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The Dean of Truro is the head (primus inter pares – first among equals) and chair of the chapter of canons, the ruling body of Truro Cathedral. The dean and chapter are based at the Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Truro. The cathedral is the mother church of the Diocese of Truro and seat of the Bishop of Truro. The current dean is Roger Bush.


History of the Chapter

Upon the foundation of Truro Cathedral the bishop was authorised to establish honorary canonries which Dr, Benson did; these numbered 24. In 1878 a new act of Parliament authorised the bishop to establish residentiary canonries; in 1882 an existing canonry was transferred to Truro from Exeter whose income enabled the provision of two canonries at Truro. In 1906 the office of sub-dean was endowed; the bishop was also the dean (at least until 1925). This was the position until it became possible to fund the office of Dean. [1]

List of deans

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The Archdeacon of Cornwall is a senior cleric in the Church of England Diocese of Truro.

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Truro Cathedral School was a Church of England school for boys in Truro, Cornwall. An ancient school refounded in 1549 as the Truro Grammar School, after the establishment of Truro Cathedral in the last quarter of the 19th century it was responsible for educating the cathedral's choristers and became known as the Cathedral School.

Roger Charles Bush is an Anglican priest who is the present Dean of Truro.

Hamo was a 12th- and 13th-century English cleric. He was the Diocese of York's dean, treasurer, and precentor, as well as the archdeacon of the East Riding. His background is unknown, but he was probably a canon of the cathedral chapter at York Minster by 1171. He claimed to have been treasurer of the chapter by 1189, but did not actually hold the office until 1199. Hamo clashed with his archbishop, Geoffrey several times, and when Geoffrey died, Hamo's fellow canons were forbidden by King John of England from electing Hamo to succeed Geoffrey. Hamo died sometime after 1219, when he was last attested as holding his final office, dean.

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