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Dàndàn yōuqíng
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Studio album by
Released1983 (1983)
Label Polygram
Teresa Teng chronology
Dàndàn yōuqíng
Dandan youqing
Chinese 淡淡幽情
Literal meaningFaint Quiet Feeling

Dàndàn yōuqíng (Chinese :淡淡幽情) is a 1983 Mandarin Chinese album by Teresa Teng, first distributed by Polydor Records, Ltd. (also called Polygram now owned by Universal Music Group), from Hong Kong and Kolin Records (歌林) from Taiwan. [1] It contains twelve songs, which use poems from the Tang and Song Dynasties as lyrics.



Various sources translate the name of the album into different English-language names. The journal CHIME: European Foundation For Chinese Music Research [2] translates the name to Passionate Feelings. Sinorama [3] (now Taiwan Panorama [4] ), Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women: The Twentieth Century – 1912–2000, [5] and Encyclopædia Britannica [6] translate it to Faded Feelings. China Radio International [7] translates it to Light Exquisite Feeling.

Track listing

Each of the following poems (詞牌) was written from the Tang Dynasty to the Song Dynasty.

Total length – 39:26

Side A

  1. "Alone in the West Tower" (獨上西樓 du shang xi lou) – 2:45
    Music by Liu Chia-chang (劉家昌), arranged by Lu Dongni (盧東尼)
    Poem: "Grief" (哀思 ai si), segment of "Happy reunion" ( 相見歡 xiang jian huan) by Li Yu from Southern Tang
  2. "Wishing We Last Forever" (但願人長久 danyuan ren changjiu) – 4:06
    Music by Liang Hongzhi (梁弘志), arranged by Xiao Weichen (蕭唯忱)
    Poem:"Water song" (水調歌頭 shui diao ge tou) by Su Shi (蘇軾) from Song era
  3. "How many worries?" (幾多愁 ji duo chou) – 3:33
    Music by Tan Jianchang (譚健常), arranged by Chen Yang (陳揚)
    Poem: " Papaver rhoeas [Corn poppy]" ( 虞美人 yu mei ren) by Li Yu from Southern Tang
  4. "Ruthless Grass" (芳草無情 fang cao wuqing) – 3:02
    Composed and arranged by Zhong Zhaofeng (鐘肇峰)
    Poem: "Basil garden" ( 蘇幕遮 su mu zhe) by Fan Zhongyan (范仲淹) from Song era
  5. "Eternal night" (清夜悠悠 qing ye youyou) – 2:47
    Music by Gu Yue (古月), arranged by Lu Dongni (盧東尼)
    Poem: "Old friend from Taoyuan" ( 桃源憶故人 taoyuan yi guren) by Qin Shaoyou (秦少游) from Song era
  6. "My unexpected feelings" (有誰知我此時情 you sheizhi wo zishi qing) – 3:52
    Music by Wong Jim, arranged by Joseph Koo
    Poem: "Partridge at the sky" ( 鷓鴣天 zhegu tian) by Nie Shengqiong (聶勝瓊) from Song era

Total length in Side A – 20:05

Side B

  1. "Rouge tears" (胭脂淚 yan zhilei) – 3:04
    Music by Liu Jiachang (劉家昌), arranged by Ao Jinbao (奧金寶)
    Poem: "Night sounds" ( 烏夜啼 wu ye ti), segment of "Happy reunion" (相見歡 xiang jian huan) by Li Yu (李煜) from Southern Tang
  2. "Sounds of Leaves" (萬葉千聲 Wan ye qian sheng) – 3:06
    Music by Liu Jiachang (劉家昌), arranged by Lu Dongni (盧東尼)
    Poem: "Jade House in Spring" ( 玉樓春 yu lou chun) by Ouyang Xiu (歐陽脩) from Song era
  3. "Around the evening" (人約黃昏後 Ren yue huanghun hou) – 2:45
    Music by Weng Qingxi (翁清溪), arranged by Lu Dongni (盧東尼)
    Poem: "" ( 生查子 sheng cha zi) by Ouyang Xiu from Song era
  4. "Seeing Tears" (相看淚眼 xiangkan lei yan) – 3:49
    Music by Gu Yue (古月), arranged by Chen Yang (陳揚)
    Poem: " 雨淋鈴 " (Yu lin ling) by Liu Yong (柳永) from Song era
  5. "Remaining Silent" (欲說還休 yu shuo huan xiu) – 2:50
    Music by Zhong Zhaofeng (鐘肇峰), arranged by Xiao Weichen (蕭唯忱)
    Poem: "Homely slave" ( 醜奴兒 chou nur) by Xin Qiji (辛棄疾) from Song era
  6. "Thinking about you" (思君 si jun) – 3:47
    Composed and arranged by Chen Yang (陳揚)
    Poem: "Separate Entities: I live in Yangtze River" ( 卜算子:我住長江頭 bu suanzi: wo zhu Chang Jiang tou) by Li Ziyi ( 李之儀 ) from Song era

Total length in Side B – 19:21


As of August 2008, five million copies had been sold, making it one of the best-selling albums in Asia. [8] In March 2012, Pu Xiqian (蒲希茜) from the China News Service called this album a "perfect match (珠联璧合)" of "outstanding (卓著)" composition and ancient Chinese poems. [9] The record producer of this album, Deng Xiquan (鄧錫泉), won the Best Record Producer Award (最佳唱片監製獎) of the 1983 RTHK Top 10 Gold Songs Awards, held in 1983. [10]

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