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Devid Striesow

Devid Striesow (born 1 October 1973 [1] in Bergen auf Rügen, East Germany) is a German actor. He starred as "Sturmbannführer Herzog" (Bernhard Krüger) in Stefan Ruzowitzky's 2007 film The Counterfeiters , which was awarded the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film for that year.


Selected filmography

2001 What to Do in Case of Fire?
2002 Bungalow
2003 Distant Lights
2004 Marseille
Before the Fall Feldwebel
Der Untergang Fritz Tornow
2005 I Am Guilty Matin Steeb, Jr.
2007 Yella Philipp
The Counterfeiters
2009 I've Never Been Happier
12 Paces Without a Head
2010 Three Adam
2014 Age of Cannibals Frank Öllers
2015 We Are Young. We Are Strong Martin
2015 I'm Off Then Hape Kerkeling
2015 A Decent Man
1999–2000 Für alle Fälle Stefanie Two episodes
2008 Dr. Psycho – Die Bösen, die Bullen, meine Frau und ich Episode: "Der doppelte Psycho"
2011 Der Kriminalist Episode: "Der Beschützer"
2011 Schloss Einstein One episode
2011, 2014 The Old Fox Two episodes
2013 Großstadtrevier Episode: "Wer einmal zahlt, zahlt immer"
2015 Schuld nach Ferdinand von Schirach Episode: "Der Andere"
2019–20 Dignity Bernard HausmannMain role

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