Cristobal's Gold

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Cristobal's Gold
Cristobal's Gold.jpg
Directed by Jean Stelli
Jacques Becker
Written by
Edited by Marguerite Renoir
Music by Jean Wiener
Les Films Béril
Distributed bySociété Nouvelle des Films Dispa
Release date
22 April 1940
Running time
80 minutes

Cristobal's Gold (French: L'or du Cristobal) is a 1940 French drama film directed by Jean Stelli and Jacques Becker and starring Charles Vanel, Conchita Montenegro and Albert Préjean. Jean Renoir helped the original director, Jacques Becker, prepare the film and worked on the script, before Becker quit after three weeks and was replaced by Jean Stelli. [1] The film is based on a novel by Albert t'Serstevens. It was shot at the Boulogne Studios in Paris and the Victorine Studios in Nice with location shooting taking place around Villefranche-sur-Mer. The film's sets were designed by the art director Eugène Lourié.



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