Daiwa Securities Group

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Daiwa Securities Group Inc.
Type Public (K.K)
TYO: 8601
TOPIX Large 70 Component
Industry Investment banking
Founded1943 (1943)
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Key people
Hibino Takashi (President and CEO)
Products Financial services
Investment banking
Investment management
Brokerage firm
Total assets $196.7 billion (2015) [1]
Number of employees
14,456 (at March 2008)
Website www.daiwa-grp.jp/english/
The headquarters of Daiwa Securities Capital Markets in Tokyo, Japan. GranTokyo north tower.JPG
The headquarters of Daiwa Securities Capital Markets in Tokyo, Japan.

Daiwa Securities Group Inc. (大和証券グループ本社, Daiwa Shōken Gurūpu Honsha) is a Japanese investment bank that is the second largest securities brokerage after Nomura Securities. [2]


Major subsidiaries include Daiwa Securities, which offers retail services such as online trading to individual investors and investment banking services in Japan, as well as Daiwa Capital Markets, the firm's international investment banking arm (with a presence across Asia, Europe and North America) that provides M&A advisory, sales and trading services in a variety of financial products to corporate and institutional clients. Other group companies provide asset management, research and private equity fund services.

The company is the fourth largest shareholder in SL Green Realty. [3]

Member companies


Daiwa Securities Capital Markets Company

The company was founded in 1999 as Daiwa Securities SB Capital Markets Co. Ltd., a joint venture between Daiwa Securities Group (Daiwa) and Sumitomo Bank (SB). It was renamed in 2001 to Daiwa Securities SMBC Co. Ltd., after Sumitomo Bank merged with Sakura Bank on 1 April 2001 to form Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group (SMFG). However, in 2010, SMBC acquired Nikko Cordial (Japan's third largest brokerage at that time). Following this step, Daiwa dissolved the joint-venture with SMBC and re-acquired 100% of the shares in the company, before renaming it again as Daiwa Securities Capital Markets Co. Ltd. Finally, about two years later, the company was absorbed in a merger leaving Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd as the sole entity. [5]


In July 2012, Daiwa Securities Group was chosen by the Central Bank of Myanmar to spearhead a $380-million project designed to develop an IT network for the Myanmar government that would connect all ministries as well as schools and hospitals to a cloud computing system and would also entail a secure online banking system for the country. [6]

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