D1 (building)

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Dubai Number One
D1 Tower Under Construction on 18 October 2007.jpg
D1 tower under construction in Culture Village in 2007.
D1 (building)
General information
Location Culture Village, Al Khail Road
Coordinates 25°13′37.90″N55°20′26.52″E / 25.2271944°N 55.3407000°E / 25.2271944; 55.3407000 Coordinates: 25°13′37.90″N55°20′26.52″E / 25.2271944°N 55.3407000°E / 25.2271944; 55.3407000
Construction started2007
Estimated completion2015
Opening2015 [1]
Roof284 m (932 ft)
Technical details
Floor count80
Design and construction
ArchitectInnovarchi, and Holford Associates [1]
Developer ENSHAA PSC [2]

D1 (meaning Dubai Number One) is an 80 floor, 284 m (932 ft) tall residential skyscraper, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. D1, completed in 2015, features a skyrise lounge, private cinema, indoor pool, gymnasium and concierge services. D1 is adjacent to the Palazzo Versace Dubai. [1]



The tower has a total structural height of 284 m (932 ft), but the design originally included a spire that would bring the total height to 350 m (1,150 ft). Construction of D1 was completed in 2013.

Similarities with Q1

The tower is the sister of the world's seventh tallest residential building, Q1 in Gold Coast, Australia. Although they will look similar, D1 will be structurally shorter, whilst having a taller roof height. This is because Q1 has a roof height of 275 m (902 ft) with a spire increasing the total height to 323 m (1,060 ft).

The appearance of D1 is also quite distinct from Q1. The facades of D1, designed by Innovarchi (directors Ken McBryde and Stephanie Smith) enhance the form of the tower and emphasize the sheer nature of the layered glass curtain wall. The primary facades are conceived as a series of layers to protect against the harsh environment. The timber canopy around the base, is inspired by the craft of Dhow trading boat construction that used to occur on the site. Installation of the canopy is expected from September 2012. The undulating timber structure provides a shaded threshold between the air conditioned internal spaces, bright and hot exterior. It also acts as a moderator between three surrounding scales: the High Speed Freeway / Urban Landmark Scale; the Precinct Scale and the Human Scale.

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