,909 link
South South Chile Araucanía (IX) Cautín Villarrica 1,29145,53154,427 link
Vilcún 1,42122,49127,349 link
Toltén 86011,21611,455 link
Teodoro Schmidt 65015,50416,167 link
Temuco 464245,347285,487 link
Saavedra 40114,03413,104 link
Pucón 1,24921,10727,221 link
Pitrufquén 58121,98824,552 link
Perquenco 3316,4507,220 link
Padre Las Casas 40158,79584,684 link
Nueva Imperial 1,16029,99433,247 link
Melipeuco 1,1075,6285,848 link
Loncoche 97723,03723,482 link
Lautaro 90132,21836,648 link
Gorbea 69515,22215,711 link
Galvarino 56812,59612,632 link
Freire 93525,51424,904 link
Curarrehue 1,1716,7847,419 link
Cunco 1,90718,70319,090 link
Cholchol 42810,06511,731 link
Carahue 1,34125,69626,606 link
Malleco Victoria 1,25633,50134,968 link
Traiguén 90819,53419,892 link
Renaico 2679,12810,499 link
Purén 46512,86813,020 link
Lumaco 1,11911,40511,379 link
Los Sauces 8507,5817,853 link
Lonquimay 3,91410,23710,940 link
Ercilla 5009,0419,216 link
Curacautín 1,66416,97017,263 link
Collipulli 1,29622,35424,490 link
Angol 1,19448,99654,995 link
Los Ríos (XIV) Ranco Río Bueno 2,21232,62733,166 link
Lago Ranco 1,76310,09810,810 link
La Unión 2,13739,44743,093 link
Futrono 2,12114,98116,403 link
Valdivia Valdivia 1,016140,559166,048 link
Panguipulli 3,29233,27336,261 link
Paillaco 89619,23720,798 link
Mariquina 1,32118,22321,845 link
Máfil 5837,2137,464 link
Los Lagos 1,79120,16822,457 link
Lanco 53215,10717,455 link
Corral 7675,4635,748 link
Los Lagos (X) Chiloé Quinchao 1618,9768,934 link
Quemchi 4408,6899,109 link
Quellón 3,24421,82329,951 link
Queilén 2245,1385,551 link
Puqueldón 974,1604,053 link
Dalcahue 1,23910,69315,005 link
Curaco de Vélez 803,4034,128 link
Chonchi 1,36212,57215,086 link
Castro 42839,36648,247 link
Ancud 1,25239,94643,832 link
Llanquihue Puerto Varas 4,06532,91240,315 link
Puerto Montt 1,673175,938239,534 link
Maullín 86115,58015,788 link
Los Muermos 1,24616,96416,692 link
Llanquihue 42116,33718,036 link
Frutillar 83115,52517,224 link
Fresia 1,27812,80412,868 link
Cochamó 3,9114,3634,159 link
Calbuco 59131,07034,638 link
Osorno San Pablo 63710,16210,510 link
San Juan de la Costa 1,5178,8317,646 link
Río Negro 1,26614,73213,826 link
Puyehue 1,59811,36811,109 link
Purranque 1,45920,70521,478 link
Puerto Octay 1,79610,2369,680 link
Osorno 951145,475157,389 link
Palena Palena 2,7641,6902,131 link
Hualaihué 2,7888,27310,923 link
Futaleufú 1,2801,8263,339 link
Chaitén 8,4717,1823,533 link
Austral Chile Aysén (XI) Aysén Guaitecas 7871,5391,733 link
Cisnes 15,8315,7395,339 link
Aysén 29,97022,35327,316 link
Capitán Prat Tortel 19,931507649 link
O'Higgins 8,183463657 link
Cochrane 8,9312,8673,336 link
Coyhaique Lago Verde 5,6221,0621,005 link
Coihaique 7,32050,04159,862 link
General Carrera Río Ibáñez 5,9972,4772,367 link
Chile Chico 5,9224,4445,070 link
Magallanes (XII) Antártica Chilena Cabo de Hornos 15,8542,2622,782 link
Antártica 1,250,000130184 link
Magallanes San Gregorio 6,8841,158342 link
Río Verde 9,975358134 link
Punta Arenas 17,846119,496129,555 link
Laguna Blanca 3,696663587 link
Tierra del Fuego Timaukel 10,996423191 link
Primavera 4,6141,016553 link
Porvenir 6,9835,4657,296 link
Última Esperanza Torres del Paine 6,470739732 link
Natales 48,97419,11621,392 link

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<i>Antártica</i> (commune) Commune in Magallanes Region, Chile

Antártica is a Chilean commune in Antártica Chilena Province, Magallanes y la Antártica Chilena Region, which covers all the Chilean Antarctic Territory. It ranges from 53°W to 90°W and from the South Pole to 60°S, overlapping the Argentine and British Antarctic claims, and is the largest and least populated commune in Chile, being over 25 times the size of the next largest commune, Natales. It is administered by the Cabo de Hornos municipality in the South American mainland.


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