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Coat of arms of the counts of Foix

The Count of Foix ruled the independent County of Foix, in what is now southern France, during the Middle Ages. The House of Foix eventually extended its power across the Pyrenees mountain range, moving their court to Pau in Béarn. The Countess Catherine became queen of Navarre in 1483. The last count unified with King Henry IV of France in 1607.


List of counts of Foix

House of Foix

Roger I
second son of Bernard-Roger and Garsenda, Countess of Bigorre
never marriedc. 1064
third son of Bernard-Roger and Garsenda, Countess of Bigorre
two son
c. 1071
Roger II
eldest son of Pierre-Bernard and Ledgarde
(1) Sicarda
no issues
(2) Stephanie of Besalú
four children
c. 1124
Roger III
eldest son of Roger II and Stephanie of Besalú
(1) ?
one daughter
(2) Jimena of Barcelona
bef. 8 July 1130
two children
c. 1148
Roger-Bernard I
c. 1130
only son of Roger III and Jimena of Barcelona
Cecilia of Béziers
11 July 1151
five children
November 1188
aged 57–58
Raimond-Roger of Foix.jpg c. 1152
second son of Roger-Bernard I and Cecilia of Béziers
Philippa of Montcada
two children
27 March 1223
Château de Mirepoix
aged 70–71
Roger-Bernard II
Roger-Bernard II of Foix.jpg c. 1195
only son of Raymond-Roger and Philippa of Montcada
(1) Ermesinda, Viscountess of Castelbón
10 January 1203
two children
(2) Ermengarde of Narbonne
23 January 1232
one daughter
26 May 1241
aged 45–46
Roger IV
only son of Roger-Bernard II and Ermesinda, Viscountess of Castelbón
Brunissenda of Cardona
17 February 1231
five children
24 February 1265
Roger-Bernard III
Roger1276.jpg c. 1243
eldest son of Roger IV and Brunissenda of Cardona
Margaret, Viscountess of Béarn
14 October 1252
five children
3 March 1302
aged 59

House of Foix-Béarn

Gaston I
Gatson1.jpg c. 1287
only son of Roger-Bernard III and Margaret, Viscountess of Béarn
Joan of Artois
October 1301
six children
13 December 1315
Maubuisson Abbey, Pontoise
aged 27–28
Gaston II
Gaston II de Foix-Bearn.jpg c. 1308
eldest son of Gaston I and Joan of Artois
Eleanor of Comminges
one son
26 September 1343
aged 34–35
Gaston III Phoebus
Gaston Phoebus.jpg 30 April 1331
only son of Gaston II and Eleanor of Comminges
Agnes of Navarre
4 August 1349
one son
1 August 1391
aged 60
c. 1363
second son of Roger Bernard IV, Viscount of Castelbon and Gerauda of Navailles
Joanna of Aragon
4 June 1392
no issues
August 1398
aged 34–35
with Archambaud (13981412)
with John I (14121428)
Isabelle de Foix-Castelbon.jpg bef. 2 November 1361
only daughter of Roger Bernard IV, Viscount of Castelbon and Gerauda of Navailles
five children
c. 1428
aged 46+
Archambaud de Grailly
with Isabella
Archambaud de Grailly.jpg c. 1329-1330
second son of Pierre II de Grailly and Erembourga de Périgord
c. 1412
aged 81–83

House of Foix-Grailly

John I
with Isabella (14121428)
c. 1382
eldest son of Archambaud and Isabella
(1) Joan of Navarre
12 November 1402
Royal Palace of Olite
no issues
(2) Jeanne d'Albret
23 May 1422
two sons
(3) Joanna of Urgell
May 1436
no issues
4 May 1436
Mazères, Ariège
aged 53–54
Gaston IV
Seal of Gaston IV, Count of Foix.jpg 27 November 1422
eldest son of John I and Jeanne d'Albret
Eleanor of Navarre
30 July 1436
ten children
25/28 July 1472
aged 49
Francis Phoebus
November/December 1466
only son of Gaston of Foix, Prince of Viana and Magdalena of Valois
never married30 January 1483
aged 16
with John II
Catherine of Navarre.jpg 1468
only daughter of Gaston of Foix, Prince of Viana and Magdalena of Valois
14 July 1484
Palacio Real de Olite
thirteen children
12 February 1517
aged 48–49
John II
with Catherine
John III of Navarre.jpg 1469
second son of Alain I of Albret and Françoise, Countess of Périgord
14 June 1516
Château de Pau
aged 46–47

House of Albret

Henry I
HenridAlbret16th.jpg 18 April 1503
third son of John II and Catherine
Margaret of Angoulême
24 January 1527
two children
25 May 1555
aged 52
with Anthony
Jeanne-albret-navarre.jpg 7 January 1528
only daughter of Henry I and Margaret of Angoulême
(1) William, Duke of Jülich-Cleves-Berg
14 June 1541
Château de Châtellerault
no issues
(2) Anthony of Navarre
20 October 1548
Moulins en Bourbonnais, Allier
five children
9 June 1572
aged 44
with Joan
Antoine-de-bourbon.jpg 22 April 1518
La Fère, Picardy
second son of Charles, Duke of Vendôme and Françoise of Alençon
20 October 1548
Moulins en Bourbonnais, Allier
five children
17 November 1562
Les Andelys, Eure
aged 44

House of Bourbon

Henry II
Musee national du Chateau de Pau - Portait d'Henri IV vers 1575 - P 82 1 1.jpg 13 December 1553
Château de Pau
second son of Anthony and Joan
(1) Margaret of Valois
18 August 1572
Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris
no issues
(2) Marie de' Medici
17 December 1600
six children
14 May 1610
aged 56

In 1607 the county of Foix was reunited to the French crown.

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County of Foix Place in France

The County of Foix was an independent medieval fief in southern France, and later a province of France, whose territory corresponded roughly the eastern part of the modern département of Ariège.


Bigorre is a region in southwest France, historically an independent county and later a French province, located in the upper watershed of the Adour, on the northern slopes of the Pyrenees, part of the larger region known as Gascony. Today Bigorre comprises the centre and west of the département of Hautes-Pyrénées, with two small exclaves in the neighbouring Pyrénées Atlantiques. Its inhabitants are called Bigourdans.

John III of Navarre King of Navarre

John III was jure uxoris King of Navarre from 1484 until his death, as husband and co-ruler with Queen Catherine.


Nébouzan was a small province of France located in the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains, in the southwest of France. It was not a contiguous province, but it was made up of several detached territories, approximately half of them around the town of Saint-Gaudens in the south of the present-day département of Haute-Garonne, and the other half around the town of Lannemezan in the east of the present-day département of Hautes-Pyrénées. The capital of Nébouzan was Saint-Gaudens.

Matthew was a Count of Foix, sovereign Viscount of Béarn as its lord, and military leader. In 1391. he succeeded Gaston Phoebus, his first cousin once removed, as Count of Foix. He confirmed the sovereignty of Béarn, also contesting Martin I of Aragon for the throne of Aragon after Martin succeeded John I of Aragon in 1396. His wife Joanna was the elder daughter of John I of Aragon, but she died childless.

Gaston III, Count of Foix

Gaston Fébus [also spelt Phoebus] was the eleventh count of Foix and viscount of Béarn from 1343 until his death.

Eleanor of Navarre Queen of Navarre

Eleanor of Navarre, was the regent of Navarre from 1455 to 1479, then briefly the queen regnant of Navarre in 1479. She was crowned on 28 January 1479 in Tudela.

Gaston IV, Count of Foix

Gaston IV was the sovereign Viscount of Béarn and the Count of Foix and Bigorre in France from 1436 to 1472. He also held the viscounties of Marsan, Castelbon, Nébouzan, Villemeur and Lautrec and was, by virtue of the county of Foix, co-prince of Andorra. From 1447 he was also Viscount of Narbonne. Through his marriage to Eleonor, heiress of the Kingdom of Navarre, he also held the title of Prince of Navarre.

Viscounts of Béarn

The viscounts of Béarn were the rulers of the viscounty of Béarn, located in the Pyrenees mountains and in the plain at their feet, in southwest France. Along with the three Basque provinces of Soule, Lower Navarre, and Labourd, as well as small parts of Gascony, it forms the current département of Pyrénées-Atlantiques (64).

Roger-Bernard III, Count of Foix

Roger-Bernard III was the Count of Foix from 1265 to his death. He was the son of Roger IV of Foix and Brunissende of Cardona. He entered into conflicts with both Philip III of France and Peter III of Aragon, who held him in captivity for a time. He was nevertheless a distinguished poet and troubadour.

Viscounty of Béarn

The Viscounty, later Principality, of Béarn was a medieval lordship in the far south of France, part of the Duchy of Gascony from the late ninth century. In 1347 the viscount refused to acknowledge the suzerainty of the French king and declared Béarn an independent principality. It later entered a personal union with the Kingdom of Navarre in 1479 and with France in 1589. In 1620 the prince formally incorporated Béarn as a province of France.

The precise style of French Sovereigns varied over the years. Currently, there is no French sovereign; three distinct traditions exist, each claiming different forms of title.

Spanish conquest of Iberian Navarre A war in the early sixteenth century

The Spanish conquest of the Iberian part of Navarre was initiated by Ferdinand II of Aragon and completed by his grandson and successor Charles V in a series of military campaigns lasting from 1512 to 1524. Ferdinand was both the king of Aragon and regent of Castile in 1512. When Pope Julius II declared a Holy League against France in late 1511, Navarre attempted to remain neutral. Ferdinand used this as an excuse to attack Navarre, conquering it while its potential protector, France, was beset by England, Venice, and Ferdinand's own Italian armies.

Joan of Artois, Countess of Foix, Viscountess of Béarn, was a French noblewoman, and the wife of Gaston I de Foix, Count of Foix, Viscount of Béarn. From 1331 to 1347 she was imprisoned by her eldest son on charges of scandalous conduct, dissolution, and profligacy.

Isabella, Countess of Foix

Isabella of Foix also known as Isabella of Foix-Castelbon was sovereign Countess of Foix and Viscountess of Béarn from 1399 until 1428. She was Countess of Foix in her own right, but shared power with her husband and later with her son. She succeeded as countess along with her husband upon the death of her childless brother Matthew.

John I, Count of Foix also known as Jean de Foix-Grailly was Count of Foix from 1428 until his death in 1436. He succeeded his mother Isabella, Countess of Foix. His father was Archambaud de Grailly.

Gaston I of Foix or Gaston VIII of Foix-Béarn was the 9th Count of Foix, the 22nd Viscount of Béarn and Co-Prince of Andorra.

Jacques de Foix, Count of Montfort

Jacques de Foix (1463–1508) was a Count of Montfort and "Captal Buch," and the so-called “Infante of Navarre”.

Archambaud, Count of Foix

Archambaud de Grailly was Viscount of Castillon and Gruson from 1356 until his death, and from 1369 Count of Bénauges and Captal de Buch. He was the younger son of Peter II of Grailly and his wife, Rosamburge of Périgord and was Count of Foix by his marriage to Isabella, Countess of Foix.

Margaret of Béarn

Margaret of Béarn was a noblewoman who ruled lands near the Pyrenees mountains and in the southwestern part of present-day France. She inherited the lands, assets and title, Viscountess of Béarn, on the death of her father in 1290. Later, she inherited the assets and title of Countess of Bigorre, from her sister when she died in 1310.