Daryl Coley

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Daryl Coley
Birth nameDaryl Lynn Coley
Born(1955-10-30)October 30, 1955
Berkeley, California, U.S.
Origin Oakland, California, U.S.
DiedMarch 15, 2016 (aged 60)
Genres Gospel, contemporary Christian
Occupation(s)Singer, music director, pastor
Years active1977–2016
Labels Verity, Sparrow, Light
Associated acts Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Richard Smallwood, Commissioned, The Clark Sisters, The Winans, Vickie Winans, Edwin Hawkins, Walter Hawkins, Tramaine Hawkins, James Cleveland

Daryl Lynn Coley (October 30, 1955 – March 15, 2016) was an American Christian singer. At 14, Coley was a member of the ensemble "Helen Stephens and the Voices of Christ". He began performing with Edwin Hawkins in the Edwin Hawkins Singers and then worked with James Cleveland, Tramaine Hawkins, Sylvester, Pete Escovedo and others. Albums of his include Just Daryl, He's Right On Time: Live From Los Angeles, When The Music Stops and others. [1]


Early life

Coley was born in Berkeley, California on October 30, 1955. [2] In his childhood, he sang in the Oakland Children's Chorus, in Oakland, California. [3] His parents separated when he was five years old, with he and his two siblings being raised by his mother in a solid Christian home. Musically, Coley was first influenced by his mother. Daryl stated, "In my house there was gospel, classical and jazz. I had that kind of musical influence." During his childhood, he learned to play clarinet and piano. [1]

In 1968, when Edwin Hawkins released "Oh Happy Day", the contemporary arrangement caught Coley's ear. In December 1969, at the age of 13, Coley first heard Helen Stephens And The Voices Of Christ, and by February of the next year had become a member of the nationally acclaimed ensemble. During his high school years, Coley was a student of Phillip Reeder, Castleers choir director at Castlemont High School. Reeder helped Coley broaden his musical boundaries and even influenced him to advance to college. Coley's career advanced further as he pursued studies in college; being a top student, working toward a business degree, and even assisting in teaching college courses.


Coley eventually began performing with Edwin Hawkins in the Edwin Hawkins Singers. He played keyboards for The Hawkins Family from 1977 until he left to collaborate with James Cleveland in 1983. Later, he served as musical director for Tramaine Hawkins when she launched her solo career. Concurrently, Coley branched out in secular circles, singing in jazz clubs, working with artists like Sylvester, [4] Pete Escovedo, and others. He would later collaborate with jazz artists such as Nancy Wilson and Rodney Franklin, and pop artists such as Philip Bailey of Earth, Wind & Fire fame.[ citation needed ] Coley provided the singing voice of Bleeding Gums Murphy in The Simpsons episode "Dancin' Homer". In the episode, he honors America by masterfully singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" from over the course of twenty-six minutes.[ citation needed ]

In 1986, Coley released his solo debut album Just Daryl, originally released in 1986 on First Epistle/Plumline Records. The album was nominated for a Grammy award, and was later re-released in 2006. After the success of Just Daryl, he moved to gospel stardom, releasing critically acclaimed albums highlighting his jazz-infused vocal stylings. In 1990, Coley released He's Right On Time: Live From Los Angeles with Sparrow Records, climbing to the #3 spot on the gospel charts. His following album When The Music Stops, released in 1992, reached #1 on the gospel charts. [5]

In 1991, when his albums released under Sparrow Records were achieving national success, Coley fell sick, experiencing flu-like symptoms. When he visited his doctor (more than two weeks later), he was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, which caused him temporary blindness. He continued to struggle with diabetes.[ citation needed ]


On March 15, 2016, Daryl Coley succumbed to diabetes and died in hospice care from renal failure. He was 60. [6]


Just Daryl (1986)

Released in 1986 under the Alliant label, Just Daryl is Coley's debut solo album. It contains Coley's celebrated cover of J.C. White's "II Chronicles," also called This Is the Answer.

  1. "Closer" (Jonathan DuBose Jr., Daryl Coley)
  2. "II Chronicles" (JC White)
  3. "Hang On In There" (Daryl Coley)
  4. "Caught Up" (Rickey Grundy)
  5. "I've Been Born Again" (Daryl Coley)
  6. "Nobody Like the Lord" (Daryl Coley)
  7. "Deliverer" (Rev. Quincy Fielding Jr.)
  8. "Stand Still and Know" (Walter Hawkins) [8] [9]
  9. "Spirit of the Lord (Intro)"
  10. "Spirit of the Lord"
  11. "Great is Thy Faithfulness"
  12. "Hallelujah You're Worthy" (Gary Oliver)

I'll Be With You (1988)

Coley's second studio album, I'll Be With You, was released in 1988, originally under the Light Records label and later issued under the CGI label.

  1. "The Lord's Name Is To Be Praised" (Daryl Coley)
  2. "Worthy Is The Lamb" (Rodney Friend)
  3. "That's What You've Done For Me" (Daryl Coley)
  4. "Romans 10" (John P. Kee, Daryl Coley)
  5. "More Like Jesus" (Daryl Coley)
  6. "Jesus Is The Real Thing" (Daryl Coley)
  7. "What Moved Him" (Oliver W. Wells)
  8. "Hold On Until You Bless Me" (Scott V. Smith, Daryl Coley)
  9. "I'll Be With You" (Eric Alphonson, Daryl Coley)

He's Right On Time: Live from Los Angeles (1990)

Coley's third album, He's Right On Time: Live from Los Angeles, was released under the Sparrow Records label. Notable songs include "I Can't Tell It All," "He's Right On Time" and "I Need Your Spirit".

  1. "He Delivered Me (Reprise)" (Rev. Patrick Henderson, Daryl Coley)
  2. "The Comforter Has Come" (Scott V. Smith)
  3. "By Faith" (Armirris Palmore)
  4. "Thy Will Be Done" (Daryl Coley)
  5. "I Can't Tell It All" (Rev. Calvin Bernard Rhone)
  6. "I Can't Tell It All (Reprise)" (Rev. Calvin Bernard Rhone)
  7. "God and God Alone" (Phil McHugh)
  8. "He's Right On Time" (Kenny Moore, Rev. Patrick Henderson, Daryl Coley)
  9. "Medley: He'll Never Let You Down" (Steve Roberts, Willie Small)
  10. "Medley: Keep Moving On/I Need Your Spirit"
    *"Keep Moving On" written by Daryl Coley [12]
    *"I Need Your Spirit" written by Willie Small [13]
  11. "You Are My Everything" (Armirris Palmore)
  12. "He Delivered Me" (Rev. Patrick Henderson, Daryl Coley)

When the Music Stops (1992)

When the Music Stops is Coley's second live album and his fourth overall. Released in 1992, it is also Coley's second album under Sparrow Records:

  1. "You Can Do All Things" (Armirris Palmore)
    *Vocals arranged by Armirris Palmore
  2. "Real" (Calvin Bernard Rhone)
    *Flugelhorn: Gary Grant
  3. "He'll Make A Way" (Armirris Palmore)
    *Vocals arranged by Armirris Palmore
    *Choir Vocals: Voices of Integrity
    *Choir Coordinator: Keith Washington
    *Music conducted by Alexander Hamilton
  4. "Don't Hold Back" (Darnell Givens, Derek Turner)
  5. "Jesus Never Fails" (Daryl Coley)
    *Choir Vocals: Voices of Integrity
    *Choir Coordinator: Keith Washington
    *Music conducted by Alexander Hamilton
  6. "In Times Like These" (Armirris Palmore)
    *Vocals arranged by Armirris Palmore
  7. "When the Music Stops" (V. Michael McKay)
    *Music arranged by V. Michael McKay
  8. "It Shall Be Done" (Daryl Coley)
    *Choir Vocals: Voices of Integrity
    *Choir Coordinator: Keith Washington
    *Music conducted by Alexander Hamilton
  9. "Integrity" (V. Michael McKay)
    *Music arranged by V. Michael McKay
    *Strings arranged by Mark Gasbarro
    *Choir Vocals: Voices of Integrity
    *Choir Coordinator: Keith Washington
    *Music conducted by Alexander Hamilton

In My Dreams (1994)

Coley's In My Dreams is fifth studio album. Released under Sparrow Records in 1994:

  1. "He That Dwelleth (Psalm 91)" (Armirris Palmore)
  2. "Try Me Once Again" (Daryl Coley)
  3. "He's Already Forgotten" (Lowell Alexander, Tim Carpenter)
  4. "To Live Is Christ" (Kirk Franklin)
  5. "Blessed Assurance" (Traditional)
  6. "Heart Of The Matter" (Oliver W. Wells, Turner Lawton)
  7. "God Is My Strength" (Percy Bady)
  8. "You Are The Melody" (Daryl Coley)
  9. "You Are My God" (Victor McCoy)
  10. "In My Dreams" (V. Michael McKay)

Beyond the Veil: Live at the Bobby Jones Gospel Explosions XIII (1996)

Coley's sixth studio album is Beyond the Veil: Live at the Bobby Jones Gospel Explosion XIII. It is also his fourth live album. It was released in 1996 under Sparrow Records, and contains songs such as "Sweet Communion", "Lamb of God", and "Wonderful".

  1. "Wonderful" (Daryl Coley)
  2. "Lamb of God" (Armirris Palmore)
  3. "Sweet Communion" (Daryl Coley)
  4. "Standing On The Promises" (Armirris Palmore)
  5. "Beyond the Veil" (Daryl Coley)
  6. "Nobody Like the Lord" (Armirris Palmore)
  7. "So Much" (Armirris Palmore)
  8. "We Are One" (Daryl Coley)
  9. "What's In Your Name" (V. Michael McKay)
  10. "Beyond the Veil (Reprise)" (Daryl Coley)

Live in Oakland-Home Again (1997)

  1. "I Will Bless Your Name" (Daryl Coley)
  2. "Don't Give Up On Jesus" (Thomas Whitfield)
  3. "Removal of the Mask" (V. Michael McKay)
  4. "That Special Place" (Daryl Coley) [18]
  5. "His Love" (Russell Watson, Daryl Coley) [19]
  6. "Jesus Saves" (James Brown)
  7. "I Will Song Glory" (Daryl Coley)
  8. "Thank You Lord" (Daryl Coley) [20]
  9. "I Can" (Daryl Coley) [21]
  10. "What He's Done" (Daryl Coley) [22]
  11. "Jesus Loves Me" (Traditional) [23]
  12. "Acapella Praise" (Traditional)

Christmas is Here (1999)

  1. "God's Only Son" (Daryl Coley)
  2. "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear/Angels We Have Heard on High"
  3. "Music Interlude #1" (Daryl Coley)
  4. "Emmanuel" (Daryl Coley)
  5. "Medley: Carol of the Bells/Silver Bells"
    *"Carol of the Bells" written by Peter J. Wilhousky
    *"Silver Bells" written by Jay Livingston & Ray Evans
  6. "Reason for the Season"
  7. "Music Interlude #2"
  8. "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel/God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen"
  9. "Glory to God" (George Frederick Handel)
  10. "Christmas Is Here" (Daryl Coley)
  11. "While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks"

Compositions: A Decade of Song (2000)

  1. By Faith
  2. Wonderful
  3. The Comforter Has Come
  4. You Are My Everything
  5. When Sunday Comes
  6. In Times Like These
  7. Lamb Of God
  8. Standing On The Promises
  9. You Can Do All Things

From CD back cover

Oh, The Lamb (2001)

  1. Because He's God (James Brown)
  2. (Narration I)
  3. II Chronicles (Daryl Coley)
  4. He Will Make A Way
  5. Lean On Me (Keith Crouch)
  6. (Narration II)
  7. Exchanged (Daryl Coley)
  8. For The Good Of Them (Darius Brooks)
  9. Lift Your Name On High
  10. (Narration III)
  11. Oh, the Lamb (Daryl Coley)
  12. Silent Scream
  13. I Need You (Daryl Coley)
  14. He's Worthy (James Moore, Stephen Williams)
  15. He Can Work It Out (Kevin Bond)
  16. Praise

Praise & Worship (2006)

  1. "Thank You Lord" (with New Generation Singers Reunion Choir)
    *Written by Daryl Coley
  2. "Because He's God" (James "Razor" Brown)
  3. "Nobody Like the Lord" (Daryl Coley)
  4. "Praise" (Daryl Coley)
  5. "Oh, The Lamb" (Daryl Coley)
  6. "He's Worthy" (S. Williams)
  7. "God and God Alone" (Phil McHugh)
  8. "II Chronicles" (with The Beloved) (Daryl Coley)
  9. "Don't Give Up on Jesus" (Thomas Whitfield)
  10. "Jesus Saves" (with New Generation Singers Reunion Choir)
    *Written by James "Razor" Brown
  11. "The Medley of Praise"
    *Includes "We Exalt Thee", "Welcome into This Place" & "Reign Jesus Reign"
  12. "I Will Bless Your Name" (with New Generation Singers Reunion Choir)
    *Written by Daryl Coley
  13. "The Lord's Name Is to Be Praised" (Daryl Coley)
  14. "Worthy Is the Lamb" (Rodney Friend)


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