Communist Party of Kyrgyzstan

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Communist Party of Kyrgyzstan

Коммунистическая Партия Киргизстана
SecretaryClara Azhibekovna
Founded29 August 1999
Headquarters Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Ideology Communism
Political position Far-left
Continental affiliation Communist Party of the Soviet Union
Seats in the Supreme Council
0 / 120

The Communist Party of Kyrgyzstan (Russian: Коммунистическая Партия КиргизстанаKommunisticheskaya Partiya Kirgizstana) is a communist party in Kyrgyzstan. KPK was founded on 21 August 1999, following a split in the Party of Communists of Kyrgyzstan.

KPK did not participate in the 2000 parliamentary elections. It publishes Kommunisty Kyrgyzstana.

The party is affiliated to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union of Oleg Shenin. [1]

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Bishkek Capital of Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek, formerly Pishpek and Frunze, is the capital and largest city of Kyrgyzstan. Bishkek is also the administrative centre of the Chuy Region. The province surrounds the city, although the city itself is not part of the province, but rather a province-level unit of Kyrgyzstan.

History of Kyrgyzstan Historical development of Kyrgyzstan

The history of the Kyrgyz people and the land now called Kyrgyzstan goes back more than 3,000 years. Although geographically isolated by its mountainous location, it had an important role as part of the historical Silk Road trade route. In between periods of self-government it was ruled by Göktürks, the Uyghur Empire, and the Khitan people, before being conquered by the Mongols in the 13th century; subsequently it regained independence but was invaded by Kalmyks, Manchus and Uzbeks. In 1876 it became part of the Russian Empire, remaining in the USSR as the Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic after the Russian Revolution. Following Mikhael Gorbachev's democratic reforms in the USSR, in 1990 pro-independence candidate Askar Akayev was elected president of the SSR. On 31 August 1991, Kyrgyzstan declared independence from Moscow, and a democratic government was subsequently established.

The Party of Communists of Kyrgyzstan is a political party in Kyrgyzstan. PKK was founded on June 22, 1992.

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Roza Otunbayeva President of Kyrgyzstan

Roza Isakovna Otunbayeva is a Kyrgyz diplomat and politician who served as the President of Kyrgyzstan from 7 April 2010 until 1 December 2011. She was sworn in on July 3, 2010, after acting as interim leader following the 2010 April revolution which led to the ousting of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev. She previously served as Minister of Foreign Affairs and as head of the parliamentary caucus for the Social Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan.

Nasirdin Isanov Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan

Nasirdin Isanovich Isanov served as the first Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan from 30 August 1991 to 29 November 1991.

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2007 Kyrgyz parliamentary election

Early parliamentary elections were held in Kyrgyzstan on 16 December 2007. The election was called by President Kurmanbek Bakiyev after the constitutional referendum on 21 October 2007 approved a new electoral system and constitutional reform proposals, enlarging the parliament to 90 MPs and introducing party-list voting.

Communist Party of the Soviet Union (2001) Political party founded in 2001

The Communist Party of the Soviet Union is an organization which split from the Union of Communist Parties — Communist Party of the Soviet Union in 2001 after disagreements between Oleg Shenin and Gennady Zyuganov over the creation of a united communist party of the Union of Belarus and Russia. It had been led by Shenin until his death in May 2009.

Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic union republic of the Soviet Union

Kirghizia, officially the Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic and the Republic of Kirghizia, also referred to as Soviet Kirghizia, was one of the constituent republics of the Soviet Union (USSR) from 1936 to 1991.

The Communist Party of Kirghizia was the ruling political party and the arm of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in the Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic.

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Turar Ryskululy Ryskulov was a Soviet politician, the chairman of the Central Electoral Committee of the Turkestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.

Turdakun Usubaliev Soviet politician (1919-2015)

Turdakun Usubalievich Usubaliev was a Soviet Union-era Kyrgyz politician and First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kyrgyzstan in the period 1961–1985.

2017 Kyrgyz presidential election elections

Presidential elections were held in Kyrgyzstan on 15 October 2017. Incumbent President Almazbek Atambayev was not allowed to run again because the constitution sets a single six-year term for the head of state. Eleven candidates registered for the race, and from this field Sooronbay Jeenbekov of the Social Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan won more than 50% of the vote, avoiding a runoff. Following certification of the results on 30 October, Jeenbekov was inaugurated as President of Kyrgyzstan on 24 November.

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Iskhak Razzakov First secretary of Communist Party of Kirghizia

Iskhak Razzakov was the first secretary of Communist Party of Kirghizia from 7 July 1950 to 9 May 1961.


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