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Gibraltar Cathedral

The Dean of Gibraltar is the head (primus inter pares – first among equals) and chair of the chapter of canons, the ruling body of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Gibraltar. The cathedral is the mother church of the Diocese in Europe and the seat of the Bishop in Europe (though the bishop is now based in Brussels). The current (2020) Dean is Ian Tarrant.

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Catholic Church in Gibraltar

The Catholic Church in Gibraltar is part of the worldwide Catholic Church, under the spiritual leadership of the Pope in Rome. There are an estimated 23,000 baptised Catholics in Gibraltar, making up 72 percent of the population.

Bishop in Europe

The Bishop in Europe is the ordinary of the Church of England's Diocese in Europe in the Province of Canterbury.

Norwich Cathedral Cathedral in Norfolk, United Kingdom

Norwich Cathedral is an Anglican cathedral in Norwich, Norfolk, dedicated to the Holy and Undivided Trinity. It is the cathedral church for the Church of England Diocese of Norwich and is one of the Norwich 12 heritage sites.

Diocese in Europe Diocese of the Church of England

The Diocese in Europe is a diocese of the Church of England. It was originally formed in 1842 as the Diocese of Gibraltar. It is geographically the largest diocese of the Church of England and the largest diocese in the Anglican Communion, covering some one-sixth of the Earth's landmass, including Morocco, Europe, Turkey, Mongolia and the territory of the former Soviet Union.

The Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe is a jurisdiction of the Episcopal Church created in 1859 by an action of its general convention. The convocation includes all Episcopal congregations in continental Europe. Along with dioceses in New York, New Jersey, Haiti, Cuba, and the Virgin Islands it belongs to Province II of the Episcopal Church.

The Bishop of Portsmouth is the Ordinary of the Church of England Diocese of Portsmouth in the Province of Canterbury.

Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Gibraltar Church in Cathedral Square, Gibraltar

The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity is the cathedral for the Church of England Diocese of Gibraltar in Europe. Located in Cathedral Square, it is sometimes referred to simply as Gibraltar Cathedral, although it should not be confused with the Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned, which is Gibraltar's Roman Catholic cathedral. The cathedral is particularly notable for its Moorish revival architecture, particularly in its use of horseshoe arches. This is an architectural style inspired by Moorish architecture, appropriate given the period of Moorish control in Gibraltar's history.

Holy Trinity Cathedral, Auckland

Holy Trinity Cathedral is an Anglican place of worship situated in Parnell, a residential suburb of Auckland, New Zealand. It is the mother church of the Anglican Diocese of Auckland and the cathedral of the Bishop of Auckland. The current main church was consecrated in 1973.

Episcopal Diocese of West Missouri

The Diocese of West Missouri, is the diocese of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America with jurisdiction over western Missouri. It is in Province 7 and its cathedral, Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, is in Kansas City, Missouri, as are the diocesan offices.

The Diocese of Eastern Kowloon is one of the three dioceses under the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui. Its territory covers most part of eastern Kowloon and eastern New Territories. Holy Trinity Cathedral, cathedral of the diocese, was established in 1890, making it one of the oldest Anglican churches in Hong Kong. Incumbent bishop, Timothy Kwok, was elected on 30 March 2014 and enthroned on 23 November 2014, replacing the outgoing bishop, Louis Tsui.

Ambrose Walter Marcus Weekes was an Anglo-Catholic bishop in the 20th century who served as the first Suffragan Bishop in Europe.

William Persell

William Dailey Persell is an American bishop, formerly the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago (1999–2008).

Holy Trinity, Brussels

The Pro-Cathedral of the Holy Trinity is an Anglican Pro-Cathedral in Ixelles, a municipality of Brussels, Belgium. It is part of the Diocese in Europe of the Church of England. The church is located at 29, rue Capitaine Crespel/Kapitein Crespelstraat, near the Avenue Louise/Louizalaan.

The archdeacons in the Diocese in Europe are senior clergy of the Church of England Diocese in Europe. They each have responsibility over their own archdeaconry, of which there are currently seven, each of which is composed of one or more deaneries, which are composed in turn of chaplaincies.

Robert Neil Innes is a British Anglican bishop. Since 2014, he has been the Bishop in Europe.

James Johnston (1890-1977) was Archdeacon of Gibraltar from 1950 to 1963.

Kenneth John Letts was Archdeacon of France from 2007 to 2012.

Robin Morton Gill is a British Anglican priest, theologian, and academic, specialising in Christian ethics. Since 2012, he has been canon theologian of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Gibraltar: he is currently its acting dean. He was William Leech Professor in Applied Theology at the University of Newcastle (1988–1992), and was then Michael Ramsey Professor of Modern Theology (1992–2011) and Professor of Applied Theology (2011–2014) at the University of Kent. He has also served as a parish priest in the Church of England and the Scottish Episcopal church, serving in the dioceses of Coventry, of Edinburgh, of Newcastle, and of Canterbury.


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