Darling Caroline (1951 film)

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Darling Caroline
Darling Caroline (1951 film).jpg
Directed by Richard Pottier
Written by Jean Anouilh
Michel Audiard
Based on Darling Caroline
by Jacques Laurent
Produced by François Chavane
Alain Poiré
Starring Martine Carol
Jacques Dacqmine
Marie Déa
CinematographyMaurice Barry
Edited by Jean Feyte
Music by Georges Auric
Distributed by Gaumont-Eagle Lion
Release date
23 February 1951
Running time
141 minutes
Country France

Darling Caroline (French: Caroline Chérie) is a 1951 French historical comedy film in black and white, directed by Richard Pottier and starring Martine Carol, Jacques Dacqmine, and Marie Déa. [1] It is based on Jacques Laurent's historical novel "The loves of Caroline Cherie: A novel". It was remade as Darling Caroline in 1968.


It was shot at the Billancourt Studios in Paris. The film's sets were designed by the art director Jacques Krauss. It was followed by two sequels Un caprice de Caroline chérie (1953) and Caroline and the Rebels (1955). While Carol reprised her role for the first film, the second starred Brigitte Bardot playing a different character.


During her birthday in France, July 1782, the beautiful young Marchioness Caroline meets the attractive soldier Gaston. It is love at first sight, but Gaston does not wish to make a commitment because a military career waits for him. Caroline marries then a politician but the French Revolution bursts and Caroline has to run away to escape the guillotine. By running away, she meets Gaston again who decides to help her.


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