Crauford Kent

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Crauford Kent
Crauford Kent, film actor (SAYRE 4203).jpg
Kent in 1925
Crauford Kent

(1881-10-12)12 October 1881
London, England, UK
Died14 May 1953(1953-05-14) (aged 71)
Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
Resting place Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park
Other namesCraufurd Kent
Crawford Kent
Years active1915–1952

Crauford Kent (12 October 1881 14 May 1953 [1] ) was an English-born character film actor, in the United States. He has also been credited as Craufurd Kent [2] and Crawford Kent. [3]



Kent in July 1918 Crauford Kent - Jul 1918 EH.jpg
Kent in July 1918

Crauford Kent was born on October 12, 1881 in London, England.[ citation needed ] A stage actor in England, Kent first came to the United States as first class passenger on the S/S Teutonic, docking at the Port of New York late in July 1910; for some time afterwards, he acted both in Great Britain and the United States. Between 1915 and 1952, Kent appeared in 208 American films, although frequently without screen credit, including Silas Marner , Seven Keys to Baldpate , The Ace of Scotland Yard , The Menace , The Wolf of Wall Street , Little Miss Marker , The Picture of Dorian Gray , The Dolly Sisters , and Pat and Mike . [ citation needed ]

Personal life

Kent died in Hollywood, California of a heart attack at age 72. [4] His grave is located at Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park.

Selected filmography

Crauford Kent and Lillian Rich in Grief Street (1931) Crauford Kent in Grief Street.jpg
Crauford Kent and Lillian Rich in Grief Street (1931)

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