De vrais mensonges

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De vrais mensonges
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Directed by Pierre Salvadori
Written bySalvadori
Benoît Graffin
Produced byPhilippe Martin
Starring Audrey Tautou
Nathalie Baye
Sami Bouajila
Stéphanie Lagarde
CinematographyGilles Henry
Edited byIsabelle Devinck
Music by Philippe Eidel
Les Films Pelléas
TF1 Films Production
Tovo Films
Distributed by Pathé
Release date
  • 8 December 2010 (2010-12-08)
Running time
104 minutes
Budget€12.4 million [1]
Box office$4.8 million [1]

De vrais mensonges is a 2010 French comedy-romance film starring Audrey Tautou and directed by Pierre Salvadori. The screenplay was written by Salvadori and Benoît Graffin.


It was distributed in English-speaking countries under the titles Beautiful Lies and Full Treatment. [2]


Émilie (Audrey Tautou), co-owner of a hair salon, receives an anonymous love letter from her worker Jean (Sami Bouajila) who, unknown to Émilie, is highly educated but took up the handy-man job in the salon after a depression. Émilie doesn't fall for the love letter but passes it on to her mother Maddy (Nathalie Baye) who is depressed since the breakup of her marriage. Maddy falls for the love letter and is in high spirits again. Jean's high education as a translator in several Asian and European languages is uncovered in a verbal fight in Chinese with two women. Émilie is now fearing criticism from Jean as her education is no match to his.

In the meanwhile Maddy is losing her high spirits as no new letter arrives. Émilie then writes new anonymous letters to her mother, but Maddy heavily criticizes them for there lack of style and emotion. To avoid Jean, Émilie sends him out to do errands, posting the mail is one of them and when he runs out of stamps he delivers one letter by himself, another anonymous faux love letter from Émilie to Maddy. Maddy sees Jean putting the letter in her letter box and follows him back to the salon. Consequently believing him to be her secret admirer Maddy flirts with him.



Filming began on 8 June 2009. De vrais mensonges was mostly shot in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, except for two days spent in Paris. Filming was completed on 5 August. [3]


Xan Brooks from The Guardian gave the film two out of five stars and stated "Audrey Tautou plays stupid cupid in this excitable comedy, a cut-price, candy-coated update on Jane Austen's Emma that bounces along the marina at Sete with its blood sugar through the roof." [4] Brooks added that Bouajila was the only actor who "emerges with his dignity relatively intact." [4] TVNZ's Darren Bevan gave the film six out of ten and commented "Beautiful Lies is a piece of French fluff; beautifully shot in a bright French town - it has all the breeziness within but is insubstantial and instantly forgettable." [5]

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