Counts of Dreux

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Coat of arms of the Counts of Dreux. Arms of Robert de Dreux.svg
Coat of arms of the Counts of Dreux.

The Counts of Dreux were a noble family of France, who took their title from the chief stronghold of their domain, the château of Dreux, which lies near the boundary between Normandy and the Île-de-France. They are notable for inheriting the Duchy of Brittany through Pierre de Dreux's marriage to Alix de Thouars in the early 13th century.



In the tenth century the lands belonged to the forebears of the Capetians; they passed by marriage to Walter, Count of the Vexin, then to Richard I of Normandy. In 1017 the lands were given as dowry to Richard's illegitimate daughter Matilda, who married Odo II, Count of Blois.

King Robert II of France confiscated the lands of Dreux from Odo, and they formed part of the royal domain until Louis the Fat granted the county of Dreux as an appanage to his son Robert. The descendants of Robert held the county of Dreux until 1355, when the heiress, Countess Joan II of Dreux, married Simon de Thouars. Simon and Joan had three daughters and no sons; their daughters sold their interests in the county of Dreux to King Charles VI.

King Charles gave the county of Dreux as a dowry in the marriage of his kinswoman Marguerite de Bourbon, daughter of Peter, Duke of Bourbon and of Isabella de Valois, daughter of Charles of Valois, with Arnaud-Amanieu d'Albret in 1382. The county returned to the crown in 1556, and thereafter formed part of the royal domain, then the lands of François, Duke of Anjou, and after his death was sold to the Duke of Nemours. It returned to the royal domain in the reign of Louis XV.

List of counts of Dreux

Capetian House of Dreux

Robert I the Great
Robert Dreux.jpg c. 1123
fifth son of Louis VI of France and Adélaide of Maurienne
(1) Agnes of Garlande (1122–1143), daughter of Anseau de Garlande, Count of Rochefort; married 1139/41, one son
(2) Hawise of Salisbury (1118 – 13 Jan 1152), daughter of Walter Fitz Edward of Salisbury, Sheriff of Wiltshire; married 1144/45, one daughter
(3) Agnes of Baudemont (1130 – 24 July 1204), daughter of Guy de Baudement, Count of Braine; married 1152, ten children
11 October 1188
aged 64–65
Robert II
Robert II of Dreux.gif c. 1154
eldest son of Robert and Agnes of Baudemont
(1) Matilda of Burgundy
no issue
(2) Yolande of Coucy
twelve children
28 December 1218
aged 63–64
Robert III Gasteblé
Robert 3 count of dreux.jpg c. 1185
eldest son of Robert II and Yolande of Coucy
Aénor of Saint-Valery
four children
3 March 1234
aged 48–49
John I
Blason Robert III de Dreux avant 1198.svg c. 1215
eldest son of Robert III and Aénor of Saint-Valery
Marie of Bourbon-Dampierre
April 1240
three children
c. 1249
aged 33–34
Robert IV
Robert IV of Dreux.jpg c. 1241
eldest son of John I and Marie of Bourbon-Dampierre
Beatrice of Montfort
six children
12 November 1282
aged 40–41
John II the Good
Blason Robert III de Dreux avant 1198.svg c. 1265
eldest son of Robert IV and Beatrice of Montfort
(1) Joan of Montpensier
five children
(2) Perrenelle of Sully
January 1308
one daughter
c. 1309
aged 43–44
Robert V
Blason Robert III de Dreux avant 1198.svg c. 1293
eldest son of John II and Joan of Montpensier
Marie of Enghien
April 1321
no issues
22 March 1329
aged 35–36
John III
Blason Robert III de Dreux avant 1198.svg c. 1295
second son of John II and Joan of Montpensier
Ida of Rosny
no issues
c. 1331
aged 35–36
Peter I
Blason Robert III de Dreux avant 1198.svg c. 1298
third son of John II and Joan of Montpensier
Isabeau de Melun
one daughter
3 November 1345
aged 46–47
Joan I
under the regency of Countess Isabeau
Blason Robert III de Dreux avant 1198.svg c. 1345
Chateau de Gamaches
only daughter of Peter I and Isabeau de Melun
never marriedc. 1346
aged 1
Joan II
with Louis I
Blason Robert III de Dreux avant 1198.svg c. 1309
only daughter of John II and Perrenelle of Sully
Louis I of Thouars
five children
c. 1355
aged 45–46
Louis I
with Joan II
Blason famille fr Thouars.svg c. 1310
eldest son of John I of Thouars and Blanche of Brabant
(1) Joan II of Dreux
five children

(2) Isabeau d'Avaugour
July 1361
no issues

7 April 1370
aged 59–60

House of Thouars

In 1377, the three sisters sold Dreux to the French crown.

House of Albret

House of Valois-Angoulême

Catherine de medici widow clouet.jpg 13 April 1519
only daughter of Lorenzo II de' Medici, Duke of Urbino and Madeleine de La Tour d'Auvergne
Henry II of France
28 October 1533
ten children
5 January 1589
Château de Blois
aged 69
duc de Dreux
Fd'Alencon.jpg 18 March 1555
Château de Fontainebleau
fifth son of Henry II of France and Catherine
never married19 June 1584
aged 29

House of Bourbon

Charles III
CharlesdeBourbonComtedeSoissonCustos.jpg 3 November 1566
sixth son of Louis I de Bourbon, prince de Condé and Françoise d'Orléans-Longueville
Anne de Montafié
27 December 1601
five children
1 November 1612
Château de Blandy
aged 45
Louis III
Chateau de Beauregard - Louis, Count of Soissons.jpg 1 May 1604
Hôtel de Soissons
only son of Charles III and Anne de Montafié
never married6 July 1641
aged 36
Painting of Marie de Bourbon, Dowager Princess of Carignano in circa 1650 by an unknown artist.png 3 March 1606
Hôtel de Soissons
second daughter of Charles III and Anne de Montafié
Thomas Francis, Prince of Carignano
6 January 1625
seven children
3 June 1692
Hôtel de Soissons
aged 86

House of Savoy-Carignano

Eugene Maurice, Count of Soissons
Eugen Moritz von Soissons Pierre Mignard.jpg 2 May 1635

Chambéry, Savoie, Rhone-Alpes, France

Olympia Mancini
21 February 1657
eight children
6 June 1673
aged 38
Emmanuel Philibert of Carignano
Armoiries Savoie-Carignan-Soissons.svg 16 October 1662
fourth son of Eugene Maurice and Olympia Mancini
never married12 June 1676
aged 13

House of Longueville

1705 Portrait of the widowed Marie d'Orleans, Duchess of Nemours by Hyacinthe Rigaud (Lausanne).jpg 5 March 1625
eldest daughter of Henri II d'Orléans, duc de Longueville and Louise de Bourbon
Henri II, Duke of Nemours
22 May 1657
no issues
16 June 1707
aged 82

House of Bourbon

Louis Joseph
Duc de Vendome 1706.PNG 1 July 1654
eldest son of Louis de Bourbon, Duke of Vendôme and Laura Mancini
Marie Anne de Bourbon
Chateau de Sceaux
21 May 1710
no issues
11 June 1712
aged 57
Marie Anne
Portrait of Mademoiselle de Montmorency (1678-1718) future Duchess of Vendome (Copy of an original in the Chateau d'Eu).jpg 24 February 1678
Hôtel de Condé
fifth daughter of Henri Jules de Bourbon, prince de Condé and Anne Henriette
Louis Joseph de Bourbon, Duke of Vendôme
Chateau de Sceaux
21 May 1710
no issues
11 April 1718
Hôtel de Vendôme
aged 40

House of Palatinate-Simmern

Anne Henriette
Anne de Baviere par Gobert.jpg 13 March 1648
second daughter of Edward of the Palatinate-Simmern and Anna Gonzaga
Henri Jules de Bourbon, prince de Condé
Chateau de Sceaux
11 December 1663
ten children
23 February 1723
Petit Luxembourg
aged 74

House of Bourbon

Anne Louise Bénédicte
Duchesse du Maine.jpeg 8 November 1676
Hôtel de Condé
fourth daughter of Henri Jules de Bourbon, prince de Condé and Anne Henriette
Louis-Auguste de Bourbon, duc du Maine
Palace of Versailles
19 May 1692
seven children
23 January 1753
Hôtel du Maine
aged 76
Louis Auguste
Troy - Louis Auguste de Bourbon, Prince of Dombes in armour.jpg 4 March 1700
Palace of Versailles
second son of Louis-Auguste de Bourbon, duc du Maine and Anne Louise Bénédicte
never married1 October 1755
Palace of Fontainebleau
aged 55
Louis Charles
Louis Charles de Bourbon, Count of Eu, unknown artist.jpg 5 October 1701
Château de Sceaux
third son of Louis-Auguste de Bourbon, duc du Maine and Anne Louise Bénédicte
never married13 July 1775
Château de Sceaux
aged 73
Louis Jean Marie
Louis Jean Marie de Bourbon, duc de Penthievre.jpg 16 November 1725
Château de Rambouillet
only son of Louis-Alexandre de Bourbon, comte de Toulouse and Marie Victoire de Noailles
Maria Teresa d'Este
Palace of Versailles
29 December 1744
seven children
4 March 1793
Château de Bizy
aged 67

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