Crime and Punishment (1935 French film)

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Crime and Punishment
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French Crime et châtiment
Directed by Pierre Chenal
Written by
Based on Crime and Punishment
by Fyodor Dostoevsky
Produced byMichel Kagansky
Cinematography René Colas
Joseph-Louis Mundwiller
Edited byAndré Galitzine
Music by Arthur Honegger
Général Productions
Distributed byLes Grands Spectacles Cinématographiques
Release date
  • 15 May 1935 (1935-05-15)
Running time
107 minutes

Crime and Punishment (French: Crime et châtiment) is a 1935 French crime drama film directed by Pierre Chenal and produced by Michel Kagansky starring Harry Baur, Pierre Blanchar and Madeleine Ozeray. [1] [2] It is an adaptation of the 1866 novel of the same name by Fyodor Dostoevsky. The same year a separate American film adaptation was made featuring Peter Lorre.


The film's sets were designed by the art director Aimé Bazin. Chenal rejected Bazin's original designs as too realistic and historically faithful, as he wished to create a more expressionist ambience for the film. [3]

Critical reception

Writing for The Spectator in 1936, Graham Greene gave the film a moderately good review, praising the direction and the camerawork particularly during the murder scene, the fidelity of the film to the text upon which it was based, and the acting of Pierre Blanchar in portraying Raskolnikov. Of Harry Bauer's portrayal of Porphyrius, Greene described the acting as "a lovely performance, the finest I have seen in the cinema this year". For Greene, the major problem with the film was that by converting it into a film in the third party instead of approaching the tale from within Raskolnikov's mind, the film was necessarily curtailed. [4]


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