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Dan Swanö
Nightingale Nosturi 20032008 DanSwano 02.jpg
Dan Swanö live at Nosturi
Background information
Also known asDay DiSyraah
Born (1973-03-10) 10 March 1973 (age 47)
Finspång, Sweden
Origin Örebro
Genres Progressive metal, death metal, progressive rock, power metal, avant-garde metal, gothic rock, melodic death metal, black metal, doom metal
InstrumentsVocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, percussion, saxophone, cello, programming
Years active1988–present
Labels Black Mark
Associated acts Therion, Edge of Sanity, Bloodbath, Katatonia, Nightingale, Opeth, Ribspreader, Millencolin, Witherscape, Marduk, Threshold, Star One (band)

Dan-Erland Swanö, [1] also known as Dan "The Man" Swanö (born 10 March 1973), is a Swedish musician and record producer who is currently the vocalist, guitarist, ex-bassist and ex-drummer for the band Nightingale, lately vocalist, keyboardist and drummer for the band Witherscape, as well as the owner of Unisound, but he achieved fame as the vocalist and songwriter of progressive death metal band Edge of Sanity.


As a multi-instrumentalist he is regarded as influential in the underground melodic death metal, black metal, progressive metal, death metal, progressive rock, and power metal communities. He is known for his progressive rock-influenced songwriting style and his frequent use of both clean and growled vocals.


Swanö has fronted a number of bands, including Edge of Sanity, Brejn Dedd, Unicorn, Infestdead and Route Nine. He has also been a member of Katatonia and Ribspreader, as well as playing drums and lead guitar in death metal band Bloodbath. [2]

Swanö also participated in Steel, a one-off power metal project from Sweden that featured him and members of Opeth. Started in 1996, this collaboration emerged during the recording sessions for Opeth's Morningrise album. During a jam session, when the band were soundchecking the drums, they hit upon an idea to record a short piece for fun, entitled Guitars and Metal. This gave birth to Steel. Subsequently, they were asked to record more songs and when they did, the songs which were originally meant for a demo, actually appeared on a limited picture 7" EP, entitled Heavy Metal Machine released by Near Dark Productions. To this date, it remains their sole record. Featuring only two songs, Heavy Metal Machine sounds very much like a typical 1980s power metal band, with high-pitched vocals, shredding solos, pounding bass lines and even 1980s-style sound effects (police sirens, etc.). However, the record is not meant to be taken as a serious power metal attempt, explaining Swanö's extremely high-pitched vocals. As a limited release, Heavy Metal Machine remains a collectors' item and is hard to come by.

He has also contributed his vocal talents to Arjen Lucassen's Star One project. The two musicians are good friends, with Lucassen contributing guitar parts to Swanö's Nightingale project. He can also be heard on the albums Theli and A'arab Zaraq – Lucid Dreaming by the symphonic opera metal band Therion. He was also producer and contributing writer of the band Diabolical Masquerade, the now-defunct solo avant-garde black metal band of Anders Nyström aka Blakkheim (Katatonia, Bloodbath, ex-Bewitched). He also contributed some guitar solos, backing vocals on various Diabolical Masquerade albums, and played the drums on the album Nightwork. He also produced and played the keyboards on the Memories from Nothing album by Swedish progressive rockers Another Life, released on Vic Records.

Swanö has also released a solo progressive death metal album entitled Moontower , on which he showcases his multi-instrumental talent, playing all instruments (guitar, bass, drums, keyboard) as well as providing all the vocal work.

In July 2007 he auditioned to be lead singer for the Israeli project Amaseffer but lost the part to Mats Levén.

During 2009 Swanö re-activated Odyssey, this time performing all instruments by himself. Swanö recorded 7 of his all-time favourite songs which was released in November 2010 on the album 'Reinventing The Past', together with the three 1999 tracks as a bonus on Dutch based Vic Records. His brother Dag played guest lead guitar on the song 'Gypsy' (Uriah Heep cover).

In 2013, Swanö released with his new project Witherscape the full studio album The Inheritance, with Ragnar Widerberg as co-member, and the collaboration of, amongst other guest musicians, Novembers Doom's founder Paul Kuhr. It was followed a year after by the EP The New Tomorrow. In 2016, the full studio album The Northern Sanctuary was released, via Century Media Records like its predecessors, featuring once again Paul Kuhr. [3] [4]

Dan Swanö has a diverse vocal register, encompassing many styles, which include death growls; clean, melodic singing with a warm rich tone; deep, dark, gothic vocals and thrash shouting. As a peculiarity, he is a left-handed guitarist, but plays on right-handed guitars without reversing the strings.

Unisound Studio

Unisound Studio (also Unisound Recordings [5] [6] or Gorysound Studio) [7] is a recording studio owned and operated by Dan Swanö. It used to be in Finspång, Sweden, but was closed down in around 2001 because of his family. [8] The studio was later relocated into Swanö's home in Örebro, Sweden.

Family and work

Dan with his brother Dag Nightingale Nosturi 20032008 05.jpg
Dan with his brother Dag

Despite the large amount of releases to his name, Swanö up until recently worked full-time in a music store [9] (Musikbörsen) in Örebro, near his home in Sweden, rarely doing live performances with any of his bands. Dan has an older brother, Dag Swanö who plays guitars and keyboards in Nightingale, formerly under the name of "Tom Nouga". [10]

Musical contributions

Bands Audio
MemberOther Instruments Record
Aeon [11] Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Aephanemer [12] Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Altar Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Ancient Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Ancient Ascendant Green check.svg [13] Green check.svg [13]
Another Life Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Another Perfect Day Green check.svg
Argentum Green check.svgGreen check.svg
As Light Dies Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Battlelore Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Bloodbath Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Bombshell Rocks Green check.svg
Brejn Dedd Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Bucovina Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Canopy Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Coldworker Green check.svg
Coraxo Green check.svg [14]
Cronian Green check.svg
Dark Funeral Green check.svg
Darkcide Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Darkified Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Dawn Green check.svg
Dawn of Dreams Green check.svg [15] Green check.svg
De Infernali Green check.svg
Demiurg Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Demon Project Green check.svg
Denial Green check.svg
Diabolical Masquerade Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Dissection Green check.svg
Edge of Sanity Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Effloresce Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Evergrey Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Evocation [16] Green check.svg
Evoke Green check.svg
Fall of Serenity Green check.svg
Fleshcrawl Green check.svg
Fractal Gates Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg [17]
Frameshift Green check.svg
Gates of Ishtar Green check.svg
Ghost Green check.svg
Ghostorm Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Godsend Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Gorath [18] Green check.svg
Hail of Bullets [19] Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Hallows Die Green check.svg
Hearse Green check.svg
Incision Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Infestdead Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Insomnium Green check.svg [20]
Kaoteon Green check.svg
Karaboudjan Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Katatonia Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Lay Down Rotten Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Maceration Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
M.E.S.S. Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Mahlstrøm Green check.svg
Marduk Green check.svg
Masticate Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Mechanization Green check.svg [21]
Millencolin Green check.svg
Mirrors of Obsidian Green check.svg
Moredhel Green check.svg
Mörk Gryning Green check.svg
Motorowl Green check.svg [22] Green check.svg
MyGrain Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Nasum Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Necrochamber Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Nightingale Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Novembers Doom [23] Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Novembre Green check.svg
Nårdegaist Green check.svg
Oddland Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Odyssey [24] Green check.svg [25] Green check.svg [25] Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Omnium Gatherum Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Opeth Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Overflash Green check.svg
Pain Green check.svg
Pan.Thy.Monium Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Proserpine [26] Green check.svg
Rakshasas Green check.svg
Ribspreader Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Route Nine Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg??Green check.svg
Rytmihäiriö [27] Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Scartown Green check.svg [28]
Somnae Green check.svg [29]
Sörskogen Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Star One Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Steel Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Subway Mirror Green check.svgGreen check.svg
The Foreshadowing [30] Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Theatre of Tragedy Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Therion Green check.svg
Threshold Green check.svg
Torture Division [31] Green check.svg
Total Death Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Total Terror Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Uncanny Green check.svg
Under Black Clouds Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Vinterland Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Wake Arkane Green check.svg
Winds Green check.svg
Witherscape Green check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Wounded Knee Green check.svgGreen check.svg


1985 Ghost Djävulstriangeln VocalsDrumsDemo
1986 Ghost HollywoodVocalsDrumsDemo
1987 Ghost Solens Söner VocalsDrumsDemo
1988 Brejn Dedd First DemoBacking vocalsDrumsDemo
1988 Brejn Dedd Ugly Tapez Backing vocalsDrumsDemo
1989 Brejn Dedd Born Ugly Backing vocalsDrumsDemo
1989 Unicorn A Collection of Worlds, Part IVocalsDrumsDemo
1989 Unicorn A Collection of Worlds, Part IIVocalsDrumsDemo
1990 Masticate DesecrationVocalsGuitarsBassDemo
1990 Stygg Död Välkommen till HelvetetVocalsBassDemo
1990 Stygg Död 666+Våld VocalsBassDemo
1990 Pan.Thy.Monium ...Dawn BassKeyboardsDemo
1990 Ulan Bator Gummicancer Backing vocalsDrumsDemo
1990 Incision Perverted Possessions VocalsDrumsDemo
1990 Deppdöden Titta först på när jag dansar DrumsEP
1990 Wounded Knee SearchingBacking vocalsDrumsEP
1990 Ulan Bator På Rätt Spår Backing vocalsDrumsEP
1990 Subway Mirror/O(:the circle) PrimeVocalsGuitars
1991 Pan.Thy.Monium Dream II BassKeyboardsEP
1991 Incision Infest Incest VocalsDrumsEP, Unreleased
1991 Edge of Sanity Nothing But Death Remains VocalsAdd. GuitarKeyboards
1991 Subway Mirror/O(:the circle) GolliwogVocalsGuitars
1991 Unicorn The Weirdest of Tales VocalsDrumsDemo
1991 Wounded Knee FeelingsBacking vocalsDrums
1992 Edge of Sanity Unorthodox VocalsAdd. GuitarKeyboards
1992 Pan.Thy.Monium Dawn of Dreams BassKeyboards
1992 Maceration A Serenade of Agony Vocals
1992 Route Nine Disrupted Vacancy VocalsBassDrumsKeyboardsDemo
1992 Subway Mirror/O(:the circle) RaQVocalsGuitars
1992 Unicorn After Before VocalsDrumsDemo
1993 Edge of Sanity The Spectral Sorrows VocalsAdd. GuitarKeyboards
1993 Route Nine Before I Close My Eyes Forever VocalsBassDrumsKeyboardsEP
1993 Pan.Thy.Monium Khaooohs BassKeyboards
1993 Unicorn Ever Since VocalsDrums
1993 Subway Mirror/O(:the circle) Jpp VocalsGuitars
1994 Edge of Sanity Until Eternity Ends VocalsAdd. GuitarKeyboardsEP
1994 Edge of Sanity Purgatory Afterglow VocalsAdd. GuitarKeyboards
1994 Subway Mirror/O(:the circle)Unreleased albumVocalsGuitars
1995 Unicorn Emotional Wasteland VocalsDrums
1995 Nightingale The Breathing Shadow VocalsAll Instruments
1996 Edge of Sanity Crimson VocalsAdd. GuitarKeyboards
1996 Nightingale The Closing Chronicles VocalsGuitarsDrumsKeyboards
1996 Infestdead Killing Christ GuitarsBassDrum-programmingEP
1996 Pan.Thy.Monium Khaooohs and Kon-Fus-Ion Bass
1997 Edge of Sanity Infernal VocalsAdd. GuitarKeyboards
1998 Subway Mirror/O(:the circle) Wisepope VocalsGuitars
1997 Infestdead Hellfuck GuitarsBassDrum-programming
1998Steel Heavy Metal Machine VocalsEP
1998Dan Swanö Moontower VocalsAll Instruments
1999 Edge of Sanity Evolution VocalsAdd. GuitarKeyboardsCompilation
1999 Odyssey OdysseyVocalsAll InstrumentsEP
1999 Katatonia Tonight's Decision Session drums
1999 Infestdead JesuSatan VocalsGuitarsBassDrum-programming
2000 Nightingale I VocalsGuitarsDrumsKeyboards
2000 Bloodbath Breeding Death Backing vocalsDrumsEP
2001 Karaboudjan Sbrodj VocalsAll InstrumentsEP
2001 Route Nine The Works VocalsGuitarsBassDrumsKeyboardsCompilation
2002 Bloodbath Resurrection Through Carnage Drums
2002 Nightingale Alive Again VocalsGuitarsKeyboards
2002 Star One Space MetalVocals
2003 Edge of Sanity Crimson II VocalsAll Instruments
2004 Nightingale Invisible VocalsGuitarsKeyboards
2004 Bloodbath Nightmares Made Flesh Backing vocalsGuitarsBass
2005 Nightingale Nightfall Overture VocalsGuitarsKeyboards
2005 Nightingale Alive Again VocalsGuitarsKeyboardsLive
2006 Edge of Sanity When All Is Said VocalsAdd. GuitarKeyboardsCompilation
2007 Darkcide Split EP with Infestdead VocalsAll Instruments
2007Nightingale White Darkness VocalsGuitarKeyboards
2008 Bloodbath The Wacken Carnage Backing vocalsGuitarLive
2008 Total Terror Total Terror VocalsGuitar
2008 Nightingale Box of Rock VocalsGuitarKeyboardsCompilation
2010 Odyssey Reinventing the Past VocalsAll Instruments
2010 Star One Victims of the Modern Age Vocals
2010 Pan.Thy.Monium ...Dawn+Dream II BassKeyboardsCompilation
2012 Edge of Sanity Kur-Nu-Gi-A VocalsAdd. GuitarKeyboardsEP
2013 Witherscape The Inheritance VocalsDrumsKeyboards
2014 Nightingale Retribution VocalsGuitarsKeyboards
2014 Witherscape The New Tomorrow VocalsGuitarsKeyboardsEP
2015 Unicorn A Collection of Worlds Resurrection VocalsDrumsCompilation
2016 Infestdead Satanic SerenadesBassDrum-programmingCompilation
2016 Witherscape The Northern Sanctuary VocalsGuitarsKeyboards
2017 Nightingale Rock Hard Live Vocals Guitars Keyboards Live
2018 Ghost 1983-1988VocalsDrumsCompilation


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